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Monday, March 7, 2016

This little girl’s story is why I do what I do.

Dear Tracy,

When we found her, 11-year-old Jenabou was so traumatized she could hardly move or say a word. Two massacres had killed her parents and dozens of other Muslims in her village. Who knows what she had seen.

When the Central African Republic exploded in violence, I went there as Amnesty's crisis researcher. Before I left, there was even talk of a potential genocide. My job was to gather as much evidence as possible—to spur action to stop the bloodshed, and to try to get justice for victims.

Your donations help me gather evidence of grave human rights abuses.

I arrived in Jenabou's village with a colleague just three days after a massacre. I found a woman's corpse on the street, naked from the waist down. The Muslim neighborhood was littered with corpses.

I found more bodies on the outskirts of town. People had been killed as they were fleeing, with the little bundles of clothing and food they had tried to bring with them. I took photos that are still too horrific to show. Around 100 people were killed in one day.

It wasn't safe for Jenabou. A group of Christians begged us to take her because they knew she was in danger. We took her with us, and brought her somewhere safe.

With your help, I can document brutal crimes like these, wherever they happen—and fight to get justice for the victims.

The international community required real proof that the situation was out of control. And civilians needed urgent protection. So we collected the evidence that would make governments act.

I stayed there for three weeks, interviewing victims, talking to media, making sure people's stories were told. People told me about brutal killings, looting and other terrible violence. Many had been forced to flee their homes. I lost count of the number of burned houses, destroyed mosques and looted shops I saw.

We released a report, Ethnic Cleansing and Sectarian Killings in the Central African Republic. Together with widespread media coverage, it made the world understand the seriousness of the conflict.

The report helped push governments to act. They finally agreed to a UN peacekeeping force to bring the situation under control. For me, it meant girls like Jenabou would be safer.

This progress would not have been possible without the regular donations of people like you. With your support, I'm able to gather evidence of horrific crimes, and I can use this evidence to push for justice.

When crises hit, you can help me show the world what happened.

Thank you,

Joanne Mariner
Senior Crisis Response Adviser
Amnesty International

PS. Months later, I went back to see Jenabou. Her aunt had taken her to live with more than a dozen members of her extended family. She was being loved and cared for. Her story shows why your continued support is so important.


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