Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emperor's Palace/ literacy/ spring cleaning

May 21 Emperor's Palace: A couple of weeks ago I went to a new Chinese restaurant called the Emperor's Palace. It's very classy and expensive. The decorations are very nice, and they put wine out in this glass case. The washroom's are nice. It seems to be aimed at more Western than Chinese style.

We all ate on plates instead of bowls. For a meal for 6 people, it was $150. At other Chinese restaurants, it would be $90. I do recommend it.

Pizza 73: There's a new pizza at Pizza 73 with donair meat on it. It tastes really good, I recommend that too.

How to eat for cheap:

Buy food that takes a long time to expire: I found this box of Splenda sugar from 1999. I mixed it with my coffee and I didn't get sick. I have drank hot chocolate mix that was a yr old and didn't get sick either.

Buy canned food: I drank a can of mushroom soup that expired 6 weeks ago. It tastes fine because it's harder for canned foods to expired when they're sealed up.

Buy frozen food: I ate chocolate ice cream that expired 1 month ago. It doesn't go bad.

Keep expired foods in fridge: I ate cream cheese that expired 2 days ago. It tastes fine because it's refrigerated.

Remember the food in your house: I ate stale bread because no one else ate it. It was hard, but I didn't get sick. I also found cheese in the fridge that people forgot including me. It was not expired, but it could have been if I didn't find it.

May 22:

Put flavors in your food: Instead of buying food with flavor, buy things like soy sauce or Oregano. My family bought this Clubhouse Vegetable flavor seasoning and I put it on things that don't taste good or tastes bland.

Literacy: I was thinking about the girl who couldn't read, and I thought that she should work as a stripper. That was when I was 23. Now I'm 25, and instead of thinking of jobs that don't require reading, she should learn how to read. There are lots of adult literacy programs out there.

I read in Seventeen magazine that there is this black girl who couldn't read. When she was called in class to read, a friend of hers whispered her the words so she could pretend she was reading. I remember reading in the Edmonton Journal about this white woman who couldn't read. She and the Seventeen girl both lived their lives like ordering food that weren't on the menu, because they couldn't read it.

This woman had a kid and when she couldn't read a story to her kid, she then decided to learn how to read.

Now I'm getting some flashbacks. On the old 90s show Sweet Valley High, there was a high school guy who couldn't read. In the teen show In a Heartbeat, one of the characters meets someone who can't read because he gave the wrong medication to a kid. If he knew how to read, he wouldn't have made that mistake.

I mean, this girl who can't read may not be able to go to college or use a computer. But if she can read, than everything else will fall into place. She can go to college and use a computer. If not, at least she can get a job and have some basic reading skills.

I was thinking about my dad kind of saying that I should get an office job: "If you can get an office job, you can live off that kind of money on your own. You can then get your own place. Everything else will fall into place."

Goals: It makes me think of what is a more achievable goal. I started looking for office jobs in 2008 when my dad told me. I got an office job at a bank in 2008, and lasted for a month. In 2010, I got a office job and lasted for two weeks. I don't know if you count working at a call centre as an office job. It did pay $12/hr which is how much an office job pays. However, the hours were then turned part- time, so I didn't get paid as much.

Getting an office job is an achievable goal. I got them twice. I didn't last in it. Maybe 3rd time's the charmed. As for getting my script produced, I've been pitching The Fighter since 2008. It still isn't produced. I am getting closer. I got lots of producers, actors, readers, and writers reading it.

Unpaid work: I was thinking in 2008, I did an even amount of job searching and script pitching. In 2009, most of my unpaid work was pitching my script and writing it. I only sent 110 resumes last year in my office job search.

In 2010, most of my unpaid work was looking for a job/ office job. I sent over a 100 resumes a month in a period of 8 months. I only spent a 2 months pitching my script intensely.

May 23 Jesse McCartney: I found this great song of his song called "In My Veins." It's as sexy as Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy."

Here's "In My Veins":

JM is a singer and actor. It turns out he went out with the Melrose Place actress Katie Cassidy for 3 yrs. I didn't know that until I saw the pictures on Youtube.

May 24 Analyze: I was thinking about the comparison between Cordelia dissing Buffy because her parents are divorced on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Tobias dissing Michael because his wife is dead on Arrested Development. Well Buffy and Cordelia are arguing, so they were bound to say something mean to each other.

As for Michael who was giving marriage advice, Tobias goes and disses him when Michael was trying to help him. That was meaner because it was unexpected. They weren't arguing and T says something so mean.

Spring cleaning: My mom and grandma told me to wipe the dust in my room, but I was procrastinating. I don't really need to do it, but then my grandma offered to help me with it, and I did it today on my day off. I changed the sheets, bed covers, wiped the dust off my windows and dresser, and vacuumed. I feel accomplished. lol.

The lesson is if there is something that you don't like to do, just do it and you will feel accomplished. Or do it with someone else and it will be done quicker and you might even enjoy it a bit.

Job search: I also finally went and emailed my resume to this company. My brother's friend had worked there and told me about it a couple of months ago.

Doomsday: Dooms Day was supposed to be May 21. Oh, look we're still here. lol. On May 20, I was thinking of blowing off my job search. However, I was really looking for an excuse to stop my job search. The hard work and discipline is instilled in me so I kept looking for a job.

Postage: Did you know that postage is now 59 cents to send something in Canada? I found that out today. I did read in the Edmonton Journal about Canada Post wanting a strike, but will keep delivering welfare checks and important things like that.

Teen pregnancy: There was this girl on 16&P named Lizzie. Her dad was on twop.com and made a few posts on the thread. He was on the episode. L said she didn't want to go to the gynecologist and that's how she ended up pregnant.

Someone on twop said: "It's like saying she doesn't want to go to the dentist, and would rather have a tooth pulled out of her once a week from now on."

Yeah, poor logic. That also reminds me of the girl Ashley who I used to go to gr. 7 with. She had gotten pregnant in high school. In jr. high she admitted that she had thrown up sometimes whenever she thinks she ate too much so she won't get fat. Now that I think of it, if she stayed pregnant, then she's going to gain a lot of weight. If you don't want to gain weight, then you never should have stayed pregnant.

There's this new girl Chelsea who got hired at my restaurant. She told me she has a sister who gotten pregnant when she was a teen.

Chelsea: I knew my sister was pregnant, but I haven't seen her in a long time because we don't live together. When I saw her pregnant, I started crying.

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