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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prepare yourself to save a life

 I got this from Amnesty International:

Does the thought of saving a life overwhelm you? Or does it fill you with a sense of excitement and hope?
We've shown that together we can save lives, and you can be a part of our massive, life-saving effort on December 10, as Amnesty International mobilizes its full world-wide membership to take action.

Be a part of this powerful event by SIGNING UP NOW.

You can choose to write one or several letters, sign an online petition, or organize a Write for Rights event with your friends, family or colleagues - one of hundreds of events we anticipate across Canada, and one of thousands taking place around the world on International Human Rights Day.

Last year Amnesty International supporters in 80 countries wrote over 1 million letters on International Human Rights Day!  

We know that the influence of letters or a huge petition tips the balance and persuades a government leader to do the right thing. We know that our efforts get results.

Will it be YOUR letter that tips the balance and saves a life? 

Amnesty International members are motivated and persistent, and we're realistic. We can work for years to secure someone's freedom or to bring justice to someone who is suffering from human rights abuse. That's why each letter-writing case featured this year also allows you to write a letter of solidarity and bring hope to people who can feel hopeless.

Sign-up to write on your own | Sign-up to organize a letter-writing event with friends, at your school, at your office
If you are unable to join us, please consider buying a symbolic Amnesty International Book of Stamps, to fund the work required to bring so many people together on this amazing day. Each Book of Stamps represents the cost of mailing an international letter for each of the 12 individuals or communities we're trying to help this year.

Write for Rights has grown from a tiny seed of an idea to become the world's biggest human rights event. 

You can help us achieve an even greater goal: we want the whole world to know that December 10th is International Human Rights Day - a day that everyone takes an action to saves lives and end human rights abuses.

Will you contribute in your own way to this phenomenal day of life-changing action?

 Sign-up TODAY

 Support our letter writers by buying a Book of Stamps

Thank you for your commitment to taking action in support of our human rights work. It's your activism that has helped us build such a powerful event. Thank you!


Alex Neve
Amnesty International

P.S. Narges Mohammadi, a widely respected advocate of women's rights, is wrongfully detained in Iran. Click here to learn about her case and prepare to write your letter. Hers is just one of 12 cases who will be the focus of our worldwide attention on December 10th. Please be with us in this phenomenal, global effort to make a difference in these people's lives. Click here and say "Yes, I'm going to Write for Rights on December 10th".

“I am alive today because the international community has heard about our work... Amnesty helped us to amplify our voice and they gave us incredible protection. Really, we must thank all the members of Amnesty International for that wonderful moral support.” 
- Jenni Williams of human rights group Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA).

“I rarely felt alone during the solitary confinement because you wonderful people were helping me.”  
-Grigory Pasko, a journalist who reported on Russia’s dumping of nuclear waste into the ocean. The authorities put him in prison for three-and-a-half years.


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