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Thursday, April 21, 2016

apology email

Apr. 21, 2016: I have written about this before, about that bad time in 2006.  I then issued an apology my friend's brother who I was kind of introduced to.  Now I am making amends and sent this apology to him.  I'm here to protect his identity.

To ___:

Hi I am sure you are wondering why I am contacting you now after so long.  I am contacting you to apologize.

On Oct. 29, 2015, I did call and leave a message at the phone number ______ and said this:

"Hello, this message is to ___.  You may remember me as your sister friend.  It was a long time ago like in 2006.  I want to apologize to you for sending so many emails to you.  That you were overwhelmed by it and stressed by it.  I'm sorry for that.

It's better late than never to apologize.  If you want to contact me, my cell phone number is _______.

I won't contact you again, if you don't want me to.

To go into detail:

In 2006, it was bad time for me emotionally and mentally.

At first:

1. I was happy and excited to meet someone new.

2. I had too much time on hands because I worked part-time, 20 hrs a week.
I filled it with TV and some bad shows like Dr. Phil and Maury.  Though I quit Maury first.

3. I filled it with writing because I was bored and lonely.  I wanted to connect with my friends.
At least I wasn't eating out of boredom and gained weight.
At least I wasn't shopping out of boredom and spent money.

4. I got laid off from the call centre job and became very angry and depressed about it.

Solutions to the depression:

I. To keep busy: I did go to summer school and took a writing class.  It was hard.

2. I got into ( message board to read and write comments about TV shows.

Why did I write so much?:

An accurate description of me is like when Homer Simpson broke his leg and is stuck at home.  He then opens a daycare.

Homer: What do you expect me to do?  Sit on my ass and watch TV all day?  That ain't my style!

You are a nice guy when you said "I'm sorry about your job loss."

My intentions and what to come out of this email:

1. To ask for your forgiveness.

You will either:

1. Accept my apology.
2. Meet up with me.
3. Or be in a long-distance friendship with me.

Or the very least accept my apology.

You can contact me on phone.

Email: ____

My blog: Tracy's blog

Or on Facebook. 

I hope you are happy and healthy.

I would totally understand if you don't accept my apology and ask for me to not contact you again.

I am looking for forgiveness or at least closure from you.



He accepted my apology, but he said he doesn't really want to be friends with me.  That's fine.  I made my amends.

I guess putting this here as a way to apologize to all of you guys who have known me at the time back in 2006.


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