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May 16 The Listener: Here's a mild rant. The Listener hasn't been on in a few weeks. I check what's on TV every night. They moved the show from Tues. to Fri. and it's not on Fri. It's on Sat. I checked the ep description on my satellite TV, and it's a new ep. I then tune in and it's the pilot instead. There are 3 more episodes left of the season according to I will give points to for having all the episodes on their website so you can watch all of them.

Unlike American shows like The Mentalist, only has the latest two eps because they really want to promote the Canadian show The Listener.

Now onto the latest episode aired "Desperate Hours." I recognized the blonde girl who was the ambulance dispatcher. She's on those Rogers cell phone commercials. Toby and Oz respond to a call in a bank, because a banker was shot in the leg. A couple was with him and they're his clients.

The couple then hold Toby, Oz, and banker hostage because the banker is a Ponzi schemer. The recession must have influenced the writer of this episode. lol. The Banker wouldn't tell where the couple's money is, so the man shot him. The man wants Toby and Oz to take out the bullet.

Toby: We're first responders, we're not surgeons.
Man holds gun to T.
Man: Well you just got promoted.
I like that part.

The IIB and the hospital have a GPS on the ambulance and are looking for them. The dr. Olivia talks Toby through the surgery over the phone while she's at the hospital. T does the home- based surgery by pulling the bullet out of the Banker. Banker dies after bullet is taken out due to cardiac arrest.

The couple goes through Banker's wallet and leads to a storage unit. There is wine bottle and diamonds were hidden in it. During this, the IIB interviews this 2nd couple that got the first couple into the Ponzi scheme.

T, O, and the 1st couple drive to this airport where it has a private jet. That's where the Banker was going to go and fly somewhere far away with the diamonds. When they get there, the 2nd couple are on the plane to fly away with the banker. T gets the gun as the woman is distracted while arguing with the 2nd couple. T gives the gun to O. Police come.

I do like the line: "Your job is to save lives. We risk our lives doing it." That can be used to describe police officers and soldiers. I think IIB Agent McClusky said that to Toby.

Psychopath movies: I'm going to analyze some psychopath movies.

American Psycho: A couple of weeks ago, my sister borrowed the movie American Psycho from the library. Her friend made a reference to the movie to her, so that's why she took it out. I watched it with her, and then she turned it off 40min in. I knew she can't handle that kind of disturbing movie. She didn't like The Cell where someone goes into the mind of a serial killer so I doubt she would like this movie.

I was annoyed that she wouldn't leave it on for me to watch the rest of it. Whatever, my brother then got to watch his show. They got a good cast of Christian Bale, Reese Witherspoon, and Jared Leto. Chloe Sevigny whom I know from the movie Shattered Glass and TV show Big Love plays the secretary. This movie was kind of funny in a dark way. It's set in the 1980s where a psychopath works on Wall Street and kills people for no reason. I would write more, but I can't give a review until I see the entire movie. Maybe when it comes on TV, I'll watch the rest of it.

Scorn: While watching it, it reminded me of the TV movie Scorn in 2000. It stars my favorite Edmonton actor Eric Johnson who plays a high school senior Darren Huenemann who gets his mother and grandmother killed so he could get his inheritance early. It's based on a true story that happened in 1992. DH is serving 25 years to life.

This is the TV movie where I saw EJ for the first time. I rewatched the TV movie when it aired in 2004. By watching American Psycho, it reminded me of how I tried to write a story about a psycho through his eyes. It was written like a novel for a few pages, and then I turned to script. Scorn was the inspiration for my novel/ script.

That was way back in 2004. It wasn't until 2005, the show Criminal Minds came out and then I was able to learn about serial killers. There was also the TV show Dexter. I watch these shows as my research.

Hard Candy: This is a movie starring Ellen Page (Juno) and Patrick Wilson (Watchmen). It's about a sociopath 14 yr old girl who tortures a 32 yr old sexual predator. I remember back in 2006, I watched this movie with my friend Angela at my house.

Me: So what do you think?
Angela: That girl is a bitch.
Me: Yeah, I say so too, but as a compliment. You don't want to f--- with her.

Look, in this movie, there's really no likeable character you can root for. It's an interesting movie.

May 17 Perception: I was thinking about my friend Angela and how she said that she doesn't see me as a receptionist due to my interpersonal skills. My dad and I thought I had to work on my technical skills to get the job.

I got this flashback. When I was in the talent show in jr. high, a lot of people said they see me as shy and quiet and couldn't believe I was dancing by myself in front of 700 people.

I would say when my gr. 9 teachers recommended that I go into all the low classes when I was signing up for them in high school. Now that was more a shot at me than me friend Angela saying she doesn't see me as a receptionist. My gr. 9 teachers all had low expectations of me so that's why they all circled the low classes.

Blog: I got this email through my blog. It's a good article about how your hobbies can help your career. I already do a few hobbies like reading and blogging that's mentioned in the article. I also do crossword puzzles on the bus ride home from work. You should read how these hobbies help you.

Hi Tracy,

We recently published an article that you may be interested in entitled, “The 10 Best Hobbies to Boost Your Career."

After having followed your blog for a while, I feel that this one article would align well with your blog's subject matter. I thought perhaps you'd be interested in sharing this article with your readers? Thanks, and keep up the great blogging!


Jesse Young

Job articles: My sister had give me her old Marie Claire's and I've been reading the 2008-2011 issues where there was the "Cubicle Coach" where she gives answers to work- related questions and "The Careerist" about topics that concern the office. Then second, I like to read the money articles like "Earn, Baby, Earn." lol.

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