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Monday, April 6, 2015

The numbers are in: Your Write for Rights impact

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The numbers are 
in: Your Write
 for Rights impact
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With 3 million actions taken during Write for Rights 2014, you helped our global movement mobilize people around the world to speak out against human rights abuses.

Thank you for adding your voice to the call.

Dear Tracy,

The numbers are in: With more than 3 million actions taken against injustice, you made Write for Rights 2014 our biggest ever.

Because of you, our global movement was able to mobilize people around the world to speak out against human rights abuses.

And it has made an impact:
  • Carmen Guadalupe Vásquez Aldana, one of the women and girls imprisoned under El Salvador's ban on abortion, walked free in February after nearly a decade behind bars for having a miscarriage. You helped free her.
  • Liu Ping, a Prisoner of Conscience in China, was able to visit with her daughter after previously being refused. You helped make this step toward better treatment possible.
  • Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified documents that included information about potential human rights abuses, was allowed to receive hormone therapy treatment for her gender dysphoria. You helped improve Chelsea's treatment.
  • Rampyari Bai and other survivors of the Bhopal chemical disaster in India received good news: the government agreed to raise the amount of compensation they can seek. You helped make this progress possible.
  • Anthony Holmes, Darrell Cannon and more than 100 other survivors of Chicago police torture saw progress in their search for justice: Mayor Rahm Emanuel publicly affirmed his support for reparations, and the City Council's Finance Committee set up a hearing on the proposed reparations ordinance. You helped this crucial step come to fruition.
  • Raif Badawi, a blogger and Prisoner of Conscience in Saudi Arabia, has not been flogged for 10 consecutive weeks. Your voice has helped turn the eyes of the world to his case.
  • Murad Shtewi, a Palestinian Prisoner of Conscience held by Israel, was released before the end of his sentence. Though he faces the threat of re-arrest, you continue to fight for him.
Your participation shines a light on the treatment of individuals who have been tortured, unjustly imprisoned or otherwise abused. It helps us put an end to injustice, demand reparations for survivors, and take critical steps toward freeing Prisoners of Conscience.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to human rights.

In hope,

Jasmine Heiss
Senior Campaigner
Amnesty International USA

P.S. For real-time updates on these cases - and others that need your action - take the next step in your human rights activism by signing up for Amnesty's Urgent Action Network. It's one of our most effective tools for releasing Prisoners of Conscience, stopping torture and ensuring justice.


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