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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Help us reach our goal in the next 72 hours!

Every 5 seconds a child dies a preventable death. You can change that.

Help us reach our goal of 50 new monthly supporters in the next 72 hours. Join today and your first three months will be matched!

Dear Tracy,

Today we invite you to join our exciting new SURVIVAL365 monthly giving program-a new way to deliver our most essential aid items every month. With each monthly gift, UNICEF will be able to remain on the ground providing ongoing support for children in countries like Nepal.

Please join our new program today. Every month your donation will buy essential items for child survival. We will let you know what you purchased, and share the impact of your gift through a monthly email - proof that your donation is hard at work for children!

In September your $20 gift will purchase Plumpy'Nut® therapeutic spread used to treat malnutrition and in October your $20 gift will purchase 667 Anti-infection tablets to protect children against deadly infections. Real gifts with real impact – each and every month - proof of your impact 365 days a year.

Your regular support means we can respond to any and all situations providing life saving supplies to children everywhere. We hope you’ll join this program, knowing that you will be saving lives every single day.

Please join today and have your first three months matched to create more of a lasting difference for children around the world.


David Morley
President & CEO, UNICEF Canada


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