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Sunday, June 21, 2015

You helped win this huge victory against torture

Thank you for
your support in
the movement
against torture
Dear Tracy,

We've just scored a HUGE victory in the movement against torture.

Despite a climate of constant crisis and fear-mongering about terrorism...
Despite defenders of torture like Dick Cheney pledging to "do it again in a minute"...
And even as major presidential candidates vow to continue "enhanced interrogation"...

We just won a resounding vote against torture in the name of national security: 78 to 21!

The U.S. Senate voted to adopt an amendment that will strengthen the ban on torture: The U.S. Army Field Manual, which bans torture techniques like sexual humiliation, forced nudity and waterboarding will apply to every U.S. interrogator - including the CIA's.

This is the first Senate vote on torture in years, and it's one of our biggest wins against CIA torture since President Obama's early days. It's also a major victory for the American Torture Story campaign we began in April.

Amnesty supporters sent more than 44,000 emails to senators to help make this happen. Amnesty activists made calls and mobilized incredibly quickly to ensure the key senators heard our message loud and clear. We've been flooding our social media channels with the truth behind the American Torture Story for weeks, and we helped ensure that millions of people learned about the need for this amendment.

But we still have much more to do: We need to make sure those responsible for CIA torture are held accountable. Would-be torturers need to know they won't get away with torture in the shadows.

We plan to use this win to build on this momentum: American Torture Story events will be happening nationwide starting next week and will culminate on June 26, the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Check out our new action toolkit on CIA torture to learn how you can take action to ensure torturers are held accountable.

Your voice is powerful. Thank you for your support.

In solidarity,

Naureen Shah
Director, Security and Human Rights Program
Amnesty International USA


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