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Monday, September 14, 2015

Gotham TV show pilot review

Sept. 9 Gotham TV show pilot review: The fall season of new shows is coming, so I have to write about my excitement.  I watched the Gotham pilot in fall 2014.  Now I'm writing about it.  When I first heard about this show coming, I was kind of wary that it may end up like Smallville which I didn't like.  However, Gotham was actually pretty good and I watched the whole season.

It was created by Bruno Heller who also created one of my favorite TV shows The Mentalist.  He also wrote the pilot.  Here's my review:

It starts off with Cat/ Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) running on the roofs.  She runs to China town and mugs a guy's wallet, and stabs a milk jug and feeds it to a cat.  She stops and sees Bruce. 

Bruce (David Mazouz) is walking with his parents in an alley.  A mugger comes and shoots and kills his parents and leaves Bruce.  Bruce looks at his parents and scream.

Gotham station.

Man is being arrested: Where are my pills? 
He gets a gun and points it at a police woman.

Jim Gordon (Ben Mackenzie, or Ryan from The OC.  He did a play a cop on the TV show Southland) comes.

Gordon: Stop!  Hold your fire!
All the cops point guns.
Gordon: Here are your pills.

Gordon then knocks him out.

Gordon and his older partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue.  It wasn't until a year later this show ended, I was like "Didn't he play the dad on the TV sitcom Grounded for Life?"  I was right.)  They're in homicide and goes to new case.

Gordon talks to Bruce.

Bullock: This is the Waynes.  I don't want this case.

Gordon (to Bruce): My dad was killed by a drunk driver.  No matter how dark it gets, there will be light. 
Bruce then tells what happened.

An old man comes up to them: "I'm Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) the butler."

Cut to the diner.  Bullock and Gordon talk about Thomas and Martha Wayne, of the Wayne foundation.

Major Crimes Unit Allen (Andrew Stewart-Jones) and Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) wants the case for publicity.  There is a black guy and a Latino woman.

The Captain Essen (Zabryna Guevara) is a Latino woman.

Bullock doesn't want Gordon as a partner.
Bullock: She told me you (Gordon) was a war hero.  Let's rattle some muggers.

A mugger is running with a woman's purse and they interrogate him.

The medical examiner Ed Nygma (funny name of enigma.  Cory Michael Smith) is telling riddles with an evidence bag.

Ed: Guess what this is.
Bullock: No riddles.
Ed: It's a bullet.   No fingerprints, special gun.

They intro the Riddler.

Then they intro Penguin/ Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) holding an umbrella.  Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) is a new bad guy that isn't from the comic book world.  Fish is hitting a guy with a bat: "Where's my money?"

Penguin enjoys hitting the guy too.

Bullock talks to Fish for some info.

Gordon goes outside to see the beating.
Gordon: Drop the bat!
Penguin drops it.

Nice apartment.  Gordon and his girlfriend Barbara (Erin Richards).

Gordon and Bullock investigate.
Bullock: Mooney says a guy tried to sell a pearl necklace on the street without a strand.  It belongs to the Waynes.  The guy's name is Mario Pepper.

Gordon knocks on a door an meets Mrs. Pepper and daughter Ivy/ Poison Ivy (Clare Foley).

Mario: I was home all night.
Mrs. Pepper: Yeah.
Gordon: We'll look around your place, we don't need a warrant if we have probable cause.

Mario runs.  They run over rooftops and Mario shoots at them.  They run through Chinatown and Mario gets a knife from a kitchen.

Alley.  Gordon gets attacked and they fight.  Gordon drops gun and uses garbage can to hit him.  Gordon is down.

Shots fired.
Bullock shot him.
Gordon: Thanks.

The evidence guy goes through a box at the Mario's home: "We got him!"

Bullock and Gordon enter precinct and they all applaud at them.

Cut to Penguin talking to MCU:

Penguin: Fish planted the necklace on Pepper after he talked to Bullock and Gordon.
MCU: You're telling us this to push Fish out.
Penguin: That's besides the point.

Cut to the Wayne's funeral.  Bruce is sad.  Cat is watching.

Gordon and Bullock are there.

Bruce: You kept your promise.  Thank you.
He and Gordon shake hands.

MCU Renee visits Barbara.  She tells Barb about how Gordon framed an innocent man.  It seems Renee and Barb had a romantic relationship.

Barb then talks to Gordon about it.

Barb: Did you frame Pepper?
Gordon: No, who told you?

Gordon confronts Renee.

Gordon then confronts Mrs. Pepper.
Gordon: Let me see his shoes.

Gordon tells Bullock.
Gordon: Pepper didn't wear shiny shoes like what Bruce said.
Bullock: I killed him.
Gordon: We killed him.
Bullock: Case closed. 

Gordon confronts Fish.

Gordon: When we first met, what did you and Bullock talk about when I was out?
Fish: You expect me to tell the truth?
2 bad guys enter.
Gordon: You just did.
Gordon fights off the 2 bad guys.  Fish knocks him out.

Barb asks where Gordon is.
Bullock: He's at a stake out.

Cut to Gordon being dragged on the floor.

Bullock comes and gets Fish on the phone.
Fish: You have to keep him alive.

Fish (to thug): He threatened me.  String him up.
Thug knocks out Bullock.

Fish is talking to Penguin: You snitched on me to MCU.  You are the only one who saw me with the pearls.

Fish grabs a chair and hits Penguin with it.  She hits his leg and he grabs it.  That's how he gets his limp.

Warehouse.  A guy with a mask comes and red lights are flashing.

The big crime boss Falcone (John Doman) and his crew come.

Falcone: Tell Fish that if she wants to kill policemen, she has to ask permission.


Falcone: It's good to finally meet you.  I know your father.
Gordon: Really?
Falcone: I let you live because of your father.
Gordon: If you didn't have the Waynes killed, then who would?

Bullock drives Gordon to the docks.  Penguin is in the trunk.

Gordon: He's the one who snitched.
Bullock: You kill him, Falcone know you're with the program,
Gordon: If I don't?
Bullock: I'll kill you and him.

Gordon walks Penguin to the end of the docks as Penguin begs for his life.

Gordon: Turn around. Don't ever come back to Gotham.
He shoots him.
Penguin falls into the water and starts swimming.

Gordon drives to Wayne's mansion and sees Bruce on the roof.  They sit and have tea.

Gordon: Why were you there?
Bruce: I was conquering my fear.
Gordon: You don't need to conquer fear.  Fear is good.  Fear is where the edge is.  Mario didn't kill your parents.  The police department and mob framed him.  I need to find out from the inside.  I'm going to find out who killed your parents and why.  You can't tell anybody about this.

Cat is watching outside.

Penguin comes out of the water.  A fisherman is there.  He kills the fisherman with his knife and eats his sandwich.   

My opinion: The actor that stood out to me the most was Robin Lord Taylor who plays Penguin.  I then saw him on The Walking Dead.  In one episode "Indifference" he had blonde hair and played a regular guy.  He then made an appearance in "No Sanctuary" where he didn't say any lines.

I saw him on Talking Dead which is a show with a guest actor, a Walking Dead TV producer/ writer and actor come on the show to discuss the recent episode.  Chris Hardwicke is the host.  Taylor was on to discuss "No Sanctuary."   

Here he is as a blonde:

Here he is with dark hair as Penguin:


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