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Friday, April 24, 2015

College programs I researched in 2014

Apr. 24 College programs I researched in 2014: Here are all the college programs I researched in 2014.  This is why I called 2014 "The Year of Education and Research."  If you look up on my blog, you can see what I wrote about each program.

Grant MacEwan

1. Accounting and Strategic Measurement
2. Acupuncture
3. Arts and Cultural Management
4. Asia-Pacific Management
5. Bachelor of Applied Business Administration – Accounting
6. Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration
7. Bachelor of Arts
8. Bachelor of Child and Youth Care
9. Bachelor of Commerce
10. Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music
11. Bachelor of Physical Education Transfer

12. Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing
13. Bachelor of Science
14. Bachelor of Science in Engineering transfer
15. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
16. Business Management
17. Cardiac Nursing Post-basic Certificate
18. Correctional Services
19. Design Studies

20. Disability Management in the Workplace
21. Disability Studies: Leadership and Community
22. Early Learning and Child Care
23. Emergency Communications and Response
24. English as a Second Language
25. Fine Art

26. General Studies
27. Hearing Aid Practitioner
28. Holistic Health Practitioner
29. Human Resources Management
30. Insurance and Risk Management Diploma

31. Legal Assistant
32. Library and Information Technology
33. Life Support Training
34. Massage Therapy
35. Music
36. Occupational Health Nurses
37. Office Assistant
38. Open Studies
39. Perioperative Nursing for LPNs
40. Perioperative Nursing for RNs
41. Police and Investigation- Investigative Studies
42. Police and Investigation- Police Studies

43. Post-basic Nursing Practice: Hospice Palliative Care or Gerontology
44. Preparation for University and College
45. Professional Golf Management

46. Psychiatric Nursing
47. Public Relations
48. Social Work
49. Special Needs Educational Assistant
50. Theatre Arts
51. Theatre Production
52. Therapist Assistant - Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist Assistant Major
53. Therapist Assistant - Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Major
54. Travel
55. University Studies International
56. Wound Management Post-basic Certificate


1. Radio and TV-TV program
2. Radio and TV-Radio program
3. Radio and TV courses- non- credit
4. RATTV100
5. RAT- TV200
6. Final Cut Pro –X

7. Digital Media and IT
8. Graphic Communications
9. Photographic technology
10. Photographic technology courses
11. Hospitality management
12. Hospitality Management with English Language Training
13. Hotel and Restaurant Supervision Certification
14. Producer Emergence Program
15. Landscape Architectural Technology

16. Animal Health Technology
17. Veterinary Medical Assistant

18. Accounting courses
19. Applied Banking and Business
20. Bachelor of Applied Business Administration- Accounting
21. Bachelor of Applied Business Administration- Finance
22. Bachelor of Business Administration
23. Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management
24. Becoming a Master Instructor:
25. Business Administration- Accounting
26. Business Administration- Accounting Certificate
27. Business Administration- Finance
28. Business Administration- Finance Certificate
29. Business Administration-General Management Certificate

30. Business Administration-Human Resources Management
31. Business Administration-Human Resources Management- Certificate
32. Business Administration –Management
33. Business Administration- Marketing
34. Business Administration- Marketing Certificate
35. Business Administration- Small Business Certificate
36. Business Administration- Year 1

37. Business Administration –Year 1 with English Language Training:
38. Business Analyst Leadership Certificate
39. The Business for Journeymen Management Diploma
40. Business Management Certificate
41. Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Certification Programs
42. Captioning and Court Reporting
43. Captioning and Court Reporting courses
44. CGA Pace Partnership Courses
45. Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Certificate
46. Corporate and International Training (CIT) seminars and workshops

47. Dental Assisting Technology
48. Dental Technology
49. Fluid Power Certificate
50. Laser Cutter Operator Certificate
51. Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) Certificate
52. Machine- Shop Inspection and Calibration Certificate
53. Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development
54. Medical transcription

55. NAIT Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program
56. Oil Field Thread Inspection Certificate
57. Operations Management Certificate
58. Professional Sales Certificate (CPSA):
59. Project Leadership Certificate
60. Project Management Certificate

61. Quality Management Certificate
62. Robotics Automation and Control Certificate
63. Special Events Management Certificate
64. Supervisor/ Manager Facilitation Skills Certificate
65. Supervisory Communication Skills Certificate
66. Supervisory Development Certificate
67. Teller Training Courses
68. Welding Automation Operator Certificate
69. Youth Leadership Program


Adult Continuing Education programs

Digital School

1. Architectural CAD Technician
2. Engineering CAD Technician
3. Computer Aided Drafter
4. Process Piping Specializations

Pixel Blue College

1. Aboriginal Graphic Design
2. Graphic Design
3. 2D Animation & Illustration
4. 3D Animation & Modelling
5. 3D Game Modeling
6. Digital Audio Production

University of Alberta Extension

Master of Arts in Communications and Technology
Residential Interiors


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