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Monday, March 7, 2016

Stand with Indigenous women and families to end the violence.

Stand with Indigenous women and families to end the violence >>
Dear Tracy,

Tomorrow, International Women’s Day, we will be celebrating some significant milestones and accomplishments for women’s rights around the world.
We will also be marking this day by calling on you and all human rights supporters to speak out on one of the most pressing challenges facing women and girls right here in Canada: the alarming crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.
You signed Amnesty International's petition for an inquiry. Thank you! Now please SIGN OUR PLEDGE TO STAND WITH INDIGENOUS WOMEN AND FAMILIES.

For well over a decade, Amnesty International has stood alongside Indigenous women and families who have lost loved ones to violence, and joined their call for action. Together, with your help, we are making strides.
The announcement last December of a public inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls is a step in the right direction. It’s a strong demonstration of political will and it gives us hope for change. With the inquiry moving forward, we all have a part to play in ensuring it leads to real and meaningful action.

You can continue to help build momentum for real change by standing with Indigenous women and families and commit to:
  • LISTEN TO AND LEARN from the voices of Indigenous women, families and other expert witnesses;
  • ENGAGE RESPECTFULLY in the public dialogue around this crucial inquiry; and
  • TAKE ACTION to make sure that government and law enforcement act on what the inquiry reveals.
Your help is needed to make sure that government commitments truly lead to an end to the violence. Will you make a personal commitment to ensuring that the promise of change becomes a reality? Your solidarity is crucial to making sure Indigenous women and families know they are not alone in their struggle.
And so, to our Indigenous sisters who have experienced racism, sexism, and violence: today, tomorrow and every day we stand with you. You are not alone. We commit to working with you to end the violence once and for all.

Please stand with Indigenous women and families to end the violence.


Jackie Hansen
Major Campaigns and Women's Rights Campaigner
Amnesty International Canada


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