Saturday, May 28, 2011

song/ marriage advice/ Target

May 25 Song: I was listening to Bow Wow feat. Omarion "Let Me Hold You." 43 people disliked the song on Youtube. A comment was: "43 people have never been held!" lol.

Unintentionally funny: I was on, reading the thread "Unintentionally funny moments on TV:

Person: I've never read anything about this OTH scene until today. I've never even seen One Tree Hill, but boy am I apparently missing out. (Also, I'm sure this could also go under WTF?, but I could not stop cracking up.)

Dog ate Dan's new heart.

It just never gets old.

Me: Here's the video.
Cut to a hospital. A Paramedic is running down the hospital hallway and he is holding a styrofoam box with a heart in it.
Cut to the waiting room, and there is a golden retriever there.
Cut to Dan who's in a wheelchair, waiting to get his heart.
The Paramedic runs into the waiting room, trips and falls down.
The heart falls out and so does some ice.

The golden retriever runs over to it and eats the heart.
The dog runs down the hall.
Dan looks on.

Person 2: The HELL???! That's an actual show??? Not a fake SNL spoof? How can anybody involved with that episode NOT be completely embarrassed? Because all precious donor hearts are carried around in an unlockable styrofoam beer chest without any wrapping whatsoever, accompanied by a few sad pieces of ice. OMG.

Me: I didn't really find it funny. I found it weird. Then I read some Youtube comments about how unbelievable it is. This is supposed to be dramatic, but now it's comical.

Jokes: I was watching 30 Rock a few months ago. John Cho (from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) was on.

JC: I'm a stereotype. All guys from Quebec know karate.

Tosh.O: This 13 yr old boy named Drew talked to Daniel Tosh over Skype. Drew collected scented candles.

Drew: I like Apple McIntosh Candle.
DT: I like it too because it has my name in it.
Drew: Clever.
DT: Thanks. Your approval means everything to me.

Me: I thought it was clever.

May 26 No TV: Yesterday I didn't watch TV at all. Nothing was on TV. I could have joined in with my sister to watch Modern Family with her, but I washed the dishes and read the newspaper. I then fell asleep at 9pm, and missed Jay Leno's monologue that I watch every night at 9:35pm.

I also went 5 weeks without reading the 16&P thread on It's good to break out of routine.

Abortion advice: I was thinking about what my friend Angela's comment about my "school advice" email. She says I am qualified to give school advice because I've actually struggled with school and been through it. I don't feel I'm qualified to give school advice because of my mediocre grades. If I didn't have my sister tutoring me in math and my parents paying for my other math tutor, I wouldn't have passed.

Same with telling someone to have an abortion. If a friend who got pregnant as a teenager asked me what my advice is, I would say get an abortion or adoption. I'm not a qualified or trained counselor for this. It's a really case by case basis. I would tell her to see a counselor.

I was thinking about the girl Jessica on Tyra Banks.

Jessica: I had 2 abortions and a miscarriage.
TB: The way you said it, it sounded like: "I had a sandwich, a can of pop, and a bag of chips."

Or the girl on Jenny Jones.

JJ: So you got pregnant when you were 13?
Girl: Yeah.
JJ: And you got an abortion?
Girl: Yeah.

I'm sure those 2 girls would say: "Just get an abortion. I had an abortion and I don't regret it all. You can totally get over it and move on."

These girls have first hand experience with abortion, but does that mean you're going to listen to them? Abortion affects people differently. Some don't regret it, some do. If you don't want to get pregnant, please use 2 forms of birth control like the pill and a condom.

Marriage advice: I have never been married or engaged. I have watched 3 seasons of Dr. Phil and I have learned the following things from him and his show. Even if you hate him, is there anyone here who thinks the following is bad advice?

1. Don't get married just because you're pregnant. Wait one or two years after the baby's born to see if you guys are compatible. It's a case by case basis because you may have been together for 5 yrs and then got pregnant, and then got married.

2. Don't get married before you're 25. You're most likely not finished college, don't have a steady job, or your own place to live. You also don't totally know what you want in life.

3. Do have all your ducks lined up. Finish college, if you're in it and/ or have a job. College isn't for everybody so some don't go, but they have a steady job.

4. Have your own place to live. What are you going to do? Live with your in-laws? Some do. My friend Michelle's friend lives with her husband, and they live in her parents home. The parents want them to live there. As long as it's not awkward and they pay rent, then fine.

5. A good wedding doesn't have any correlation to a good marriage.

Writing: Today I submitted a poem and a short story for a writing contest. I might win the cash prize. If not, I might get published. I'm going to admit that I have been procrastinating on my writing. I've been focusing on my top 2 goals of working at my job, and looking for an office job.

Cliche: I was watching Gossip Girl with my sister. We were talking about how Juliet, Vanessa, and Jenny were in on a plan together, but then Juliet took over.

Me: But it wasn't part of the plan.
S: That's a cliche. That line is a TV trope.

That reminds me of the writer Marty Chan and how he predicted how and when the plan in my script was going to go sideways. Plans on stories always go sideways to make things more interesting. Robert McKee had said "You put characters under pressure to reveal character."

Sometimes the plan does go well, but the plan isn't explained to the audience beforehand so the audience can be surprised. It was done on the TV movie False Pretenses starring Peta Wilson from the 1997-2001 show Nikita. I thought the plan was great.

Watch: I also bought myself a new watch strap. I bought one 6 months ago, but it broke. I tried to fix it. It lasts for awhile, but then it breaks again so I went and spent $6 for a new one in Chinatown.

May 27 Target: Months ago I read that Target is taking over Zellers stores in Canada. Today I read in the Edmonton Journal that Target is taking over the Zellers in Bonnie Doon, Kingsway, and Millwoods Town Centre. So I guess the Zellers people are going to get laid off, unless they get hired by Target.

Target is going to have 150-200 staff members per store. Zellers usually has 115. It also makes me think about Wal- Mart. If Zellers is closing down, maybe Wal- Mart too.

Unpaid work: If you want to get job experience, volunteer. Volunteering is unpaid work, but you can put it on your resume. You're also helping people too. There are also unpaid internships, that could lead to paid work. You can put that on your resume.

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Michelle said...


I usually would let some of the things you say in your blog go, but, first of all, I do not mind that you mention me in your blogs, but I would really appreciate that you leave my friends personal info(names)/preference, etc. out of your blogs.

Second, your "marriage advice" from Dr. Phil should really be GENERAL rules and you should emphasize that. Some of my friend and I got married prior to our twenty-fifth birthday, and I finished my degree afterwards.

Third, the last one of the chain stores to go down will be Walmart. And the closing/buying out of Zellers does not equal to the collapse of the rest of the companies. There are many other factors that affect companies, not what they sell or what kind of business they are.