Sunday, May 15, 2011

shopping/ The Office/ Parks and Recreation

May 11 Shopping: My mom had gotten sneakers on sale. She always buy them on sale because my family and I always need them. My mom told me that my black pair was wearing out, so I had to get new ones. I didn't want to because I can keep wearing it until there's a hole in them. She said there was one, but I didn't notice it.

I bought a pair for $47.15 at Pay Less. Sport Mart is too expensive. I didn't want to buy new shoes, because I've always been a saver. Also I've been really stingy with my money due to my ebb at my job. Mom paid with her credit card to get air miles while I paid her back with cash.

May 12: I got a day off today so I did my job search. I also deposited my tip money into my bank account. It wasn't as much, and if it keeps up like this for the rest of the month, I won't be depositing as much money because I haven't been getting a lot of tips. Another sign of an ebb at my job.

May 13 Friends: I was talking with my friend Angela today over the phone for 20min.

Angela: I don't really see you as a receptionist. You seem a little blunt. I don't mean to be mean.
Me: That's okay. You were being brutally honest. Then again you not seeing me as a receptionist is not the most meanest thing anyone has ever said to me.

My sister did tell me to work on my telephone manners. Now Angela has told me to find a job that fits my personality. I told her "beggars cannot be choosers." At the job I'm working right now, I wouldn't be able to live on it if I lived alone. I need an office job so I could live on it.

May 14 The Office: I always say TV is the biggest influence on me, but I feel like my job search has influenced how I think of the TV show The Office. On the show they hired a new executive assistant named Jordan. She only worked at Anthropologie and doesn't have any office experience.

Isn't an executive assistant job harder to get than an administrative assistant and/ or receptionist position? An executive assistant needs several years of experience. I have seen that on those job ads on my job search. An administrative assistant or receptionist is an entry level position and easier to get.

Anthropologie is a good store. It's like Urban Outfitters. They're both at West Ed Mall and sell clothes, jewelery, books, dishes, and furniture.

In another episode, Jim was offered to be the acting manager. The first boss Michael quit, and the new one D'Angelo is in the hospital. Jim turned it down because the office worked so well without supervision. I would have asked: "Do I get a raise? What are the duties? Let me think about it."

If I get a raise, and the duties aren't too hard for me to do, I would take it. It would look good on my resume even if I'm the acting manager for a month. I'm still at the same company. Since Jim turned it down, Dwight got the offer and he took it. It was a fun episode where D is the worst boss ever because he runs things poorly. Then the oldest guy Creed got the position.

Parks and Recreation: Afterwards was the TV show Parks and Recreation. Leslie got Ann a job interview to be part of the health department at the Pawnee municipal govt. Ann is a nurse so she's qualified for it. She'll be working there part-time and work as a nurse 2 days a week. My sister was watching it with me.

S: Isn't this-
Me: Contrived? They need to create a job for Ann so that's why this would explain why she's at the office so much even though she's a nurse and works at a hospital.
S: No, conflict of interest. One of the people who interviews Ann is her friend Leslie. Ann gets a second interview from a guy she used to go out with.

Oh yes, there is bias then. However, this is fictional. You can also wank it in your mind that it's a municipal govt. and it's a small town so not a lot of people work there and could interview Ann.

May 15: I want to add to The Office. Maybe Jordan did go to school and took an administrative assistant program. It wasn't mentioned on the show, but she may have education and no job experience.

Post Secret: I found these secrets about love:

"I wish I had it in me to walk up to you at graduation and say I have liked you for what seems like my entire life."

"I am still in love with my high school sweetheart. I'm 46."

Or here's a serious one:

"The coroner's official report said it was SIDS. It wasn't. She smothered him with a stuffed animal so she could move across the country to be with a man she met on the internet. This is not the first time."

Job rant: I feel angry and depressed because my job is at an ebb. Hopefully it won't be like Call Centre #3. The first two weeks there I got full-time hours, then I only got part-time. It went south after that because there were canceled shifts and I stopped getting shifts altogether 3 months in. It was an ebb.

Maybe this restaurant job will be an ebb and flow like the Soup place. The first 6 months were good, and then that bad employee joined in. Then she quit after 3 months and we got another woman. She was good, and then she started missing one or two days of work a week, so with this other guy. This happened for a few months. An ebb. I told the boss to hire one or two people to come in because we have to work harder for the people who keep missing work.

The bosses wouldn't listen because they wanted to keep the money for themselves. They did have it in their budget to hire two people (because when I only worked on the weekends because I went to Call Centre #3 on the weekdays,) they hired two new people. I then still kept getting called in to work at the Soup place so it was a flow.

Dance: I was watching America's Best Dance Crew and there's a crew of 13 yr old boys dancing. They are the youngest crew to be on this show. Everybody else is like 18 and up so props to these kids for being so young and talented to get on this TV show.

Dialogue: I was watching Parks and Recreation ep "The Fight" where Tom writes a script and it has poor dialogue. He was trying to sell this alcohol he bought for his bar. He wants his friends to pretend they really like this alcohol so others would buy it too. It was so unnatural. Maybe his friends weren't reading it well, but Ron Swanson says the line: "This is Cah-razy." He would never say that. Write dialogue characters would actually say that's within character.

I was watching Gossip Girl and there's a good line: "The only thing that's thicker than blood is the ink on Page Six."

Actors: I was watching The Mentalist and I saw the name Alan Blumenfield. I thought it sounded so familiar, but I couldn't place it. Then I saw him on screen and it's Bob Buss from 2gether. He played the manager who created the fictional boy band 2gether in 2000. I haven't seen him since 2003/2004 on that show called Century City. That show was about lawyers in the year 2030 with floating cars.

I was also watching The Mentalist and during the episode "Red Alert", the actor Carlos Jacott appeared. I was like: "Jack from She Spies!" He was the handler for 3 beautiful women spies on the show She Spies in the first season. He was also on Buffy season 3 ep called "Anne." It's where Buffy was in LA and she found out that CJ's character's a demon who was luring street kids to work for him in hell.

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