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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We broke the world record with #HighFiveIt!

This was the launch of an exciting new campaign called #HighFiveIt.

This past Friday, UNICEF teamed up with thousands of soccer fans to break the world record for the largest number of people performing a high-five simultaneously – all in support of saving children’s lives.

This was the launch of an exciting new campaign called #HighFiveIt.

#HighFiveIt is a campaign engaging Canadians across the country in a global movement to help save children’s lives. During the month of June, while Canada hosts the Women’s World Cup – the largest women’s sporting event in history – we are inviting people around the world to join the #HighFiveIt movement by making a donation to UNICEF, capturing a fun high-five photo or video and posting it to social media, tagging five of their friends. You can even decide where your gift will go!

Even better, #HighFiveIt donations will go twice as far! The Government of Canada will match all Canadian contributions to #HighFiveIt up to $1 million.

We have the power to save children’s lives with one very simple gesture; a high five. Every high-five means a commitment to save lives so join the #HighFiveIt movement today!


Sharon Avery
Chief Development Officer, UNICEF Canada


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