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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

fit for the job/ should I continue into TV production?

Apr. 25: Yesterday I put on my blog "College programs I researched in 2014."  It says this:

Apr. 24 College programs I researched in 2014: Here are all the college programs I researched in 2014.  This is why I called 2014 "The Year of Education and Research."  If you look up on my blog, you can see what I wrote about each program.

It's a big list.  This email is going to be an introspective email.  I'm trying to figure out my meaning and purpose in life.

On Jan. 9, 2015, I wrote this in my notebook and am going to type it up on my blog:

Fit for the job:

Dream job: Back in 2012, I thought of being a script reader.  I emailed the producer John Ker about being one and
asked for scripts.  I read and critiqued them.  When I was reading them, I was really happy.  I thought: "I can't believe
I'm finally getting paid to do this."  (I wasn't getting paid.)

The Simpsons: There was a future episode where Lisa gets married. 

Bart: I can't believe I'm finally getting paid to do this.
Bart is demolishing a building with a wrecking ball.

That seems like a good job for Bart.

The Tyra Banks show: I wrote about this before.  It was of a young black woman who wanted to come on the show and tell her mom and grandma that she's been working as a stripper to pay for college and living costs.  She wants to tell them this on TV so they can't freak out and yell at her on TV when there are viewers watching.

Tyra: Where did you tell them you were working at?
Woman: I told them I worked at the public library.
The audience laughs.
Woman: I really like to read and write, so it seems like a good fit for me.

Being a cop: I wouldn't be a fit for this job.  This is from me watching fictional TV shows and the reality show Cops.

Physically: I don't like running and chasing down suspects.  I don't like to move around a lot.  I would rather sit at a desk and on my computer.

Socially: I would have to deal with drunk people, and people in sad situations.

Emotionally: I get angry at people for disrespecting the cops.  I get depressed at these people's sad situations.  Being in real and present danger is scary and stressful. 

Intellectually: It can get frustrating to solve a problem.

Now as for my sister: I see she is smart enough to be one, but she wouldn't like the physical, social, and emotional parts of the job.

Being a teacher: I'm not smart enough to be a teacher.  I don't like school.  I'm not interested.  I have imagined of being one, but I listed the above reasons of not being one.

Sister: I remember when she was in elementary school, she thought of being one.  She got some real experience by teaching me how to do high school math.  It was very frustrating for because she has to constantly teach me to do it correctly.

There's going to be a time when you encounter dumb students as a teacher.  Unless you teach IB students.

Being a psychologist: When I was in jr. high school, I did want to be one.  I was interested to see how the mind worked. 

However, I was more into being creative, so being a psychologist wasn't a good fit for me.  Also, it takes years of college to be one.  I took a psychology class in high school and college.

Sister: I can see her as one because she's smart and she did take psychology in college.  She also reads a lot of psychology in her books and magazines.

However, her personality wouldn't fit.  As a psychologist or a counsellor, you have to be speaking in a calm and soft tone of voice.  If she doesn't counsel, she can be a psychology professor.

S is into business with the pay and the duties.  It's a good fit for her.

Should I continue into TV production?: I wrote about this back in Aug. 2014, though I have been struggling with this decision around Mar. 2013.  Here's part 1:

The reply to my email/ blog post was this:

One friend Leslie says only I know the answer.  My friend Dan L. says I should approach to get my TV script produced another way than me pitching my script (emailing) to every TV production company in Canada.

Here's part 2 of "Should I continue into TV production?" I wrote about this in my notebook and now I'm putting it here:

Jan. 19: I can't pose this question to my friends and family, because they have never read my scripts.  Also when reading a script, it's subjective.  One may not like it, the other does.  It's like with TV shows.  I was reading a script for Meetup yesterday, and I didn't really like the script.

Jan. 21: I thought of the above paragraph because I was reading a script for Meetup.  I should ask producers and people who read my script, and ask "Should I continue into TV production?" 

Apr. 24: I asked this to my friends, family, and blog readers when I put this up on my blog.

Only my 16 yr old friend Ray read The Vertex Fighter script draft 7 in 2009 and gave me feedback.  I haven't seen her since 2010.

My boyfriend in 2008 read the really rough draft 1 in 2008.

None of you guys have read The Vertex Fighter or the Rain script.  Only TV producers, script readers at production companies, and writers-in- residences have read The Vertex Fighter.  My rough estimate is that 20 people have read the script.

Only 6 writers- in- residences have read my Rain script because it's not finished.  I haven't sent it to producers because it's not complete.

Since none of you guys have read my scripts, how do you know if I should continue or not?

You have only read my blog which is mainly non-fiction.  (Also since Sept. 2014, there have been a lot of news articles).  There has been some fiction writing like my Dateline: To Catch a Predator scenarios and writer imagination posts here and there.  But none of you have read my full-length screenplay.

Producer's opinion: The TV producer John Kerr read The Vertex Fighter script draft 7 when I was 23 yrs old in 2009.   He met with me and gave me tips for like an 1hr and a half on how to improve the script.  He saw something
in the script.  He saw potential in in.  He saw smarts and talent in me.

I got a professional opinion.  I have lots of professional feedback from the people who read my scripts.

It's also good to get "regular" people's feedback who aren't in the industry like my friend Ray.  It's regular people who are going to be watching TV and movies.  That's why I like the Meetup meetings.  There are some professional filmmakers and writers, but there is the regular people's point-of- views that give feedback. 

If there are 3 people saying the same opinion about dialogue, there is something the writer should take a note about.

May 6 Job articles: I'm sure all of you guys noticed I put 2 out of the 3 emails/ blog posts a week about job articles.

My co-worker Je is graduating out of college this year and he is looking for a job in his field.  I'm putting up all these articles I cut out onto my blog as a digital version of it.  Then I will give the news articles to Je.

I hope my friends and blog readers are reading these articles and learning something that they can apply to their jobs.

I like reading, writing, and putting up job articles about:

-How to look for a job
-How to apply for jobs
-job interviews
-how to be more productive: prioritizing, time management, be more organized

I don't know about my friends, family, and blog readers opinions.  They could be like this:

"I like these job articles that Tracy's been putting up.  I learn a lot and apply on how to get a job and be more productive."

"I like reading these book reviews and author interviews because they were more fun to read.  I was more exposed to books to read."

"I don't care either job articles or book reviews."

"As long as Tracy is not writing about Dateline: To Catch a Predator, I'll read it."

Je did say he found the articles to be "eye-opening."  My friend B who works as an assistant supervisor says he finds the articles helpful.  However, one my friends who has a science degree says it's not really helpful to her in her field.

May 13 Cop imitator: I found this article "Police imitator says he dreamed of wearing badge" by Ryan Cormier in the Edmonton Journal on May 12, 2014.  It's about Curtis Ulmer always wanted to be a cop, but he had a heart and medical condition that prevented him from being one.  So he pretends to be one by dressing up like one.  He got 2 yrs probation for pretending to be one and 100 hrs community service.

From the article, he seemed like he really wanted to help people.  He could have become a security guard, neighborhood watch, or something else in law enforcement.


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