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flashback/ Values in Action/ community college

Oct. 13 Flashback: I found this sheet of paper I got way back in 2006.  It was when I was laid off from Call Centre #1 and they threw this job fair.  I got a flashback.  I had forgotten to attend it because my dvd Red Eye came in the mail and then I watched it.  After I saw it, I looked at my agenda and see that there was a job fair I could have attended. 

No big deal, because I got a job at an office supply store about a week later.  A month later  I got a job at Call Centre #2, which is also at the job fair.

Some of them were staffing agencies.  If only I had attended, I would have learned my lesson about how staffing agencies are bad sooner.  I learned it in 2008.

Website: On the sheet it said  I typed it in and then turned automatically to

Self-assessment tests:
Sophia Coppolla sent me this really useful article "12 Assessment tests to Enhance your Career."

Physical: Some of them were like physical tests like #1 "Computer work station ergonomics test", #3 "Physical Activity Score" and "#10 "Ardell Wellness self-assessment stress test."

Personality: Some of them were personality tests that cost money to get your review like #2 "MBTI for Career Planning" that's $49.  #9 is "Birkam Method" about interpersonal and conflict resolution that's $475.  #12 "Career Anchors" is $40.

#4 is Personalysis.  It does have a good quote: "Success starts with knowing yourself."  The packages are a couple hundred dollars.

Here are the free ones like #5 is the "Job Satisfaction test" with probing questions like: "Think of your top 3 talents.  Does your job utilize those skills?"  The answers could be all the skills, 1 or 2, or none.

#11 is "Motivated Skills" test.  I thought it was an average test.  It doesn't really go in depth.

Values in Action: The best test was this one #7 "Values in Action."  It had 240 questions about character strengths.  There are statements and you either answer: "Very much like me, like me, neutral, not like me, very much not like me."  Here are some statements I agree with:

"I am a true life- long learner."

"I never want things that are bad for me in the long run, even if they make me feel good in the short run." (That's like getting drunk one night, and paying for it the next day with a hangover.  lol.)

There are some about spirituality like: "My faith makes me who I am."

It's free, it gives you the top 5 strengths and then lists all 24.  There is the Option 1 that's $20 that's more in depth.  There's Option 2 and that's $40, even more in depth.

My top strengths were: Judgement, prudence, perseverance, love of learning, and self- regulation.  

Some are optimistic like: "I believe life is more of playground than a battlefield." 
I'm going to collect that in my quotes.  I was neutral on that.

There are statements about appreciating beauty in life and seeing beauty in normal everyday things.  I'm neutral on that.  I go shopping and I like looking at things like clothes, cards, and you can see it as art.

Entrepreneur: #8 is "The E-Type Test" that asks: "What kind of entrepreneur are you?"  There are 54 questions and are more like what would you prefer?

"Would you rather: help someone understand a subject or understand their feelings?"

My E-type is a communicator/ trainer.  There were some writer jobs like book editor and freelance writer.  There is instructing jobs like tutor and speech coach.

Retirement: #6 is that is a retirement planner and calculator and it's useful.

Job blog: I found this in my Freelance Writer's group emails.  It's called Lights Out Telecommunications.  Here's a blog post with celebrity quotes.  There are posts about Linked In like "4 Profile Phrases that will devastate your career."  They're: "results-oriented, driven, team player, and competent."

Oct. 22 Department stores: I was thinking about how Zellers is closing down, because they didn't change to compete.  Even if you hate Wal-Mart, they did change to compete when they started expanding into the grocery store business.  I overheard one of my co-workers at the Call Centre say that Wal-Mart sells their food more expensive and less variety than Safeway, but at least Wal-Mart is is changing.

Safeway is changing too when they put a Starbucks in their store.

Oct. 23 Information technology: Maybe get a career in this industry.

Computer service technician: This is fixing computers.  It's a useful career because you can fix your own and everybody has computers so there's good job security.  I'm not really interested.

Computer security coordinator: The position is that you plan and monitor computer networks and information.  This is an important job to protect info from hackers.

These computer jobs aren't really for me, I can't be creative in it.

Community college: Emma Taylor sent me this article through my blog called "The New Face of Community College."  It mentioned the sitcom Community about how community college is sub-par education.  

However, these days more people are attending it because it's cheaper than a 4 yr university.  They also teach specialized jobs that are needed.  There are lots of students who attend it for 2 yrs, and then transfer to university.  Kind of Grant MacEwan University's transfer program.

Years ago, MacEwan used to be called "Community College" and then dropped "community" and then became "college."  I had two friends attend CDI College and one took massage therapy and the other an office assistant program.  They both got careers in their fields.  I had one friend go to Norquest College and she got a career in her field too.

I did learn in the article: "Student retention is low at many schools (only 35 to 40% of students graduate within six years), nationally only a fifth of students at community colleges graduate on time, and because of open admission policies, students often aren’t prepared for college-level courses."

This article is set in the US.

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