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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Take action for Indigenous Peoples in Colombia

 I got this from Amnesty International:

"Your messages are like a shield"A tremendous thank you and a call to action for Indigenous Peoples in Colombia 

“Each sentence that you send to the government of Colombia, every letter that you send gives us strength and helps us to continue fighting for our lives. It’s like a kind of shield. The government knows you are watching what happens to us. That’s why today they are being a bit more careful. Because they know you are watching.”
- Dora Tavera, Colombia

Dear human rights supporter,
It is a wonderful feeling to share this heartfelt message with you, and the many Canadians who have spoken out against threats to Indigenous Peoples in Colombia.

Dora Tavera is a Pijao Indigenous woman who works with the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, a courageous human rights worker who we filmed during our recent mission to Colombia.
I encourage you to take 5 minutes to watch this video to get a sense of how much Dora values your support, and to understand more about the epidemic of conflict-related sexual violence against Indigenous women by all of the warring parties in Colombia.  Given the traumatic impact on women and vulnerable Indigenous communities, this is a deep scar that all who care about human rights must work to heal.
Please take action now.

The petition you signed early this year has attracted more than 30,000 signatures, and we've taken your words of encouragement directly to Indigenous Communities in Colombia.

Now we're going to do something more.

You may know that Amnesty International members worldwide gather on International Human Rights Day, December 10th, to write letters. This has become the biggest human rights event in the world, with participants in more than 80 countries.

We're inviting you - and the world - to join us to write a letter to end the threats to survival of Indigenous Peoples in Colombia. We'll also be featuring a letter-writing action to protect Indigenous women in Canada.

Together we can speak out to protect the rights and Indigenous Peoples in Canada and around the world.

Sign-up now.
Thank you!

Alex Neve
Secretary General
Amnesty International Canada

On Human Rights Day, Amnesty International is mobilizing to write for Indigenous People in Colombia and Canada - Please join us for Write for Rights!  
12 compelling cases! You can write for Indigenous Peoples in Colombia, for Stolen Sisters in Canada and 11 other high priority actions.  Each will come with supporting video content, and most also allow you to write message of hope and solidarity. View letter-writing actions
- Already over 35,000 letters are pledged by 20,000 writers in Canada
“Wear Yellow”.  In addition to writing letters, we hope to attract more letter-writers and members by getting out in the public in Amnesty’s colours. We have new toques, pens and candles to help. Order a toque | Fundraise a minimum of $20 and get a free toque
Write for Rights Kit & DVD. The kit includes some great content: a poster, tips from running a successful event, a sign-up sheet for participants, and a  DVD that features some of the most inspiring success stories from our global campaigning. Order by December 1st to assure timely delivery. Download kit resources | The full kit | View the slideshow
Send "Stamps of Hope". Help fund this huge effort by purchasing one or several books of our symbolic "Stamps of Hope".  Every book represents the cost of a mailing a letter for each of the international cases featured in Write for Rights!  Stamps of Hope
Find an event near you. Write for Rights events are being held in living rooms, workplaces schools and communities across Canada. You can sign up to write on your own, start your own event, or look for a public event near you.
Spread the word! We want the world to know that December 10th is International Human Rights Day. Please tell your friends about the opportunity to take action with Amnesty International on this day.
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