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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You can help Stop Torture in Mexico

Torture can be stopped in Mexico! 
If you had been hung upside down, suffocated, beaten and raped I imagine you’d be like me and confess to anything. But Yecenia Armenta lasted 15 hours and it was only after police threatened to rape her two children and cut them up into pieces that she confessed.

Yecenia was tortured by Mexican police after she refused to confess to her husband’s murder.

Yecenia has spent the last three years in prison, charged without any proof on the strength of her “confession” for a crime she says she did not commit.

Now, at long last, independent medical experts have concluded that she was indeed tortured. 

Yecenia deserves to be free. Her torturers must be brought to justice. “I don’t want to spend another day here,” she says. “I want my story to be heard, and I'm asking you to help me."

Will you make a donation today to help us free Yecenia? We can then keep the pressure on the Mexican authorities to release Yecenia and to bring her torturers to justice.
Amnesty International’s campaign to StopTorture in Mexico is making a difference.
  • Torture survivor Angel Colon was freed in October 2014.
  • In February, Claudia Medina, whose struggle for justice for the torture she endured is central to Amnesty’s Stop Torture campaign, had all of the groundless criminal charges she faced dropped. 
  • In April, criminal charges were brought against the police officers who tortured Adrián Vázquez. His lawyer passed on his thanks: "This would not have happened without Amnesty’s support."
Yecenia is not alone. Amnesty International research confirms that the use of torture is widespread in Mexico. Our Stop Torture campaign is shedding light on this illegal, needless and cruel practice, and is making a difference for others in Yecenia's situation.

On December 10th, thousands of Amnesty supporters around the world will be taking action for Yecenia for our global letter-writing marathon, Write for Rights, to pressure the Mexican government to release Yecenia and bring those who torture to justice.

Your gift will help us campaign to stop the horrible practice of torture wherever it occurs, and push for Yecenia's freedom. 

A very generous supporter of Amnesty International has agreed to match dollar-for-dollar all gifts up to $25,000. Please give today and your support will be doubled.

And you will help us stop torture.

With hope and thanks,

Alex Neve
Secretary General
Amnesty International Canada


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