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Sunday, September 27, 2015

She waved a banner and now is in jail: Please help

She waved a banner and now is in jail: Please help

Dear Tracy,

If you speak out against corruption in China, you can get thrown into prison for years.

That's what happened to Liu Ping, an activist and mother.

Chinese authorities put her behind bars for six and half years. Her crime? She displayed a banner calling on government officials to reveal their assets publicly. That's it.

Please help Amnesty win her release.

This month is Amnesty's annual Membership Drive - the time of year when people like you stand up for people like Liu Ping. Donate now and your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by a group of donors until September 30.

Liu Ping's activism began in 2009, when she won compensation for herself and other laid-off factory workers. Then she turned to one of the most politically volatile issues in China today: corruption.

Amnesty is pressing the Chinese government to release her. Please help.

The theme of the Membership Drive is "My Moment. Our Movement." Liu Ping's moment began when she was laid off - and realized that she had to speak out against injustice.

Now, all of us in our movement must work for her release. Please join us. Your contribution will be matched through the end of this month.
Jasmine HeissSincerely,
Jasmine Heiss
Senior Campaigner, Individuals & Communities at Risk
Amnesty International USA


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