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fall 2016 TV season- cancelled

Jun. 21, 2018 Fall 2016 TV season- cancelled: I used to be on this forum called Television without Pity.  There was a thread called "TV shows no one remembers but me."  These shows may fall on the list.

There are so many TV shows that come out every year on all sorts of platforms from TV networks to streaming.


"A charismatic defense attorney and a powerhouse television producer work together to control the media following a high-profile incident."


1. It has big names like Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly).

J. August Richards (Gunn from Angel).

Marc Blucas (Riley from Buffy).

Ryan Guzman (the movie The Boy Next Door).

Aimee Teegarden (90210 reboot).

Kevin Zegers (Gossip Girl).

Dilshad Vadsaria (Second Chance). 

2. There is some interracial dating.

3. They show a woman in her 50s Kate Jennings Grant that she can still be sexy.

4. There is a murder mystery.

5. There is drama, conflict, and tension as the characters work in a fast-paced TV news show as they cover breaking news.


1. Bad writing.  I don't care about any of the characters.  There is no one I like or dislike.

I feel like all the big names I listed, it does not save this show.

2. It was trying to be sexy.

A couple hooks up in the first scene.

The TV host hooks up with her male guests.

One of the assistants who works there was an escort.

This show is coming off as sleazy.

My opinion: I felt kind of in a bad mood after watching this show.  I was cringing at it.  I never watched it again.

The career- oriented mind sees this TV news show that the characters are on, seems to be a bad environment to work in.

I was little surprised there were positive comments about this show on

Shoot the Messenger:

"A young journalist who, while working on her first murder case, becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate power-brokers and the police."


1. It had a strong opening with the lead character Daisy driving to meet someone.  Then she see someone get shot.

2. There is lots of drama, conflict, and tension to solve this murder.  Daisy is a journalist, so she may be covering this story even if she didn't witness a murder.

There is conflict in trying to identify the victim.

3. There is good ethnic diversity.  They go in-depth about the Somali community.

4. There is good acting as the victim's family shows grief.

Cons: None.

My opinion: I find this show mediocre.  I never watched it again.

Jun. 27, 2018 Pitch: Dan Fogelman co-created this show.  He created This is Us.

"A young pitcher becomes the first woman to play in the Major Leagues."


1. I like the idea of the first young woman to play in the Major Leagues.  Also a woman of color.

2. Kylie Bunbury who plays the lead Ginny is good.

Mark- Paul Gosselaar is a baseball player in it.  (Zack from Saved by the Bell.)

Ali Larter (Heroes).

Alex Solowitz (the bad boy Mickey from the fictional boy band 2gether) was in the pilot.

3. Good ethnic diversity with the lead.

Tim Jo- the Asian guy in the show.

4. It's fun and exciting to see professional and famous sports stars and their lives.   Hilary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres sends Ginny gift baskets.  Little girls ask Ginny for an autograph.

5. Good production. 

6. The drama, conflict, and tension seems that there is a lot of pressure when you're famous.


1. I thought this was kind of contrived.

Spoiler alert: The whole time it looks like Ginny's dad was alive, when really he died.  It felt like the writers were trying to get the audience to feel empathy for Ginny.  Here she has made this great achievement and her father is not here to see it.

Actually when I was watching it: "Wow, both her parents are alive and still together.  Most of the time by the time kids are in their 20s, the parents are divorced or one passed away."

My opinion: The show was average.  I watched the pilot and then I never watched it again.  I don't like baseball or professional sports.

Aug. 2, 2018 Pure Genius: 

"A young Silicon Valley tech-titan enlists a veteran surgeon with a controversial past in starting a hospital with a cutting-edge, new school approach to medicine."


1. The characters are good.  I like Dr. Walter Wallace (Dermot Mulroney) who plays a likeable surgeon.  Augustus Prew who plays the tech-titan James Bell is average.  I like Prew more in the Prison Break reboot as Whip.

2. I like the setting of this nice and modern office and hospital.  It's very high- tech.

3. The show is about how a hospital and the workers really want to help people.

A line: "Studies show patients eat better, sleep better, better recovery if they fell more in control of their environment."

It's kind of inspirational to watch.

4. Good ethnic diversity.


1. I thought this was kind of contrived.

Spoiler alert: James reveals he built this hospital really to help himself.  He has this kind of neurodegenerative disease that acts fast.  It seems within 5 yrs, he may not even know his name.  James is in his late 20s.

My opinion: The show was average.  I never watched it again.  I don't really like medical dramas.  You can check it out.


"A brilliant attorney and former First Daughter is blackmailed to heading a unit that investigates cases of wrongful conviction."


1. Hayley Atwell (from Agent Carter) is good in it.

Eddie Cahill (from CSI: NY).

Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from the X-Men movies).

Merrin Dungey (Alias).

Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead).

Manny Montana (I have never seen him before, but I thought he was good.)

2. There is drama, conflict, and tension as the team investigates in a period of 5 days is this person guilty or not.

3. It was kind of funny.  Atwell and Dungey's characters go to confront a man with a box of evidence.  He is going to set it on fire.

Atwell: Don't do it!
Man: Why not?
Atwell: I'll let you touch these. (Her breasts.)  Well it has worked before.

4. There is a happy ending.

Cons: None.

My opinion: The show was average.  I never watched it again.  I don't really like law dramas.  You can check it out.

My week:

Aug. 2, 2018 Job interviews: I did an interview at a fast food place in the morning.

I then did an interview at Juice Place #1.

Writing about TV shows: I did my job search.  I then decided to have a break by doing something different.  I wrote about some pilot reviews, and I felt good. 

Aug. 3, 2018 Donovan Mitchell helps: I found this on Yahoo:

As he waited for a technician at a Salt Lake City Apple store to examine his broken iPhone on Wednesday, Andrew Simeona’s brother struck up a conversation with a friendly fellow customer standing nearby.
He had no idea the man he was speaking with was Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell, nor did he have any inkling that the NBA rookie-of-the-year runner-up was about to make him a fan for life.
When the Apple store technician finally came over a few minutes later, he delivered some bad news for Simeona’s brother. The phone’s shattered screen required an expensive repair job, one Simeona’s brother couldn’t afford.
“My brother said, ‘Oh, it’s OK,’ and took his broken phone back,” Simeona said. “Donovan overheard all this and he could tell my brother was disappointed. He spoke up and said, ‘Well, how much is it?’ Then he intervened and covered the cost of the repair.”
Simeona’s brother still had no idea who came to his rescue until after Mitchell left. That’s when the Apple technician approached him again and said, “You realize that’s Donovan Mitchell, right?”
Shocked and a little sheepish, Simeona’s brother admitted he had no idea. Then he raced home to tell the rest of his family about his crazy experience.
“It meant the world to my brother,” Simeona said. “He was in a bit of a bind, and Donovan saw the opportunity to help him out.
“It speaks volumes about the kind of guy that Donovan is. There’s a ton of gratitude from our end. It goes to show you this guy really is trying to do good things and be a decent guy out in the community. He gets so much respect from us about that.”
Simeona declined to reveal his brother’s name because he didn’t want to publicize the fact that his brother has a learning disability that affects his speech and his ability to process information quickly. It’s not clear if that contributed to Mitchell’s decision to help out, but Simeona said, “I’m assuming Donovan noticed that.”
Late Wednesday night, Simeona posted on Twitter about Mitchell’s compassionate gesture. The second-year pro responded Thursday morning, telling Simeona, “All love, Glad I could help!”

Aug. 4, 2018 Mental health: I feel like I'm in a bad mood and lots of things are triggering me.  I am able to pinpoint it.

I am not sleeping well.  I have been working at night and I sleep about 6.5-7 hours.  I always wake up at the same time.  I don't set an alarm.  I need 8 hours.  I do take a nap in the afternoon on the bus on the way to work.  


1. Drink water.
2. Drink coffee only up to 2pm.
3. Eat healthy and only when hungry.  Be mindful of eating like don't eat in front of the TV and eat slowly.

4. I am also most alert in the mornings so I do the hard stuff first, like my job search and reading the business section of the newspaper.

Aug. 5, 2018:

5. If I need energy, I listen and dance to music for 5-15min.  

Sleeping habits: As soon as I get home from night shift, I go straight to bed.

1. Turn the lights off.
2. Listen to boring and calm music.
3. If I am to read something before bed, it has to be light and fun articles like entertainment.

This is bringing some flashbacks of that bad time in 2006: The Year of Anger Management.  I had gotten laid off from Call Centre #1 and had a hard time dealing with it.

Aug. 6, 2018 Ep:1: Redefining success: Deanna Danski is a life coach and I listened to one of her free telesummits: 

Many of us have been taught what success SHOULD mean based on our upbringing, demographics, heroes, education, and all other outside influences.  But what does success mean to YOU?  Watch as Deanna and Steve discuss how to make each day your masterpiece.

The Self-worth summit:

TV shows: It's Aug. and there aren't that many TV shows to watch except Reverie.  I find this show average and I've only seen a few eps.  I'm also watching the sitcom Crawford and it's average.  I'm going to write about some TV show pilots to bide my time until other shows come on during the fall.

Aug. 7, 2018 Bobby Brown builds domestic violence shelter:

Fast food place job interview: I went to it and the boss said they needed people to work at night 4pm-10pm.  She did mention that at another location that's closer by and it's like 1pm-9pm.

Aug. 8, 2018 Gardening: Today at the bus stop I bumped into my neighbor Maria.  She has been gardening zucchini, squash, pumpkins, and onions.  I didn't know that you can garden this in the Edmonton climate.  Then again, I don't know about gardening.  

She was on vacation in Jasper.

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