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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Allan Hawco/ Regent Research/ date

Feb. 15 Allan Hawco: Hey everybody, Allan Hawco, the star of Republic of Doyle confirmed me as his friend on Facebook! Go watch it on CBC on Wed. night.

Job search: I emailed my resume to be a print journalist at I read about it in See magazine classifieds. I went to and look for some jobs.

Regent Research: I saw this ad in Edmonton Examiner at The position is Customer service evaluator or really, a mystery shopper. The Better Business Bureau says it's good. It's not really an office job. What's holding me back? I guess my dad might not approve.

It says you get to keep what you buy, get paid to shop, eat, see movies. Good for students and moms. Well it sounds kind of too good to be true. Why don't you guys check it out to see if it's legit?

Coincidence: On Family Guy last night, they did an episode where Lois sees a psychic. Then Peter thinks he's psychic. Then on The Simpsons, the opening joke was these tarot cards with the family on them.It's another coincidence.

Last week I woke up one night, and couldn't get back to sleep. Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" song came on. I like the video where MC is beating up the dark haired woman (who she also plays.) Then last night I thought about that song. I woke up in the middle of the night. That song came on again, the second song that came on.

Tyra: I was watching this because African- American girl Kenya wants to admit that she's been stripping to her mom and her grandma. She was stripping to pay for school, apartment, and a car. She didn't want to ask for help because she feels like they would be controlling her. She doesn't live with her mom because there are too many kids there, and she doesn't want to live with her grandma.

It's during the recession, and her boyfriend at the time suggested about stripping at a club, and didn't tell her to do it.

Tyra: What did you tell your mom and grandma that you were doing?
Kenya: That I work at a library.
Some of the audience laughs because it is unintentionally funny. A library is so different from a strip club.

When K is about to tell the truth.
Mom: Are you married?
K: No.
Mom: Are you pregnant?
K: No. I've been dancing at a strip club.

They were upset about it and they said they will totally support her with money that she needs. They discussed to Tyra that they didn't always get along and there are problems in the relationship. Kenya is basically telling them that she wants to stop and that she wants financial help.

I saw another similar ep a week or so ago. This guy admits to his mom that he's a male prostitute and that he doesn't want to do it anymore. Tyra talks about the recession and how it's okay to move back home with your parents. There are people 35 and over with kids and they move back with their parents.

Last month I did see an ep where this 21 yr old woman is a prostitute and she wants to quit. The woman then meets with two other guests who were on the show before, who also did the same thing. The two guests are now doing fine with online classes, working as receptionists, and happy. Tyra is going to help the 21 yr old woman.

Saying: I was thinking about that saying: "2 sides of the same coin." I heard about it when I was reading about Chuck on Gossip Girl on It's about how Chuck and Blair are 2 sides of the same coin with similar bad personalities and that's what makes them a good couple.

I then thought about my script The Fighter where Shawn and Mia are two sides of the same coin. It's weird. I thought when I was writing it at first, they were very different. Then I wrote it some more and realized they were both similar in them both having double lives. A professional reader said that Shawn and his brother Carson were two sides of the same coin. I thought: "Not really. Shawn has more in common with Mia than with Carson."

Feb. 16 Joke: There's this guy John who is a customer at the Soup place. He looks like the producer John Kerr. He wore a t-shirt that said "Has been." Today he wore a t-shirt that said "The 5th Annual Comedy Festival" with a ticket that said "Insert Punch Line."

Glee: I read in the newspaper that shows like Glee and V can be really successful for awhile. Then after wards, you need to give them a break so the show doesn't burn out.

Script pitch: Today I bumped into my friend Daniel Luu while at the Soup place. It's reading week. He told me he went to this event where the creator of the TV show Bones talked about TV writing. I emailed him asking for his notes. I then went home and emailed him. I also pitched my script to 5 different people in one production company.

I then emailed Allan Hawco on Facebook because he's part of Take the Shot Production company. I pitched my script to him and said The Fighter is kind of Republic of Doyle because of the action and comedy. Two different shows, same genre.

I haven't done script pitching in a month. I was busy with work and my job search.

Writing: I have wrote 12 pages of Rain in a month.

Rant: Here's a mild rant. I was watching Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson. It was kind of funny. I don't regularly watch this show, but Amanda Righetti from The Mentalist was on. Instead Colin Firth took the whole show, and Ferguson apologized to AR for not having her on the show. He said maybe later that week, they'll interview her. I don't know.

Here's another mild rant, I saw the first 10min of the Flash Forward pilot I missed. I noticed that one of the characters who works for the FBI didn't use the military alphabet when describing a license plate. That's a nitpick of mine.

Motivation: Patrick was on this forum about "Does obsession with the lottery bother you?" Ambelamba says: "Creativity goes so far, but without motivation, you are just as good as dead."

Dream: I had a weird flashback dream. I was thinking about this guy I used to go to jr. high with Scott Hutton. We were in gr. 8 homeroom together. I saw him at NAIT back when I was there. In the dream, I was in school. SH was there and this guy Tyler who was also in my gr.8 homeroom was there.

Something about the bus schedule being written in Chinese. I was at my locker. I remembered in gr. 8 for Halloween, SH dressed up like Zorro, but with a blue mask. Mr. Oxamitny gave him the award for best Halloween costume which is tickets to the school dance. I'm getting another flashback. I saw SH able to juggle these balls in air.

Inspiration: Here's some inspiration. I was looking up Sean Faris and he has acting reel. An acting reel showcases an actor's best work with his best scenes. Write for an actor to show his best scenes.

Last night I'm going to admit I saw some Secret Life of the American Teenager. It was an episode that I didn't see all of it, because a part of it wasn't put up on Youtube. So I was checking out Daren Kagasoff.

Feb. 17 Date: So this guy on this online dating site contacted me a week ago. We talked about TV and movies. I told him he looked like Danijel Mandic (Flashpoint.) So we went out today in downtown.

I don't know. He seems family- oriented on his website profile. Then I met him, and he still seems very family- oriented. He was talking having a family of his own, being close to his neices. I told him I didn't want to have kids, that people think that having a family of their own will make them happy. But it's hard because this person will be depending on you for the rest of your life, and not just until they're 18. I'll sleep on it and think about if I do want to see this guy again.


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