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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Free Waleed, jailed Saudi Arabian human rights lawyer

Dear Tracy,

Waleed dares to speak up for human rights. For this, Saudi Arabia's government put him in prison.

Human rights lawyer and activist Waleed Abu al-Khair has stood by the side of other human rights activists working for their release.

Waleed Abu al-Khair - a Nobel Peace Prize nominee - is set to be behind bars for 15 years.

Today, I am asking you to stand by his side, like he has done for so many others.

Sign Amnesty International's global petition to drop all charges against human rights activist Waleed Abu al-Khair and free him from his unjust imprisonment.

Waleed has dedicated his life to defending freedom. He has provided legal representation to many human rights activists, including Raif Badawi, the blogger jailed and sentenced to 1,000 lashes.

For daring to face his oppressors, and telling them he would not tolerate repression, Waleed was sentenced to 15 years in jail by a counter-terrorism court.

He has been beaten, deprived of sleep and moved from jail to jail. Meanwhile, it is business as usual for the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia's brutal government.

Add your name to take action for Waleed.

Waleed is a peaceful man, a prisoner of conscience suffering purely for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

He has stood up to tyranny to defend human rights. He has been imprisoned because of his work that helps others to live free.

Will you stand up for him?

Waleed's family - including his baby daughter, Joud - want their hero back.

In solidarity,

Sunjeev Bery
Advocacy Director, Middle East North Africa
Amnesty International USA


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