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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Refugee bashing must stop: Please help

Refugee bashing
must stop: Please help
Dear Tracy,

I want to make sure you saw this note about what we're up against and why we need your help now.

Many international and U.S. leaders are leveraging the tragedy in Paris to spread hate and fear-mongering in an attempt to deny Syrian refugees safe haven.

It's a chorus of voices stigmatizing a population that has already lost everything and has fled their homes in an effort to save their lives. These voices demand the United States turn its back on a commitment to inclusion and helping those in less fortunate situations. They also blatantly endorse discriminatory policies.

Amnesty is working to fight against this rhetoric and advocate on behalf of Syrian refugees who are fleeing violence and brutality.

Please make an urgent donation to Amnesty so we can advocate for families who have risked everything in search of safe haven from war.

Amnesty has been working on the front lines of the Syria crisis since it erupted over four years ago.
  • We've sent crisis investigators into Syria to research human rights atrocities and we have released reports that have garnered widespread media coverage, calling attention to the severity of the conflict.
  • We've been working in Greece, Hungary and Jordan documenting treatment of refugees and inspecting detention centers.
  • We've been pressuring governments - like those of the U.K., U.S. and Canada - to take in more refugees.
  • We have lobbied Congress to robustly support resettlement programs in other countries where over 80% of the global refugee population is currently housed.
Now, we must refute this wave of hateful rhetoric. Please help.

Unlike many other organizations, we don't accept funding from governments for our research or work campaigning for human rights. That would only jeopardize our credibility and undermine the pressure we can apply.

We are counting on people like you to help us say "We won't stand for refugee bashing."


Adotei Akwei
Director of International Advocacy
Amnesty International USA


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