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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2-1 match: The phone is ringing and someone needs help

2-1 match: The phone is ringing and someone needs help

Dear Tracy,

You've probably never had to make this call. But every day Amnesty gets them.

Their Crisis Response team receives phone calls and emails—from all over the world and at all hours of the day—from people in danger who need help fast.

Right now, the team's resources are stretched thin. With the conflict surging in Syria, families who flee the violence or are stuck in the midst of it are relying on Amnesty. But the truth is, they are relying on you.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support Amnesty's efforts. Until December 31st, it will be matched two dollars for every one you give.

People turn to Amnesty when they need to escape a life-threatening situation, get urgent legal counsel, or need their voice in protest projected to the world.

The one thing these cases have in common is their urgency—Amnesty often has just days or hours to respond.

Have you ever heard about someone in a desperate situation and thought 'somebody has to do something'? I'm writing to tell you: you can be that somebody.

Donate and help the team at Amnesty say yes to the next desperate request for advocacy on safety, freedom, shelter or protection. For a short time, your donation will go three times as far.

Thank you.


Harry Belafonte
Actor and Activist


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