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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Refugee and Migrant Crisis: From Syria to Europe

Refugee and Migrant Crisis: From Syria to Europe, Eliminating Tetanus Globally, September: Focus on Education, Scotiabank Marathon

From Syria to Europe, Eliminating Tetanus Globally, September: Focus on Education, Scotiabank Marathon

Refugee and Migrant Crisis: From Syria to Europe

Refugees fleeing war stricken Syria are facing additional dangers as they embark on the long journey towards more peaceful countries in Europe. In order to get around the Greek islands, they have no choice but to get in flimsy boats and hope for the best. These journeys on the water often take several hours to complete which is a great undertaking for these families who have never navigated a boat before in their lives.

“Actually, it was more like a floating balloon. They gave us a fifteen-minute lesson on how to navigate and use the outboard motor. Then they left us to do it ourselves. We were the captains.” Says Naham, a 37-year-old mother of three.

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Tetanus Global Elimination Efforts

MNT or maternal and neonatal tetanus is among the most common lethal consequences of unclean delivery and umbilical cord care practices. In 2000, MNT was a serious public health problem in almost 60 countries. Through our determined efforts, we have eliminated MNT in 37 countries in just 15 years. UNICEF Canada is working with partners to immunize more than 3.4 million women of reproductive age to completely eliminate the disease. Join us. Right now, all gifts to the Eliminate program are matched.

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September: Focus on Education

With so many children living in refugee camps, conflict areas and in disaster zones, back to school time can be a non-event. Helping these children further their education during times of emergency is crucial to the recovery and continued development of the impacted families and communities. The children living in camps and crises are desperate to return to school because they know that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, strife and conflict. (UNICEF’s Executive Director Tony Lake writes) “A generation of children who are denied the chance to reach their own dreams will find it much harder to give their own children a chance at a better future. And the long-term costs of that vicious cycle will be borne by us all”

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Register today for the Scotiabank Marathon

17,000 children die every day from preventable causes. You can change that by signing up to run for UNICEF at the Scotiabank Marathon in Toronto. With your registration, you are ensuring children will receive life-saving vaccinations, clean water and a quality education no matter where they live. Ensure that all children survive and thrive – sign up today at!


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