Friday, May 13, 2011

physical comedy/ Freedom Riders/ The Listener

May 11 Physical comedy: I will say sex jokes are my favorite jokes. However, I do find myself laughing really hard at physical comedy. It was way back in 2002, I was watching The Sausage Factory. This teenage guy Gilby gets into this fantasy sequence where he is getting spanked. Cut to present time.

Gilby is on the bed and he is spanking himself and he looks like he's really enjoying it.
The first time I saw that I burst out laughing so hard. When I got my little brother into the show, when he saw it, he burst out laughing at that part too. We do have the same sense of humor. I looked it up on Youtube, but they don't have that episode up clip up.

One time I was on the internet and watching Dateline: To Catch a Predator. A predator walks into the backyard. The host Chris Hansen pops out.

CH: Hi, there, please have a seat.
Cut to shots of three different predator's with fear and panic in their eyes. They each run out of the yard really fast.

I burst out laughing like this: "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
The whole house could hear me. My brother from the opposite side of the house ran downstairs.

P: Hey Tracy, what are you watch?
Me: Dateline: To Catch a Predator.
P's face is straight.

It also reminds me of The Simpsons where Homer goes to college and makes a prank phone call to the dean.

Homer: Hello Dean, you're a big stupid head.
Dean: Homer is that you?
Dean looks out the window and Homer is standing at the payphone.
Homer screams and runs away really fast.

Funny commercial: This is a commercial that I saw years ago.

Cut to a hockey team of 13 yr old boys entering the locker room.
They all look sad.
Coach enters and he looks angry.
Coach: You guys all stink.

Cut to the hockey team walking out of the locker room.
Coach is spraying them with Febreeze or some product like that.

lol. You think the coach is saying their playing was bad, but it's that they literally smell.

Joke: I was watching 90210 in Dec. 2010, and I had written down a good joke they did.
There is a bachelor auction that Dixon is in. His girlfriend Ivy will be bidding on him and she will lose her virginity to him.

Dixon: Yeah, a lot of people have to pay for their first time.

May 12 The Princess Bride: I was watching Gossip Girl episode "Shattered Bass" and the actor Wallace Shawn guest- starred. He says the line: "But you're the princess bride to be."

I was like: "Oh." Then my sister said the same thing. I like that shout out. WS was in the movie The Princess Bride and they work that line in for him to say. lol. WS was also recently on Family Guy where he voices Stewie's enemy Bertrom, this other baby that acts like an adult.

I saw Princess Bride way back in 1996 at school when I was in gr. 5. I remember my friend Leslie saying to me that I would like it. It was okay. I saw the ending again in 1999 also at school. All I remember is the good guy having a sword fight with bad guy. The giant. The good guy trying to get through the door, but couldn't break it so the giant had to come and break it. A image of the four good guys riding away on white horses.

May 13 Freedom Riders: I saw this on Oprah, and there was an articles in The Globe and Mail about the Freedom Riders. This is a documentary on PBS. In 1951, 13 Freedom Riders, men, women, black and white, college age and tested the laws of segregation. They wanted to end segregation. They sit in colored and white places. It's a non-violent protest.

More people joined and 171 Freedom Riders were on Oprah. There was no security with them, and some have been attacked or killed. On the 11th day of the ride in 1961, the KKK destroyed the bus for 15 min. The bus driver drives away, but a tire was slashed. Later the bus stops, and the driver went away. The mob set the bus on fire.

The fuel tank blew up and that's how they got out of the bus. A 12 yr old girl named Janie Forsyth McKinney who's white, went and helped the riders. One of the riders was a black man named Hank. Janie could have been killed by the KKK, but they gave her a pass because she was 12. If she was an adult, she would have been dead.

Congressman John Lewis who is black, had gotten beaten up by a KKK member. That member Elwin Wilson apologized to John Lewis in 2009. Police told JL that he could press charges, but he didn't.

JL: He was the first and only person to apologize to me.

Oprah: Ordinary people can bring about change.

Oprah: What's wrong with the world and what can we do to change it?

The Listener: The show hasn't been on in the past couple of weeks and I know I have been behind on writing about the episodes. Here's one called "Jericho." The ep starts of with Toby playing hockey which is so Canadian. I liked how T talked about buying a motorcycle and not having money. That's a realistic conversation and continuity because this season he started riding one.

It was so cool that the actress Alexz Johnson guest-starred. She and the actor Craig Olejnik who plays Toby have worked with each other before way back in 2000. AJ was the star of her own show called So Weird about the supernatural, and CO guest- starred on her show. She's the lead in the old TV show Instant Star. She had short red hair on The Listener, the same kind of color she had on earlier seasons of Instant Star. Then later it's her natural blonde at the end of The Listener episode like how she wore on the last season of Instant Star.

Aaron Ashmore (Canadian actor from Smallville) guest- starred too. I also recognize the hacker teen Devon Bostick. He's making rounds on other Toronto shot shows like Rookie Blue pilot and Flashpoint.

So now onto the actual episode. T gets assigned on a case to find the Jericho 11 files which has old Social Insurance Numbers and personal information that's been forgotten. The hackers want to get that and sell the numbers to make millions. It used to belong to Revenue Canada that this big business man Kenneth Neil works at. Alexz Johnson plays a blogger. She tells Toby that her dad committed suicide because Kenneth stole her dad's idea. Her dad became poor.

AJ is also a hacker and she got the 14 million SIN numbers. She wasn't going to sell them and make money for herself. She doesn't want other people's lives to be ruined like hers. She gave the hard drive to Toby. T puts it in the microwave. The hacker that Aaron Ashmore plays and Kenneth Neil got arrested because they were trying to get the numbers. AJ changes her look and runs out of town so she won't get arrested.

I like the little Canadian things they mentioned and showed like playing Foozeball with hockey and mentioning Revenue Canada. They said The Keg and I had to look it up if it's Canadian. On Wikipedia it said it originated from North Vancouver, so yes it's Canadian.

Product placement: I was watching Castle and they weren't as blatant about product placement as Gossip Girl was with Vitamin Water. Castle was on his cell phone and it showed a flash of the company Netflix. It was part of the story because they had to find this actress and he wanted to see what she's been in.

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