Friday, May 20, 2011

jokes/ unpaid work/ The Listener

May 19 Jokes: I was watching this Jay Leno piece, and this comedian pretends to be a handwriting analyst. He then reveals the truth to this man he played the trick on.

Comedian: You're very gullible. Where are you from? Utah?
Man laughs.
Comedian: Where are you from?
Man: Utah.

In JL's monologue, he talks about this: "This movie has people fight and kill each other over oil. It takes place in the future, like July."

Fun store: I was watching 16 and Pregnant and they went to a store called Glazed and Confused. It's a place to make pottery. I thought that was a fun and quirky name.

Dog joke: This is also from 16&P, but a different episode.

Dad: Why was the dog sweating?
Dad: Because it was a hot dog.

The Office: I have a light joke, and then a dark joke. So be prepared. On The Office, there is a fun awards show in their office for their employees. The bosses Michael and D'Angelo have to learn to make some witty banter.

Michael: How are you?
Ryan: Ask my therapist, my mom pays her enough.
D'Angelo: Are you enjoying the show?
Jim: Yeah.
D'Angelo: So where were you on Sept.11?

May 20 Job interviews: I was watching The Office season finale yesterday where they did a whole string of job interviews to look for a new manager. Will Arnett guest- starred (Gob from Arrested Development. He was also in the Beastie Boys new music video "Make Some Noise.") He says he a 3 step plan to increase business, but won't tell what it is until he gets hired. What he should have said was how he helped increase business at one of his last jobs, without revealing his plan.

I remember reading in Marie Claire, there was a woman who became an HR director and paraphrase: "There were 20 unfilled positions for months. When I got hired, I got 16 positions filled." Then explain how.

There were a lot of guest- stars like Jim Carrey, Ricky Gervais (from the British The Office), Raymond from Everybody Loves Raymond. There were a lot of poor interviews like where they have to interview internal candidates that they know:

Gabe: So do you have any weaknesses?
Kelly: None, you jackass.

Pretty Little Liars: This is a joke from the show. Spencer's sister Ren is talking about expecting a baby.

Ren: We're going to have a christening.
Spencer: Are you sure the baby is even going to be human?
I laughed out loud.

Job search: I feel anxious. It's been 7 months on my office job search where I send over a hundred resumes a month through the internet. I look through my sources of the internet and newspaper for jobs. I subscribe to Job and newsletters. I read Marie Claire's "The Careerist" and "Cubicle Coach", the business section of my three newspapers my family subscribes to everyday.

Unpaid work: I don't pay rent because I live with my parents. I do housework for them. My unpaid work is really my office job search. I do get results like job interviews and phone call interviews. Looking for a job isn't really fun. I do like reading magazines, newspapers, and newsletters where I learn about business and the job market.

I haven't pitched my Fighter script in a long time because I was busy with my job and job search. Pitching my script is unpaid work where I sit in front of the computer emailing production companies. Pitching my script and looking for a job can be made a little fun when I listen to music during it.

Writing my script is unpaid work too. But it's fun. However, I have writer's block at the moment. Going to school is unpaid work, but it will pay off when you use that education. You are paying for your education if you go to college. Our tax money pays for public schools. Volunteering is unpaid work.

Unpaid work like housework, I work for my parents, and my grandma that way. All the unpaid work I do like my job search, pitching my script, and writing my script, is work that I work for myself. In 2010, when I was on EI and I was looking for a job. Every 2 weeks I got EI, so I was getting paid to look for a job.

Analogy: I was watching Degrassi: The Next Generation and Holly J is thinking about breaking up with Sav. He's a great guy and all, but she wasn't feeling it anymore. Her friend Anya says a good line:

Anya: No reason to leave, is not a good reason to stay.

If you're not happy with a relationship, then you need to quit. As for a job, if I was 20, and I didn't like it as much as I first started or was bored by it, I would start looking for something else. I worked at a clothing store back in 2005, then after 5 months I quit so I could work at Call Centre #1 until they laid me off 7 months later.

Now after that job search of 2010, I'm staying at my restaurant job. I've been here for 7 months. I may not like it as much when I first started, but I'm not going to quit, unless it's for a career.

Actors: I need to find some inspiration. You know that show Melrose Place? It came out in 2009 and then got cancelled after 1 season. The thing is, after the show was over, it's not like all the actors careers are over. Look at Katie Cassidy. She went on to Gossip Girl.

Michael Rady appeared on Castle. I also saw him on CSI: NY rerun before he got on MP. Colin Eggsfield is now in the movie Something Borrowed. The thing is, you can bounce back, and so can I.

I'll even throw in former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. She was on an episode of 30 Rock. She plays herself and showcases her talent of playing the piano.

The Listener: Another Friday, where the show isn't on. I will now write about the episode "Ace in the Hole." It was a fun episode where it starts with the point of view of someone lying down flat on their back. It's Oz who fell down playing touch football. Toby uses his ability to hear the competing team's game strategy. He hasn't done that before on the show.

T was able to score a touch down and dances a bit. lol. The show goes a little CSI: NY style when the IIB finds a dead body after S&M. CSI: NY often starts their show with finding a dead body and/ or a sexy situation. They mention the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Services.) I'm getting a flashback where I learned this on this little kids show called Spynet where it's an educational show teaching youth about spies. That was in 2002.

This episode is pretty sexy, like PG 13, maybe 14A. The first season was PG. This is the first time they showed T in a shirt and boxers. It turns out he slept with the girl who he played touch football with. They never showed he had sex before until this episode.

The show is fun with Toby modeling suits to get into a poker game. T has to be in it so he could find the assassin. In the first season, T was in a poker game with his coworkers, and he was reading their minds. However, he lost that time. This one is a high stakes poker game with thousands of dollars. There's even a slow motion walk out of the convertible.

You also see McClusky have some chemistry with her estranged husband who worked for CSIS. He's also at the poker game. It turns out the estranged husband is the bad guy and he's working for the bad guy too. The waitress at the game is the spy/ assassin. I didn't predict those things at all.

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