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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

job search/ teen pregnancy/ abortions

Jan. 31 Job search: Today is my day off so I went and tackled one of the things on my "To Do" list. I had to update my job profiles on the banks websites. As I did that, I also applied to some new job postings there.

I had written down this note. I applied to this downtown office position and that they will get back to me by Jan. 28. Well they didn't get back to me. I was told there was like 7 applicants for that one position.

Clean: I also tackled another thing on my to do list. I cleaned my desk by recycling 3 envelopes, a piece of paper, and deposited a check. Baby steps.

Actors: I read in 24 that Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will be on a new TV show called The Ringer. She plays twin sisters who are estranged after a tragedy. One twin will mainly show up in flashbacks. It's a thriller.

City Centre: I haven't done any shopping there in a month. Shefield and Sons is being renovated. Party Place and Jacob Connexion have closed down.

Friends: I've been emailing one of my friends from Call Centre #3. She was ranting about how the job isn't good and she got laid off.

Teen pregnancy: Have you noticed that I haven't wrote about teen pregnancy in a few weeks? I haven't been reading the 16&P thread in a week because I was busy with my job, job search, and writing. You know how a few weeks ago I was watching Octomom Nadya Suleman on Oprah?

Well after wards, was Dr. Phil and I watched the whole episode because it was about a teen girl who got pregnant. I had to watch it. I used to watch this show for the first three seasons and then I quit, because the third season in 2006 got me really angry. I did watch one episode in 2007 and it was trashy so I continued to stay away from it.

I didn't get angry or yell at the TV when I was watching this episode. I did learn about how much it would cost to raising a baby.

Prenatal care: $1500
Average cost of baby food for 1 yr: $672
Average cost of baby diapers: $1000
A baby goes through 3840 diapers a year
Average cost to raise a baby a year: $10,000

I would say I have changed in my anger management. I did find it interesting with the 12 yr old sister who talked to Dr. Phil. She was very smart and well spoken for her age.

Little sister: When I found out my big sister got pregnant, I wasn't really shocked or surprised. She wants everything to revolve around her and by getting pregnant, everything did. I think she got pregnant on purpose. She seemed happy that she got pregnant.

I was surprised the pregnant teen didn't lash out at her little sister by saying: "I wasn't happy when I found out I got pregnant! I was in shock." But there was no yelling between the family on this show.

I'll even give props to Dr. Phil on counseling the family. It was good that he gave the teen girl a test of how much she thinks a baby will cost. She underestimated everything and he showed her the actual numbers. He talked to the mom and said: "Let's be honest here. If she keeps the kid and raise it as her own, you are the one who's going to be raising it and not her."

The step dad was against giving the teen girl birth control pills because: "You may as well give her a hotel room key." Yeah, well or she doesn't take the pills and she gets pregnant anyway. By watching Lori's parents on 16&P, I'll go their route. Give the girl the birth control pills and if she gets pregnant, then you can tell her she can raise the kid, but she has to get her own place to live.

There were four women who were teen moms and they told the teen girl how hard it was to raise a baby when you are so young. I think the teen girl got the message because at the end of the show, she was wiping tears away from her eyes. It's a reality check.

I even thought it was kind of funny when the audience laughed at her towards the end of the show.

Mom: She said she didn't want to get a job because the baby wasn't even here yet.
Some of the audience laughs.
Teen pregnancy is nothing to laugh about, but it was kind of stupid to wait until the baby comes.

Abortions: I watched this 16&P special about abortions called No Easy Decision. Dr. Drew interviewed one of the 16&P girls from season 3 Markai. If a teen girl gets pregnant, there is a 25% chance she will get pregnant again within 2 years and she did. She got an abortion because she and her boyfriend are already struggling to raise one kid on their own while living in their own place.

M's black and her boyfriend's white. M had graduated out of high school. Her boyfriend talked about how he has lived in poverty where his electricity got turned off and he doesn't want to put his daughter in the same environment he was raised in.

Dr. Drew interviewed two other women who had abortions. One got pregnant at 17 and she didn't want her parents to know she was pregnant. She went to court and asked a judge to grant her this chance to go and get an abortion without her parents permission. Dr. Drew told her that she was very brave to do that at this young of an age. She got her prom ticket refunded and her ex-boyfriend helped pay for the abortion.

The second woman was in the middle of college and she got pregnant. She had seen her sister go through with a pregnancy and knew what it entailed. She was in the middle of schooling and she can't quit college so she got an abortion.

News: I read an article in the National Post discussing the episode. 1 in 5 American pregnancies are aborted. Before 1973, 20% of births to white, unmarried American women and 9% of unwed births in the US led to adoption. Today 1% of babies born to unwed mothers are adopted.

That's because these days single parents are more accepted. Also there's more common law, people have kids but they don't get married.

Feb. 1 3 yr old calls 911: I found this on Yahoo news and this 3 yr old girl named Grace Goss calls 911 after her mom fell down the stairs. Her dad was at work as a paramedic and heard his address. Coincidentally earlier that day, her mom taught her how to dial 911 and she used that lesson.

Amazing. Grace got a free dinner at Chuck E. Cheese. She also got a superhero button for saving her mom's life.

Feb. 2 Job interviews: Yesterday I had a office job interview. There were 24 applicants, and I was 1 of the 4 they chose to interview. That's good. However, there is still competition for this 1 position.

A couple of weeks ago I had a job interview as food service at a school. There were 50 applicants and I was 1 of the 25 people they chose to interview. There are 5 positions, and they could raise it up to 6 or 7. They called on Jan. 21. I called back and they'll call back in a week. Well it's been over a week so I can say they didn't hire me.

Today I have another job interview at this other office. It was a short interview and there were a lot of applicants for two positions. I don't think I impressed the person who interviewed me.


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