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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sugababes/ J Mack Slaughter/ Virgina Tech

Feb. 19 Sugababes: I hear the song called "About a Girl" on the radio all the time, but I didn't know it was from the British girl group Sugababes until I decided to check them out on Youtube. I have their cds "Angel with Dirty Faces" and "Three." They produce really good music and they can sing and dance. I found their music video to be very fun to watch.

It stars Lee Thompson Young from the kids TV show The Famous Jett Jackson. He did some more work on that canceled drama Flashforward. The story is that the girls trade a briefcase with these bad guys. The girls then beat up the guys. It had really good fight scenes, I was impressed.

Cut to the ending when the 5 bad guys are tied up.

The briefcase is open with a Jack in the Box.
White Guy and LTY are yelling at each other.
WG: Look at that! What is that? That is a briefcase of a doll-
LTY: That's what's in the briefcase?!
WG: Yes!
LTY: That's your mother that's what that is!

lol. The insult wasn't original dissing your mother, but I still thought it was funny.

9-11 jokes: I was going through my old agenda and I had forgotten these other 9-11 jokes.

I saw the tail end of the 2004 movie Soul Plane. Everybody is dancing on a plane.

Arab guy: This is the bomb!
The music stops, and everybody stops dancing and looks at him.
Arab guy: I'm just kidding!
Everybody laughs and keeps dancing. I thought it was kind of funny.

I remember watching Christopher Titus joke on stage.

CT: My daughter was born on Aug. 25, 2001. Then 9-11 occurred. I don't want her to learn the colors of the rainbow by looking at what the color of the threat level we're in.

Feb. 20 Comparisons: Here's some comedy comparisons:

Husband and wife go to hotel, and end up in different rooms: I was watching Modern Family with my sister and the husband got the wrong key and ended up in another woman's room. I remember seeing that on a British sitcom, but I forgot what it's called. I'm sure it had the word family in the title.

Black female judge: I saw this Hot in Cleveland trailer, and I see a black woman as a judge. I mentioned this before, because I read in a Here on Earth movie review: "The judge is a black woman, because all judges are black women."

J Mack Slaughter: I was looking for that sitcom with the word family in it and popped up the sitcom Like Family from 2003. It was about a single white mom with her teen son. They move in with her black best friend, her husband, teen daughter, and kid son.

I liked the teen son played by J Mack Slaughter. I looked him up on the internet and then I found him on Facebook. I emailed him this:


Are you from the TV show "Like Family"? If you are, that's so cool, I loved watching that show.

I remember the episode where the dad buys a toilet at the hardware store, and tells your character to sit on it.

You: I'd rather die than sit on it.
Dad: Good, because that's your second choice.

When I looked you up on, it said you only had done 4 TV shows in 2 years. I was like: "And then you did what?"

Is it true that you're a med school student? If you are, that's very impressive. Good for you.

I remember you being on the Sharon Osbourne show.

SO: So you were in a boy band before this?
You: Actually, I was in a pop vocalist group. Just kidding. Yes, and I was a little younger so I had to lie about my birthday. Then they always ask what your sign is so I had to call my mom and ask what my sign is.

Well I hope all is well with you.


Here's a pic of him. He's pretty cute:

Oh hey, here's the picture of the hardware scene:

Post Secret: I was on Post Secret, and I found this:

"This heartbreaking voicemail recording was shared with me last week. Although I have never believed in holding back secrets, I feel torn about posting this one. Like the young man who gave it to me, I'm haunted by what I could have said to my friend Dave before he took his life."

"Here is the email that came with the voicemail-

This is the last thing I heard from my girlfriend in January of 2009. It was right before she took her own life. I didn't answer the phone because I was in class, and have regretted it ever since."

That is so sad to hear the girlfriend's voice say: "It's not your fault okay? I love you. And don't take any blame on this on you, it's not, it's my parents. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I wish you could help."

It was very chilling to hear that.

Feb. 21 Law of attraction: Yesterday I was thinking of the song "Take it Off" by Kesha on the bus to work. Then when I was walking in the mall, I hear that song.

Feb. 22 Job search: Today is my day off and everyday I look at my five sources to look for a job. However, today I went and looked at my bank websites to apply for jobs. I go to those bank sites once or twice a month to apply.

Marty Chan: Today the Writer in Residence Marty Chan got to read my Rain script and he made notes about it. He liked one of my jokes which is good. Then he dissed my characters because they seem kind of stupid. The producer John Kerr had said that about this scene in The Fighter. I'll have to rewrite Rain.

Writing: I also worked on another script for this producer. It's due by the end of the month. Mainly I've been writing and looking over it. Take a few days off from it by going to work. Then on my day off I go back to writing it.

Virginia Tech: I was reading the Edmonton Journal about how Texas is trying to pass a law where you can carry guns in universities. I watched Oprah back in Oct. 2010, where she interviewed Colin Goodlan who was a Virginia Tech shooting victim. He was shot 3 times and he didn't feel any pain.

He is now making a movie called Living for 32 about gun violence in America. Good for him.

Crazy news: I was taking notes when watching Oprah. She interviewed these parents who lost all 3 of their children in a car accident, 2 girls and a boy. This truck had ran into the mother's car from behind. One year later to the day, they had triplets 2 girls and a boy.

The parents gave the names of their first 3 kids as middle names to the triplets. It was kind of a dark interview when the parents discussed suicide. They had to stay alive for each other to keep on living.

Oprah did quote from Dr Phil about grief: "Time doesn't heal all wounds. It's about how you use that time."


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