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job search/ child abuse/ cult

May 10 Job search: Yesterday I got a phone call from a company to do this test through the internet. I then did the test this morning. It turns out I did this exact test way back in 2008 when I went to this staffing agency, before I found out that I'm supposed to avoid staffing agencies. Anyway, by doing that test twice in 2008, I did do the interview for the same company and I learned some tips.

The interview tips is that my answers should be longer. I have also had the tour of the company's office so I know what to expect. Unless they changed the office a bit in the past three years. Anyway, I don't totally know what my test score is because you can't really have any right or wrong answers in that kind of test.

Today is my day off and it's been very productive. I went to the usual five sources to look for a job that I do everyday. Today I went to all my bank websites that I bookmarked. I applied to 19 jobs.

Child abuse: I watched Oprah last month and it was about a 6yr old boy who was chained in a closet back in 2000. The closet was less than 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. There's a wire fence and chain in the closet. The boy's name is Clayton and he was abused by his father and step mom. He was chained for hours. He had to stand for 24hrs even when sleeping. He was forced to go to the washroom in the closet. He was also starved.

His 14 yr old step sister lets him out and feeds him cereal when his parents are gone. This occurred for months. The step sister ran away and the police forced her to go home. She told about the child abuse of Clayton to the police. When Clayton screamed, the dad and step mom put dish soap in his mouth. The closet was in the washroom.

It's heartbreaking and disturbing to hear the cop interview 6 yr old C talk about the abuse. C is adopted now and had went to counseling for a little while afterwards. The step mom Carmen served 2 yrs of her maximum 4 yr sentence. The dad Joseph got 21 months out of 4 yrs. He had gotten a GED during his sentence which knocked 6 months out of his sentence.

Clayton is now 19 and being interviewed by Oprah.

Clayton: I had a good relationship with my dad until Carmen came.

C's biological mom left them. C was adopted by his aunt Patty who is C's biological mom's sister. Patty had kept newspaper articles about abuse.

Cop Todd Pate went from Detective to now Sheriff. C and TP reunited after 13 yrs when TP rescued C. TP had said to parents to pick up step sister in Kentucky in hopes parents will bring C. TP did talk to C and fed him peanut butter and crackers. C told the truth about the abuse, even though his dad told him not to.

TP (lies): Your dad wants you to tell the truth.
C: He does?
This really shows that C is a vulnerable little kid.

Later C had mailed a note to TP when he was a little kid. It was a post- it note that said: "Todd, you are nice. Clayton." TP kept it all these years.

There's an extra part: This 9 yr old black girl saw an ep of Oprah back in 2000 about Clayton. The girl Tiffany was raped by her step dad since she was 6. She then told her teacher about it the next day. She's now a star basketball player and going to college in the fall. Tiffany and Clayton hugged each other at the end.

Oprah: Don't let the past define who you are.

Cult: I was watching 20/20 last month and they did a piece about the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church. Not all IFB churches are the same. This one IFB church had all these rules about not being able to go to the movies, hold hands with a boy, and dress conservatively. The women are subordinate.

The minister had said: "If you're not bruising your child, you're not spanking him enough." They interviewed Tina Anderson. Her step dad Daniel Leaf physically hits his daughter and son. He molested TA.

A IFB member raped TA when she was 14. He taught her driving and then raped her. He raped her the second time when she let him into the house. She remembers saying no. She became pregnant after that. The rapist is Ernie Willis and he said he will pay for the abortion or punch her in the stomach so she would miscarry. 20/20 had said something about the state they were in that a 15 yr old girl cannot really give consent to have sex.

The IFB church then made TA write about being sorry for being raped and read it out loud in front of entire church. 3 other IFB members who listened to it were upset about it when 20/20 interviewed them. Pastor Phelps order TA to write a letter to rapist's wife and apologize to her.

Pastor Phillips also sent TA to live with an IFB family she has never met before. The family was nice. Ernie Willis admitted he was the father. TA give birth to a daughter and gave it up for adoption to 1 of 3 anonymous IFB families.

In the present time Ernie Willis got arrested for sexual assault. Tina Anderson has gotten married and has 3 children.

There's also an extra part: Jocelyn Zipperman was part of the IFB. She was molested by her brothers and dad. JZ sued them for sexual assault. It was settled out of court. JZ was abused all of her life from toddler to the end of high school. She says it's a cult and has taken her children away from the cult and lost family and friends.

JZ has started a Facebook group and 1000 people joined and emailed her saying they were abused. IFB had said that a 2 week old baby needs to be spanked. IFB leaders and parents have been arrested for child abuse.

Blog: I saw this on Yahoon news. Derek K. Miller is a writer and has a blog. He wrote one last blog post weeks before he died of cancer. He told his family and friends to put up that blog post after he has passed away.

Here's the Yahoo article: It said: "'He was proud of his blog and now it is his legacy,' Karl Miller said in an interview with The Province."

Here's his blog:

May 11 Rant: I have some mild rants:

Last weekend a Jehovah's witness approached me at the bus stop. They often get at me on the weekends. I realized it's because they have jobs to get to on the weekdays, so they will try to convert people to their religion on the weekends.

My sister gave me her old Marie Claire magazines. It's a good magazine from the Hearst magazine company. I see that it's just like Cosmogirl (before it folded) because both magazines have the same ads and fonts. What I don't like is that Marie Claire has cigarette ads in their magazine. I remember reading that you should rip out cigarette ads in your own magazines, so I did.

I was watching Gossip Girl yesterday and they had the most blatant advertisement of Vitamin Water ever. I have seen earlier seasons where it's more subtle with a character holding or drinking it, or having the fridge in the scene. In the episode "Shattered Bass", they showed the bottles and the word Vitamin Water on the piece of paper where everybody can read it.

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