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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Buddha Deluxe Lounge - No.7, 8, 9

Buddha Deluxe Lounge - No.7 The Buddha Fly, HD, 2014, mystic buddha bar sounds

There is a picture of several canoes with lots of people rowing in each of them.  There is a sunset with lots of buildings in the back.  There is a yellow tint.

Buddha Deluxe Lounge - No.8 Midnight @ Heaven, HD, 2014, mystic buddha bar sounds

There are all these castles with turrets in these green mountains.  In the back there are brown mountains.

Buddha Deluxe Lounge - No.9 Shades Of Chill, HD, 2014, mystic buddha bar sounds

There is a beautiful pink, blue, and purple sky.  There is some green island.  There is a castle in the back right.


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