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Friday, March 11, 2016

work joke/ fun outing/ One Pot Simmer

Jan. 29, 2016 Work joke: It was kind of funny at work yesterday.  I was there and my manager G says I wasn't scheduled to work.  I showed her the schedule.

Tracy: It's Thurs, I'm supposed to work today.
G: Oh, I thought it was Friday.
Le: That would be awesome if it was Friday.

Feb. 2, 2016 Weedman picture: I was looking for a job and I found this lawn company.  It says "Your lawn has a new best friend."  There is a worker and he has his arm around a man with green grass on him and his face painted green.  I thought the picture was kind of funny. 

Feb. 12, 2016 Friends: I was emailing one of my friends this on Facebook.  I was inviting him to these events and my house.  I wrote this:

I guess it's because I'm kind of lonely and I want to see my friends more often.

The Sea Captain on The Simpsons said it best: "I just want a friend, who's not just a work friend."

All my friends I usually get to see are work friends.

Also Screenwriters and Filmmakers meetups are friends too. But I get to see them every 2 weeks.

Though I have attended more meetups outside of those.

I asked one of my co-workers who is more a closer friend than my other co-workers if he wants to hang out outside of work, and he says he's busy.

Feb. 15, 2016 Foodee picture: Here is a funny picture.  It's a fox mascot head on a regular guy's body.  I thought it was kind of cute and funny.

Feb. 29, 2016 Fun outing: On Jan. 2, 2016, I had a fun outing with my friend Jessica.  She picked me up and brought all these magazines my sister have given to me back in summer 2012.  I had read them all and now will go and donate them to Value Village.  I think the last time I saw J in person was in summer 2014. 

All my friendships are long-distance and only usually through my weekly emails and Facebook.

There were probably over 100 magazines since they were Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue magazines with a few others like Mental Floss.  Seriously.

Does anyone remember in Dec. 2015 I offered you guys that you can have these magazines for free if you wanted to?  No one did.

1. Value Village- J drove us to the one on Whyte Ave.  The 2 guys there hauled the magazines in and offered me a card to have like a discount on an item since I donated to them.

We entered and were shopping.  There were lots of clothes, books, magazines, cds, and houseware.

It's really cheap and good for the environment if you buy these things.

The things you donate will help a non-profit in your community. 

I encourage all of you to donate things in your home that you don't want, need, or use.  Unless you want to try selling it first.

I got a discount card and then gave it to a 40 yr old white woman with a man.  She was buying a male grey vest.  I didn't see anything I wanted so I gave the card to her.

2. Winners- J drove to Winners in Capilano.

3. Dollarama- then we walked to Dollarama where they were getting ready for Valentine's Day.

Then we drove to my house and I showed her my room and some of my dvds.  I had a couple of Daria's TV movies like Is it Fall Yet? and Is it College Yet?  J never told me she watched that show.

It's a funny show.

Christmas party: On Jan. 10, 2016, there was a Christmas party at my work.  It was Sun. and I worked all day at the restaurant.  Then my shift was over.  I took an hr break and then I went shopping at West Ed Mall to bide some time before the Christmas party started.  It's rare that I go shopping.  It's usually bide time like before a job interview or something else is about to start.

West Ed mall:

1. Bolero- they sold real leather jacket.  There is a strong smell of leather.
2. Ascension- New age, strong smell of hemp.  Charmoloy bracelets, decorative items like signs of "Love."  Some inspirational art.
3. Bootlegger.
4. Surf Co- right by the Waterpark.  How convenient.  Before it was upstairs and a bit further from the Waterpark.  It also sells feather boas, belts, sandals with swimsuits.  Expensive purses.
5. Millenium- now it's by the Waterpark. It used to be by Galaxyland.  It sells Buddha statues, sci- fi, New Age things.  Inspirational necklaces, wooden crossbows and swords, and metal swords. 

6. House of Knives- cooking knives, cookware, shaving tools.  It opened 3 months ago.  I checked it out once.
7. 1850- sell Ruffen, Karv.
8. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory- buy 3, get 1 free treat.  It smells sweet.  Fudge.

The Ziplines -line tech zipliners kiosk closed down.  You have to enter the Waterpark.

9. Candy Candy- they also sell little toys with their candy.  It's expensive.  Go to the $1 store to get candy.  This store is fun.
10. Swatch- it's a new store.  All watches.  Bright.  There are kids watches for $50.  It opened 3 months ago.  This is the first time I went in.
11. Ugg- lots of boots, but nice robes and bags.
12. iStore- this is the first time I've been here.  Bright store.  It sells KNOMO bags, ipod shuffles are $54.  It opened 6 months ago.

13. H&M- new makeup section.  They sold party cups, napkins, decorative boxes.
14. Little Burgundy- shoes, hats, jewelry.
15. Swim Co.- this was upstairs, but like a 10 min walk from the Waterpark.
16. J Crew- couches here.  Clothes, hair, jewelry.

17. Banana Republic- sells scented candles.  Magnolia smells good.  I tried the perfume.

18. Chinatown- R&C Jewelry moved here.  (It used to be beside the Waterpark). 
Hoang Long Noodle House.  It has plastic trees with lights on the branches.  It was beautiful.  I saw a pink bright lights tree in front of the Blue Orchid restaurant in downtown.

Dream Tea house has these clear place jars with panda heads as lids.

19. American Apparel
20. Escents- first time I've been here.  There is an aroma diffuser.  It opened in Jan. 2015.  I smelled a lot.
21. Abercrombie and Fitch- the ambience is chill out.  I tried on the cologne.
22. Editions- I like looking at art.  There was cute, classic, modern, Edmonton landscapes.  Paintings, sculptures.  Fairytales.
23. Droneology- it sells drones. 

Now to the party- it was the usual with the big buffet of salad, fish, roast beef, and desserts. 

There was a draw and I won a box of 6 wine glasses which I was not interested in at all.  My co-worked Le offered to trade her big gift basket of Godiva chocolates for mine.  I did and ate the chocolates.  In the basket were:

Chocolate dipped pretzels, truffles, 10 chocolates, hot cocoa, lava cake, 2 graham crackers, 2 little boxes of chocolates, dessert truffle, box of dark chocolate.  It was 11 items.

It was getting late like 8:30pm after the draw happened.  I then took a free cab ride that was provided by my work.

Cab driver: The cab driver Omari did get paid by my work.  I tipped him $6 for a $30 ride.

He told me he had worked as a school bus driver for a few years.  It was a part-time job like work in the morning for a few hours by driving the kids to school.  Then go home and watch TV for some hours.  Then go to work and drive the kids home.

He said he's married and has 4 kids.  One of his daughters is studying to be dental assistant.  I said it was good because I see a lot of job listings for that.  It's a practical occupation.

Omari used to be like a computer engineer over in his country.  I forgot where exactly.  He did use his degree and worked as one for years there.  Then he went to Calgary and did work as one for a bit.

Mar. 2, 2016: Today I was at West Ed mall and the Millennium store by the Waterpark closed down.  It turns out there is still a Millennium by Galaxyland.  I didn't know they had 2 locations for awhile.

One Pot Simmer: On Fri. Feb. 26, 2016, I went to this restaurant with my co-workers.  This is a new restaurant from one of our old co-workers who had recently quit to open this restaurant.

You can order 1 pot of assortment of meat and vegetables and it will cook right in front of you.  I liked it. 

I was with a party of 10 and we ate 3 pots.  If you go with 2 people, 1 pot of food is sufficient.  1 pot is on average $35.99.

Mar. 8, 2016 Danier: Danier clothing store at West Ed mall is closing down. Everything is on sale.  I put that on my Facebook status update.  I'm not really surprised because I've been reading the business section of the newspaper that the store wasn't going very well.

Turtle: Today I also petted a turtle at WEM.  I was only allowed to pet the shell and not touch the skin.  You have to put on hand sanitizer before and after touching the animal.


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