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Sunday, December 9, 2012

shopping/ man-cans/ anti-Muslim film

Oct. 29 Shopping: I checked out that Thread Hill clothing store on 124 st.  It's expensive.  It has $400 dresses and $200 bags.  The jeans are on sale from $40 to $20.  You can check out the clothes here:

I went into Scottish Imports also on 124 st.  It has lots kilts, plaid, stationary with clan names like Chisolm, bags, scarves, ties and mugs.

Funny: I was working at Call Centre #6, and when I called someone, the guy said I had an American accent.  He didn't do the survey.

Man Cans: I found this article I clipped out last year.  It's about Hart Main who's 13 yrs old and started his own business.  He was on Tosh.O talking to Daniel Tosh through webcam.  He created candles with manly scents like bacon, pipe, and sawdust.

He lives in Marysville, Ohio.  He thought up the idea when his sister was selling candles for school, but he didn't like the smell of them.  He started his business with $100 he earned while delivering newspapers, umpiring baseball games and handing out fliers for a cell phone store.

He was on CNN and NBC.  I went to his website, and he's actually charitable.  He makes candles from soup cans.  He buys it from a grocery store, donates the soup to a soup kitchen, and keeps the can for himself.

Here's his blog:

Aliens: A couple of weeks ago I saw the movie The Fourth Kind (2009) about alien abductions.  I send a review of it later.  It was a good scary movie.  After that, I watched The Simpsons.  Coincidentally, it was "The Springfield Files" and Agent Mulder and Scully from The X-Files visit Homer when he says he saw an alien.

Zeddy: I was at Bonnie Doon today, and Zellers has closed down there.  It's this empty space with bright lights on.  I also checked on Facebook to see if I am one of the three finalists who get to adopt Zeddy, the Zellers mascot. 

Anyone could submit this 200 word piece about where Zeddy should go and be adopted by.  I submitted.  The finalists were all charities: Autism Ontario, Camp Trillum, and Cystic Fibrosis Canada.  Camp Trillum is a camp where kids with cancer go to for fun.

Here's my piece that I submitted:

"Zeddy should move into my house with my family and me.  When Zeddy first arrives, I would give a big bear hug. If he likes the outdoors, we can set a tent up in my backyard.   He can eat Chinese food because my family and I are Chinese.

Zeddy is a really fun and nice bear.  I would totally want to hang out with him.  Instead of sleeping alone in the woods, he can sleep in my basement.  He is so cute and funny, and seems to be somebody I would get along with.  We can go shopping with my friends and he could get another shirt to wear.  We would go to West Edmonton Mall.  We would go on the roller coaster at Galaxyland.  We can go to the Build- a- Bear Workshop there and get a bear for him.  I can also help him get a job at the store as a mascot."

Now I read it over, and it's not that good.  Yeah, well at least I tried. 

Oct. 30 Comedy comparisons:

Die/ diet: On The Simpsons where Homer sees an alien, and he's running around scared. 

He sees a billboard that says "DIE." 
Homer screams.
The tree blows and the word is "DIET."
Homer screams louder.

It was later done on Angel where Cordelia gets an apartment and it's haunted.  The wall has the word "DIE" in blood.

Angel: We have to get out of here.
Cordelia: Wait, maybe it's not finished spelling yet.  Maybe it's supposed to be "diet."

Winter: It's snowing, winter is here.  It has been like -4 without snow, so I was wearing my autumn jacket.  I wear a toque, scarf, and gloves.  I've been putting off wearing my winter jacket as a way to tell myself it's not that cold.  As soon as you see snow, put on the winter jacket.

The Magic: You know I mentioned the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and it's about the law of attraction.  What you think about, it comes to you.  I mentioned The Power (same author) and it's about the power to have and create anything you want.  The Power comes from love.

I checked out The Magic at the book store, and it's about expressing gratitude.  If you don't believe in this magical thinking, then you can read the book 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman.  Now this book is more scientific and technical.  Wiseman did research that if you have a gratitude journal and write down things that you are grateful for, you will be happier.

I have also read Sarah Hampson's articles about happiness in the life section of The Globe and Mail.  She also mentioned about gratitude.

Anti-Muslim film: This was awhile ago, but I was watching Jay Leno and he did a joke about it.

JL: There is a man who is trying to find the guy who made this anti-Muslim film because it's so bad.  Can you imagine if every person wants to kill someone who made a bad movie?  Everybody in Hollywood would be dead.

I then checked out the trailer last night to see what the hub bub was all about.  Here's a 13 min. trailer.  The video was titled "A Stupid Movie Not Worthy of Global Turmoil." 

It says:

"MESSAGE FROM UPLOADER: my reason for reposting this video was based on reports from US Media that Americans were killed over it. New information has come to light that shows these reports were FALSE. My reason for reposting is therefore no longer valid. I have disabled the comments because there was nothing new being said, and I cannot in good conscience allow all the hate and racism to continue here."

Here's the full-length 1 hr 15 movie called Innocence of Muslims (The Mohammad Movie) by Sam Bacile.

I saw the 13 min. trailer and I thought it was poor.  It was mainly shot in front of a green screen.  It's not really good production value.  I didn't find it really interesting.  That's because I'm not interested in Islam.  The only part I found funny was the 13min part where a woman is chasing her husband around and hitting him with her shoe.  Another woman enters and starts chasing him around with her shoe too.

I have seen a couple eps of Little Mosque on the Prairie, and that show's okay.

Dec. 6 Scam: I picked up the phone and said hello a few times.  This East Indian woman said she was calling from Microsoft about our computer. 

Me: That's interesting.
She was trying to say something and I was trying to say something too, but then we got cut off.  My dad asked what it's about.

Me: It's Microsoft calling about our computer.  I was going to use the joke "I only have Apple products."

My friend Jessica said that once when she got one of those calls.  lol.


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