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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Australian rapist caught/ United Airlines apology to Muslim

Jun. 2 Australian rapist caught: Here's an excerpt.  I found this on MSN news.  I read the rest and I forewarn you it's disturbing:

An Australian man who repeatedly raped and degraded a terrified Dutch tourist during a six-week ordeal, including carving a cross into her forehead, was sentenced to 17 years in jail on Monday.

Alfio Anthony Granata, 47, pleaded guilty to 14 charges, including multiple rapes, threats to kill and intentionally causing serious injury over a six-week period in 2012.

Woman held in box: Here's an excerpt.  I found this on MSN news.

Sandra Kay Sutton, 46, and her 17-year-old son, Zachary Wade Sutton, were found dead early Thursday morning in a relative's home in Clinton. Both victims appear to have been shot overnight, while Sutton's relatives were at work, Clinton police Lt. Sonny Lynch said.

Police have been searching for her former boyfriend, James Barton Horn Jr., since he was charged with kidnapping three weeks ago. Investigators allege he kept Sandra Sutton in a wooden box off-and-on for four months at the same home they searched Thursday in Sedalia, about 45 miles northeast of Clinton.

Proof That All Female Disney Characters 'Have The Same Face':  I found this on Yahoo news.  This is a very visual article that you have to click on to find the same chins on all the characters.  There's a template:

Yahoo comments:

"actually in real life movies if you look nearly all the women look aprox the same while the men vary greatly since hollywood and the general public wants women to look a certain way.. which is why the cosmetic industry makes billions of dollars selling to women. while most men just don't care that much about their looks lol sure it's a double standard but sorry that's how it goes if you put an ugly girl in a disney movie no one would want to watch it. no money = no movie. thus they will always focus on young, pretty faces."

Geoff: Actually, it's got to do with one thing. It's something called the Moe factor. Look up what the word means. That's why they do it. They want their women to be cute, adorable, hugable, lovable, and to do that, they introduce the Moe factor. And quite frankly... my message to the person that complained: DON'T TELL OTHERS HOW TO DRAW THEIR CHARACTERS! If you want something different, learn how to draw and do it yourself. You have no right to dictate artistic creativity. There is far more to a character than the shape of their face. If that's the only damn thing you focus on, you have issues, big issues, issue such as being unable to look beyond superficial features and seeing what's beyond and what's important.    

"Ugliest Bride":  I found this on Yahoo:

A bride was gutted to hear her wedding photographer had labelled her ‘ugly’ and a ‘bridezilla’ in a Facebook post.

Photographer Lee Maxwell Judd shared a photo of the bride, Ashlea Howard, 30, and her husband Daniel Howard on his Facebook page with the caption: “ugliest bride I have every photographed. Winged (sic) the whole time #Bridezilla#1”.

My opinion: Maxwell says his Facebook account was hacked and apologized.  It seems he was dissing her personality for being a bridezilla.  Does anyone believe his account was hacked?

Pura Vida Bracelets: If you buy these bracelets, it goes to charity.  I was shopping and found that the Flip Flop Shop at West Ed mall sells these.

Jun. 3 Issuu: Have you guys ever heard of this website?  You can read all these magazines about all sorts of topics for free.  You can even clip things from the magazines and post it on Facebook.

I found this because I was looking for a Metro job article.  I had cut it out and now I want to put it on my weekly email/ blog post, but it lead me to this.  I can't seem to find the article to copy and paste it onto my blog.

This is a good website, so check it out:

Jun. 4 United Airlines apology to Muslim: I found this on Yahoo:

NEW YORK - United Airlines apologised on Wednesday to a Muslim chaplain who said she was denied an unopened can of soda on an affiliated U.S. domestic flight by an attendant who said it could be used as a weapon.

United launched an investigation after Northwestern University associate chaplain Tahera Ahmad complained about the incident last week aboard a flight from Chicago to Washington that was operated by Shuttle America for United.

Ahmad said in a Facebook post the flight attendant had discriminated against her when the attendant refused her request for an unopened can of Diet Coke, saying it could be used as a weapon, yet gave the man sitting next to her an unopened can of beer.

Woody:The basic issue here is that someone wanted an unopened can of pop but did not get it. We were not there we do not know for a fact how either party was treating or talking to the other party. If the flight attendant did something solely because of race/gender/whatever then, yes, that is wrong. If the passenger was rude/demanding/whatever then they should be denied service, you do not reward bad manners/behaviour. It is unfortunate that in some cases (not necessarily this one) that people will pull the race/gender/whatever "card" to get away with and switch the blame to someone else just to get what they want whether or not they deserve it or should be entitled to it. If the media would only report the facts, people would not discriminate and if people would not demand special treatment/privileges based on gender/faith/whatever we could all be out there enjoying our lives and not getting all worked up over a stupid can of pop.

Joe:  Every flight I have taken and it has been many. I never get an unopened can. Why? The plane is pressurized to 10000 ft roughly. That can at sea level expels a lot of gas. On a plane it is much more powerful. I have seen flight attendants slowly open just about every can. This is a courtesy thing so it doesn't spill pop all over your lap. This is common sense. This slime ball just wants attention and they are all about discrimination.

My opinion: After I read the article I was like: "That is straight- up discrimination because of her religion."  I read Woody's comment about how we don't know the whole story.  Was the woman really a bad customer?

Joe told me about the pressure of an unopened can of pop in the plane.  I didn't know that.  I guess I had to be there if the flight attendant says: "It's procedure that I have to open every can of pop."  There are lots of passengers there who are witnesses so they can verify if the attendant said it could be used as a weapon.

I disagree about Joe's comment that Tahera Ahmad is here to get attention.  It seems like Ahmad really felt discriminated.

Now go to my Feb. 2015 blog post "complaints/ my sister helping me" where I mention someone who made up a problem to and got on Dr. Phil just so she can get on TV.

Let's also take Woody's advice and not get worked up over a can of pop.

Lunch Lady Fired After Refusing to Humiliate Students: 'It's Not Right':

A mother who was fired from her job as an elementary school kitchen manager after giving away free lunches is taking a stand this week, saying current school policy humiliates hungry students.  

Della Curry, a mother of two, was hired as a kitchen manager for the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado last July. Before starting at Dakota Valley Elementary, a job she took after her kids entered the school district, Curry worked in the restaurant industry as a chef.

“Nutritious food is a passion of mine,” she tells Yahoo Parenting. But in her job as kitchen manager, she often had to give kids food that she says was anything but nutritious. “Parents put money on their kids’ accounts, and if they don’t qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, they are allowed to go negative on their accounts and borrow about $7.60, which is about three lunches,” Curry says. “After that, if they don’t have money for lunch, they get one slice of processed cheddar cheese – or, they say it’s cheddar though it’s got a two-year shelf life – on a hamburger bun and a small milk.”

In her position, Curry was often manning the cash register, so she would see students come through the line with a hot lunch and then learn that their accounts did not have enough credit on them. “The policy is to then take their food from them and throw it away, and give them the cheese sandwich,” she says. “I couldn’t do it. When I had money I would put it in for them, and if I did not have money, I gave them the food.”

On Friday, Curry was fired. “I will never say I was wrongfully terminated, because according to policy, I was not,” she says. “But it’s not right. No child should ever have to have that nutrition – it’s not nutrition – or that humiliation.”

My opinion: I commend Della Curry for helping kids.  I hardly ever throw out food.  It has to be totally spoiled that I can't eat it.  I always eat my friend's leftovers if they say "I'm too full."


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