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Friday, May 22, 2015

Help me collect evidence

Help me collect evidence
Dear Tracy,

I gather and analyze evidence that some people would like to keep hidden.

My name is Scott Edwards, and I'm an Amnesty human rights investigator.

When a human rights crisis breaks or when evidence of a crime is in danger of being lost or destroyed, I use technology to help document human rights abuses and get the world's attention.

Whether using space-based satellite imaging to document war crimes, unearthing and corroborating video evidence of grave abuses, or putting tools into the hands of front-line human rights defenders, technologies are dramatically redefining how Amnesty fulfills its mission.

When you donate to Amnesty, you are supporting my work deploying cutting-edge human rights technologies. Donate and be a lifeline to civilians at risk.

In Nigeria, my team unearthed video evidence of atrocities that left us almost at a loss for words. The images showed horrifying scenes of executions and other war crimes committed by the Nigerian military and the armed group Boko Haram.

In one, 16 boys and young men sit in a line. One by one, they are forced to lie down in front of a pit. The executions are systematic. A man slits each one's throat with a large knife, then dumps the bodies into a hole already half-filled filled with corpses.

Verifying such footage and extracting meaningful information is a hard job to do. But I do it because our watchdog function requires bearing witness; I do it because I know it will turn the world's attention to the plight of people facing abuses that no one should endure.

We are using this footage - and other evidence we've surfaced - to pressure the international community to take action in Nigeria - and our efforts are paying off.

Will you help? Be a lifeline by making a donation to support my work.

Scott EdwardsSincerely,
Scott Edwards
Crisis Response
Amnesty International


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