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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I open my heart to Syrians: Will you?

I open my heart to Syrians: Will you?

Dear Tracy,

Syria to Sweden. That's the journey Mahmoud, Jamila and their twin sons Mazen and Bilal made.

In 2013, this Syrian family fled their home after their lights had been cut and the horrors of war - rockets everywhere and dead bodies in the streets - overwhelmed them.

The family took nothing with them and sheltered in an abandoned classroom crammed full of other displaced families before eventually making the dangerous journey to Lebanon.

Life in Lebanon was a constant struggle for survival - they couldn't afford a place to live or medical treatment for Mahmoud, who has a serious disability.

For five years, Amnesty has been calling global attention to these real stories of refugees who have fled Syria. And we are slowly seeing governments - like those of the U.S., Canada, the E.U. and the Gulf States - begin to help.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support their efforts. Until December 31st, it will be matched two-to-one.

Many governments have still done far too little to help the children and families fleeing bloodshed in Syria. Only 104,000 spots have been offered for nearly 4 million people. The United States has taken under 2,000.

That is why Amnesty is increasing its efforts to advocate for Syrian families - to ensure that we open our hearts and communities to people who have escaped the atrocities there.

This family's story ends well. Sweden offered them a chance of a new life through its resettlement program - a lifeline offered to the most vulnerable refugees such as those who have serious medical conditions or have been tortured.

The family is deeply grateful for the warm welcome and fresh start Sweden has given them, but they fear for their relatives who still face daily threats back home.

Amnesty relies on people like you to support its advocacy to provide hope for the people of Syria and people everywhere who face violence and government oppression. Please donate to support this work. Your gift will be matched two-to-one.

Susan Sarandon


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