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Teen shot dead over cell phone/ Ed Sheeran surprises fan

Jun. 16 Teen shot dead over cell phone: This was so sad.  I found this on MSN:

Except it did happen here to Jeremy Ryan Cook, a young aspiring carpenter from Brampton. At age 18, he had already started his own business, building and selling cottage chairs, and won a skills competition in the GTA. Cook had come to London to pursue his dreams.

He left his cellphone in a taxi on the weekend. Using a tracking device on the phone, Cook ended up in a parking lot on Highbury Ave. standing outside a 2004 silver Mazda at 5:15 a.m. Sunday.

There were three men inside and they weren’t giving the phone back to Cook, who was there with a relative, police said.

During the confrontation over the phone, one man jumped out of the car and walked away.
The driver stepped on the gas.
‘It’s very tragic that an incident involving a lost phone resulted in the loss of a life’
And that’s when Cook did what many 18-year-olds might do if someone was stealing their stuff: He tried to stop them.

Cook grabbed onto the driver’s door and held onto the car while it peeled away, out of the parking lot, heading north on Highbury, then turning east into a plaza on the southeast corner of Huron St. and Highbury, police said. Gunshots rang out. When police arrived, Cook was already dead.

Jun. 20: Now I found this article on Yahoo.  It's about how to find a stolen cell phone so this murder won't happen to anyone:

While this case of lost property is on the extreme end of the spectrum, Sgt. Peter Leon of the Ontario Provincial Police mentioned situations like this do not have to be faced alone, "I cannot stress enough that no one should go about this by themselves. The police are there and are always willing to do what can be done to help out all members of the public, no matter what the matter may be."

Sgt. Leon also added that even users who have proactively taken steps to locate their device should get the police involved.

"When someone has the ability to electronically track an electronic device, the police should always be part of the process," he said. "Whether it is stolen or misplaced, the safety of the public is a priority and paramount and the police will work with the rightful owner who is attempting to re-acquire their property."

"If the property cannot be located, the police can always take a report, enter the item onto CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) and offer suggestions as to what the person can do next such as contacting their provider and having the device shut down so that they do not incur any unnecessary costs or bills," he said.

Jun. 16 Ed Sheeran surprises fan: I read about this in the Edmonton Journal.  This was on CBC:

Sydney Bourbeau was half way through covering Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud at West Edmonton Mall on Sunday when Sheeran himself, who just happened to be at a nearby music store, hopped on stage and helped her.

The 13-year-old Grade 8 student says she initially thought Sheeran, who was wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a plaid shirt, was a stage hand coming to help her with the microphone stand.

With the crowd roaring its approval and people scrambling for their phones, Sheeran and Sydney shared the mic for a verse and a chorus.

Here's the Yahoo news where it goes right to where Sheeran comes:

My opinion: I thought it was so funny and nice that Sheeran surprises her and sings with her. 

Jun. 17 Stuffed tiger at airport:  If you've ever lost something as a child, you know how traumatic it can be.
Earlier this month, 6-year-old Owen left behind his favorite stuffed animal at Tampa International Airport-- a tiger named Hobbes.
Owen's mom said he was distraught, and immediately called Lost and Found.
A short time later Hobbes was found near the children’s play area at Airside C.  Instead of simply being placed in storage until Owen was able to return and get his favorite stuffed buddy, TIA officials had other ideas.  They gave him VIP treatment.  

Here's the gallery:

My opinion: Aww... that's so cute.

Parents surprise 8 yr old son: On Jun. 15: The parents surprise their 8 yr old son with a trip to Disneyland.  He opens this box that has their 4 wristbands to go there.  He immediately cries and takes off his seatbelt and hugs his mom.  Aww...

9 yr old gives away birthday presents: This is a sweet story I found on Yahoo:

It’s not every day that you hear about cops showing up to a 9-year-old’s birthday party.
But instead of breaking the party up, they came to join it.

Carson Atkins’ birthday party had good weather, good friends, swimming and cake, but was missing one thing: presents.

That’s because in lieu of presents, Atkins asked his guests to bring monetary donations for the children of police officer Benjamin Deen, who was killed in the line of duty last month, reports WDAM.

“That’s the Carson that we have raised,” the Mississippi boy’s mother, April, told the news network. “He is a very giving child – he’s a very special child.”

When word got around that Atkins was doing this for Deen’s children, the Lamar County Sheriff Department saw to it to return the kindness.

“They said, ‘Oh, we’ll make sure that something happens for him that’s special,’” April said.
On his birthday, the sound of police sirens began to rip down his street; but good-guy Atkins knew that he hadn’t done anything wrong, and so, he assumed, they must have ‘come for [his] birthday party.’

Members of sheriff’s office gave Carson, whose mother says has always been interested in law enforcement, their old badges and medals as a way of thanking him for his honourable donation.

April told the news network that her son raised nearly $1,000 for Deen’s children, which will be used however the family sees fit.

“It made me feel good because I knew that I was helping someone else,” the young Atkins said.

“Father’s Day was coming up and police officers give to us every single day, so I thought that one day I could give to them.”

Jun. 21 Paul Walker's daughter Father's Day: The late actor Paul Walker has a 16 yr old daughter named Meadow.  She put up a picture of Paul kissing her when she's a baby.  Awww...

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