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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Inspirational quotes 20

Jun. 22, 2016: This is the 100th job email since I started posting these in Jan. 2015.  I still have a lot of job emails with articles.  I will say there aren't another 100.

Dec. 28, 2014 Second Servings: The best of The Lunch: This Globe and Mail article was on Dec. 26, 2014 and it has all these business advice.

They’ve dined on gourmet sushi and steak at five-star restaurants and hotels, $14.99 grocery store specials and pints at pubs. This year our lunch guests spanned the gamut from mining and airline CEOs to purveyors of fine fashion and television personalities. Here are their best nuggets of wisdom and stories that made us stop, think and smile.


“[If you are an entrepreneur], it is impossible to stop thinking about business. You have to have Teflon will. You have to have the ability to say, ‘I have to do this, this is who I am.’ ... It is impossible to stop thinking about it.”

Arlene Dickinson

Entrepreneur, small business coach, Dragons’ Den panelist


“This may sound a little cocky and Canadian, but we’ve been serving the leaders of this country – the up-and-comers, the managers, the owners, the professionals, the entrepreneurs – for 60 years. I don’t imagine that one day they’re going to wake up and say, ‘My goodness, what’s missing from my life is an American department store experience.’ ... We love competition. Bring it on, because we shine in that environment. Now that is definitely cocky and Canadian.”

Larry Rosen

CEO, Harry Rosen Inc., on his U.S. competitors


“In any industry you can be leaders for a while, but if you don’t watch out and make sure you change your business model, you can be washed away in four or five years. Just look at what happened to Nokia or Nortel or BlackBerry. That is the life of an entrepreneur. I am aware of it so I am prepared for it.”

Shawn Qu

Founder and CEO, Canadian Solar Inc.


“I think every day is crisis management. When you’re growing sales at 40 to 50 per cent, that’s all you’re doing. You have to like it. You have to have a taste for it ... I warn everybody when they come here: This is an unreasonable place to work. Some people don’t like it – they like stability. I warn every single person I interview: ‘This place is crazy.’ ”

Dani Reiss

CEO, Canada Goose Inc.



“I try to look after the really small things and the really big things, and delegate the stuff in between.”

Graydon Carter

Editor, Vanity Fair


“It’s the beauty of a transparent culture where you actually take your ideas to your people. You have to be willing to operate in a very transparent fashion with your people if you expect them to be able to support [new ideas].”

Gregg Saretsky

CEO, WestJet


“I haven’t been imbued with copious self-confidence – and haven’t at any point in my life. I look back and think I was just an ordinary bloke who got lucky.”

John Bond

Former chairman, Xstrata, HSBC and Vodafone


“Life is too short to create unnecessary animosities. You can compete and drive your business, but it doesn’t have to be done in a conflicting fashion. You’ve got to be above that.”

Marc Poulin

President and CEO, Sobeys Inc. and Empire Co. Ltd.



“I don’t believe in work-life balance, I just believe in living a life where you’re kind of at 360 degrees all the time.”

Helena Morrissey

CEO of London-based Newton Investment Management (and mother of nine)


“Work eats up most of our waking hours during our lives. So it’s good to be passionate about it. But it doesn’t mean that’s the only thing. It’s good to have things that you love. It only makes you love other things more.”

Janet Kestin

Author, career adviser, former ad executive


“My life is my work; my work is my life ... I think I have the perfect balance because I love what I do. I don’t look to see how many hours a week I’m working. Nor do I think that work and life are very separate.”

Dani Reiss


Reporter Omar El Akkad on Edwin Catmull, President of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios:

Every morning ... he meditates for upwards of an hour. His reading list is composed primarily of books on neurology and psychology – books on the nature of empathy. He is an amateur admirer of archeology and of Buddhism. Taken together, these habits and interests seem to form a necessary counterweight to his high-pressure, high-risk day job.



Reporter Rita Trichur on Bradley Shaw, CEO of Shaw Communications Inc.:

When asked how his management style is different from that of his brother and his dad, Mr. Shaw chortles. “They’ll probably kill me for this article,” he starts.

“Well, Jim is very controlling. You know, and very much wanted to manage every little piece of things. ... For me, I am much more giving of the information. I want to allow people to grow. I am not going to be one to micromanage you.”

Although he believes he is more “easy going” than his father, “They tell me I am a little impatient.”

Mr. Shaw hasn’t said how long he plans to serve as CEO. But he is not counting on his own kids, or those of his siblings for that matter, to take over the family business.

“When I leave ... well, will someone actually be capable? I don’t think so,” he says. “It’s been JR, Jim and then myself. And then I really see professional management after this. As a time frame, as we’ve talked about, no one is going to be ready.”


“My father has always been an enormous risk taker ... I’m probably more comfortable not being as much in the limelight as my father. I always joke: My father’s job was to build the business. My job is really not to screw it up.”

Larry Rosen

(Mr. Rosen’s father Harry opened a made-to-measure shop with his brother Lou in 1954 in Toronto )


“I couldn’t work with my father and brother. I said, ‘I am a control freak and so are you. It is a recipe for disaster.’ ”

Jonathan Goodman

CEO, Knight Therapeutics (His father Morris is chairman, and his brother David is CEO, of the family firm Pharmascience)


“Truly, my human resources practices come from my mom. She would always talk about how she managed the employees [in the family businesses]. She would say, ‘When you compliment you do it in front of people; when you discipline you do it in private.’ We grew up listening to her talk about business.”

Peng-Sang Cau

CEO, Transformix Engineering Inc.



“I said yes every time. I would never hem and haw ... You should say yes to every opportunity that comes along. Don’t think for a second that you can’t do something. Just do it and learn about it.”

Terry Davis

CEO, Home Hardware


“I’d advise every young person to learn how to sell. It helps you in everything – putting forward your point of view. It teaches you how to convince people that they should appreciate something. Even as a parent, you’re constantly selling. Isn’t life about selling?”

Larry Rosen


“If I was to generalize about one thing, it’s that often I find women are quite anxious about the next step and analyze things to death sometimes. ... Take it one step at a time. That’s my biggest advice for people. I never had a big career plan, and maybe I wouldn’t have gotten it if I had wanted it so badly.”

Helena Morrissey


“Women tend to believe it’s a meritocracy and you can sit back and wait for the right thing to happen. ... Bosses are paying attention to 50 things at a time. You think they know all about you. No they don’t. ... they may have your story totally wrong. So taking control of that narrative is really important.”

Nancy Vonk

Author, former ad executive


“Not to say bad times are great. But if you use your negative experiences to take inventory of who you are, what needs to improve, how you can reposition yourself, that’s a really good thing. That’s a gift.”

Douglas Bergeron

Tech investor, philanthropist, former CEO, VeriFone Systems Inc.



“I’m optimistic because I have a fundamental belief, an unswerving belief, in two things: that mankind, humankind, does know the difference between right and wrong, and that ultimately when we are confronted with the choice, we do choose the right. Second, I believe in human ingenuity – that when we decide on a task to be done, no matter how daunting it may seem at the beginning, we are able to unleash human ingenuity and human innovative capacity that was unknown, and takes us to a solution.”

Christiana Figueres

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Apr. 5, 2016 "Live your dream!": I was rereading my old teen magazines before I declutter and donate them.
In my Seventeen Sept. 2005 issue, there is an article "Live your dream!" by Cheryl Richardson who is a personal coach and author of self-help books.

Step 1:

What to do: Pick a goal.

Why: The top reason people don't reach their goal is that they get sidetracked.

1. What is the one thing I want to achieve more than anything else?

2. What pictures and quotes will inspire me the most to reach that goal?

3. Now put these quotes and images and put them on a posterboard.  Put this collage on your wall so you see it everyday.

If you're constantly thinking about what you want to achieve and how you can get there, working toward your goal will become part of your daily routine- and you'll continue to stick with it! 

Step 2:

Go for your goal.

What to do: Take small risks each day, so you learn how to bounce back from a mistake and how good it feels to stick with something and succeed.

Why: Many people give up their goals after they have a setback.  But you can learn how to recover from setbacks by practicing things like asking questions.

Ask for help, be more responsible and you gain the know-how and confidence to get by obstacles- and make any dream a reality.


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