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Friday, May 1, 2015

The wait is over...Every Plate Full

Dear Tracy, 
The wait is over.
From May 2nd to May 8th food banks across
Canada will come together to participate in the
Every Plate Full Food Drive with an inspiring goal:
To fill the plates of every hungry Canadian this
summer...26.5 million plates in fact! 
Here is another fact:
That is the number of neighbours across Canada
who turn to a food bank each month. 
This is especially true in the summer months,
so please help keep the shelves stocked.
How can you help?
For each $1 donated you can provide 3 meals,
$5 provides 15 meals, $10 provides 30 meals...
you get the idea, now please take action.
Help to make a difference in the life of a neighbour this summer.
You can make your donation here and designate it to our
national efforts or your provincial food bank association or
local food bank - the choice is yours. 
No matter what, please choose to do something. Why?
Did I mention that 37% or 339,927 of the people you will
help this summer are children? The most vulnerable in our
society and you can make a difference with as little as a dollar.
Donate today, be a plate-filler and help ensure every plate is
full this summer. 
Katharine Schmidt
Executive Director 


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