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Friday, May 22, 2015

UNICEFworks: May 2015

On the ground in Nepal / Paying an intolerable price: Helping the children of Yemen / A soccer hero goes home / Step up action before more tragedies unfold in the Mediterranean / Did You Know?

PHOTOS: On the ground in Nepal

On April 25, a massive earthquake struck Nepal, killing thousands and causing widespread destruction. Then, two weeks later, another powerful earthquake shook the country, resulting in further deaths and damage. Millions of children and their families are affected, facing critical water and food shortage, as well as the risk of disease. Thanks to a generous outpouring support from our donors, UNICEF was able to respond within hours but the road ahead will be a long one.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to do so, please support UNICEF’s relief efforts in Nepal. The Government of Canada will be matching all donations made up to May 25, doubling the impact of your gift.

Click here to see some images of our work on the ground.

Paying an intolerable price: Helping the children of Yemen

Since the conflict in Yemen began in late March, hundreds of children have been killed or injured, and at least 150,000 people displaced as families flee the escalating violence. Even before the current conflict, an estimated 7.4 million children in Yemen were in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, including safe drinking water, medical supplies and food assistance. Now, an already weakened infrastructure is on the verge of collapse.

UNICEF is coordinating efforts around nutrition, water and sanitation, but more help will be needed in the coming weeks and months to support the millions of children at risk.

Learn more here.

A soccer hero goes home

In March, Canadian Olympian Karina LeBlanc travelled with her family and UNICEF Canada to her home country of Dominica. While there, she visited some UNICEF projects and ran soccer clinics for girls and boys. Karina also met with children to tell them her personal story and encourage them to follow their dreams and dream big.

Click here to see photos of Karina’s visit.

Step up action before more tragedies unfold in the Mediterranean

Just a few weeks ago, another tragedy struck in the Mediterranean when a boat capsized, killing more than 800 of the people on board. The majority of victims were refugees and migrants who were fleeing to Europe in search of safety and opportunities. UNICEF is urging EU officials to help protect child migrants and their families.

Learn more here.

Did You Know?

May is Leave a Legacy Month. Making a planned gift through legacy giving is an easy and tremendously fulfilling way to make a lasting impact for children around the world.

Learn more here.


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