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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Raped as punishment? You helped stop this travesty

Dalit sisters in India are safe for now: Thank you

Dear Tracy,

You - and over half a million Amnesty activists - stood up for two sisters in India who had been ordered raped as punishment.

In July, an unelected all-male village council in Baghpat, northern India, decreed that the sisters should be raped and paraded naked with their faces blackened, as punishment for their brother's relationship with a married woman.

Last week, after the global outcry, India's Supreme Court ordered Delhi police to provide protection for the sisters and their family.

While the family doesn't yet feel safe enough to return to their village, the Court's decision is a welcome one. When and if the family do return, they should be able to do so safely.

The family have told us they are grateful to everyone who signed the petition.

We will continue to work with them to make sure they receive full protection and support to live wherever they choose in safety. We will continue to call for an investigation into abuses that the family say they have been subjected to, and ask local and national officials for reparations for the original order of sexual violence against the women and campaign to ensure it never happens again, to anyone.

Thank you for your support! We will keep you updated on this case and share with you other cases where you can make a real difference.

Zeke Johnson
Managing Director, Individuals at Risk Program
Amnesty International USA


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