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Sunday, December 2, 2012

feelings/ feng shui/ homework article

Nov. 12 Feelings: It's been about a week without my Paxil.  I'm okay.  I was working all long weekend and it was busy, so I haven't gotten a chance to go and pick it up.  It was also cold and the roads weren't very good either.  I did get to see my counselor.  I also chatted with two of my friends on the phone.  I also got to watch TV shows I liked so that makes me happy.

Teen pregnancy: It's also been about a week since I saw that Dr. Phil ep.  I decided to go back and read those comments on that show about that teen girl Kayla who got pregnant on purpose.  It's on and I had to make a comment about it (it's basically from my blog).

I didn't get angry reading it as people diss them.  I'm keeping myself in check.  Here's a comment:

"The boy's dad was a total jackass. There is no other way to describe him other than a jackass."

I did see the previews of the upcoming episodes of a man who hits his wife, and mothers who hit their children.  I scanned some comments, and I didn't get angry because I avoided watching the show.  I can't watch and absorb all this.  If I sit and watch it, I will get angry.  I'm at a distance by looking at these comments, but not seeing show.

I then checked out "TV moments angry up the blood."  I didn't put this comment on my blog, but I will now.  I did write a review about it, but not this exact comment:

Me: I was watching the TV movie The Pregnancy Pact on Youtube because I'm really interested in teen pregnancy. I was angry at it because the girls were really stupid for getting pregnant on purpose. It gets worse when they show one of them smoking, and another girl saying she's going to a party and drink alcohol: "I'll have like a sip, or half a drink."

Later on, they show the girls totally chugging alcohol when they're pregnant.

Teen Cribs: There was a rant about this show:

Turkish: Pretty much every episode of Teen Cribs angries up my blood. For those not aware of what it is, Teen Cribs is a spinoff of MTV Cribs where spoiled rich kids show off their parents houses. That's all it is. Their is no way you will make it through an episode liking anyone involved. I just don't understand the point of this show or who MTV thinks this show appeals to. I get showcasing celebrity homes but a show where a bunch of nobody kids of wealthy people (most of whom aren't celebrities) brag about mansions and expensive shit they didn't even buy is the height of obnoxious. I don't think MTV is making new episodes but they did air a marathon today and I just had to rage about it.

Here's some more info about this show:

On Tumblr, there are some snarky comments and pics about it too:

Feng shui: I first learned about this when I read a teen magazine about it.  I've read about it in other teen magazines and the newspaper.  I was reading about it on the internet.

Right brain: Feng shui says to clear out clutter in your room or house, because clutter will disrupt your chi (energy) flow in your room.  It will have an effect on your life.

Left brain: Of course, it's good to clear out clutter so it can help you find things easier.

Nov. 13:

Right brain: Feng shui says that computers, TV, and work out equipment shouldn't be in your bedroom because of the electricity will affect your chi.  The bedroom is a place to rest.

Left brain: I have read in newspapers, that if you have a TV in your room, it will affect your sleep.  It makes you want to stay up late to watch TV.  If it was in the living room, then it won't affect your sleep.

Clean: Reading Feng shui did inspire me to clean my room and my computer desk.  I actually threw out some things like old receipts in my room.  However, the computer desk is a bit harder.  I actually cleaned out one drawer yesterday.  There were papers and things from 2002.  It belonged to my dad and brother, so I gave the papers to them.  I wiped the drawer and was able to put in 3 folders that were sitting on top of the desk.

Medication: Today I finally picked up my medication and took a pill.  I noticed physical changes in myself without the medication.  I didn't have much of an appetite which is fine.  I wasn't tired.  I usually drink 3 cups of coffee a day, and sleep on the bus ride home from work.  Instead, I drink 2 cups of coffee and don't sleep on the bus at all without my meds.

I didn't feel really sad.  I did notice it was harder for me to concentrate and focus.  Now I need to focus, that's important.

Nov. 15 Doing too much: I was thinking about that song again by Paula Deanda called "Doing Too Much."  She sings "Baby, am I doing too much?"  I ask: "Am I doing enough?"  Sometimes I feel like I'm not working enough.  On Tues. I could have taken a shift at Call Centre #6, but I decided to work one shift on Wed. instead. 

Then I thought: "I could have worked 2 shifts."  However, I was really busy at the restaurant for the past 4 days so I needed one night to relax.  That's good, because today I stayed way later at the restaurant than I was scheduled too.  One worker had to leave earlier, and she asked for me to take over, so I did. 

Homework article: I was reading an article called "The after school battleground" by Kate Hammer in the Globe and Mail on Nov. 2, 2012.  It talks about how homework is good and bad.  French President Francois Hollande is against homework because of the disadvantages.  When students of poorer backgrounds do homework, they don't get as much help as a student with two educated parents.

It mentioned it's good to have homework because Canada is lagging behind students in China and Korea.  The solution is about a moderate amount of homework like have students to do what they didn't finish in class.

Flashback: I even remember in gr.7, my math teacher Mr. Roberts told my class that he talks to our science teacher Mr. Oxamitny about what days they're assigning homework so they won't overload us on one night.

I also remember in gr. 12 English 30 class that the teacher doesn't assign us homework because: "I get a lot of students saying: 'I didn't complete this because I had so much homework in my other class.'"  That's good.

Unlike my gr. 11 Social Studies teacher Mr. Smith who said this to the class: "I don't assign you guys homework, because I know you're not going to do it."  I was in Social 23, the low class.  He may be dissing us for being slackers and having low expectations of us, but he's telling the truth.  If he had experience teaching this class years before, what makes you think this class will actually do their homework?

My opinion: I think it's good to have a moderate amount of homework.  It gives you good work ethic and helps you learn.  I remember I took Math 30 Pure to upgrade.  We weren't exactly assigned homework.  The teachers taught us the lesson, and the homework was optional.  They didn't mark it in class.  You do the homework, and then mark it yourself because the answer's in the back.

I did the homework, because I had to so I could learn it.  If I didn't do the homework, I wouldn't be able to remember what I learned.


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