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Heroes Reborn/ Channel Zero/ This is Us

Jan. 3, 2017: I'm writing about old TV shows because I don't have a lot of TV shows to watch right now.

Heroes Reborn: I saw the original show Heroes when it first came out.  When the reboot came out in fall 2015,  I had to at least check out the pilot.  I loved the pilot and watched the whole season.

"A year ago, a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, left the city decimated. Blamed for the tragic event, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding or on the run from those with nefarious motives."


1. There is the anchor character Noah (Jack Coleman) from the original show.  There are some other characters who make appearances on it.

2. I like how the show has Noah's memory erased and how he has to piece it together.  It's a good mystery.

3. I like even the villians Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne (Judith Shekoni) because they are killing all the Evos (evolutions/ mutants) who are why their son died.

4. Noah: Good memories fulfill your life with context, meaning, and clarity.  Others can deceive and make you believe you know the truth.  The ones that hold you hostage.  Look back at all the decisions you made, the 1 thing you don't want to feel is regret.

Casper: A lot of people spend time waiting instead of making things happen.

What good is a hero if he doesn't help people who need him the most?

I'm going to put that in my inspirational quotes.

5. I love all the characters.  It's just like the original with all sorts of characters with different powers and they are all over the world.

There is the teen Tommy (Robbie Kay) in the US who is on the run with his mom.

Carlos (Ryan Guzman) the soldier who comes to the US and adjusts to civilian life.

Miko (Kiki Sukezane) in Japan who enters a video game.

Malina (Danika Yarosh) who is in the artic.

6. It's also shot in Canada so we see the Canadian actors get small parts.

Peter Mooney (Nick from Rookie Blue) and Aislinn Paul (Claire from Degrassi).

7. Erika (Rya Kihlstedt) is the main bad guy this season and she's got a big mission.

My opinion: I recommend you watch the pilot.  You don't have to watch the original.  This does stand on it's own very well.

Jan. 17, 2018 Channel Zero: Candle Cove: This show came out in fall 2016 where there is a 6 episode season.

"An anthology series based on popular Internet Creepypastas, including Candle Cove, The No-End House, Butcher's Block and Hidden Door."

The first season Candle Cove is about a TV show that makes kids kill people.


1. It was a good start where there is a lot of drama, conflict and tension set in after years  later a massacre happened.  Mike Painter (Paul Schnieder from Parks and Recreation) comes back to town to visit his mom.  His twin brother died when they were 12.

2. Good dialogue when the mom Martha doesn't have family pics up:

"It's a matter of managing intrusive thoughts."

I should put that in my inspirational quotes.  I just did.

3. It's creepy when it seems the TV show Candle Cove is coming back on. 

There are these disturbing images from the show.  It's not all blood and gore, but like a:

-figure that is on fire and walking

-a skeleton in a hood standing there


None.  Maybe it's too scary for some people.

My opinion: I watched the first season.  Then I watched the second season No- End House.  It's a different story about a haunted house, but it was still scary and the quality is good.  If you like scary stuff, then watch it.

This is Us: 

"Follows a unique ensemble, as their paths cross and their life stories interwine, from sharing the same birthday, to so much more than anyone would expect." 

1. Interesting beginning of "18 million people have the same birthday."

2. There are big names like Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia.  Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown are good.

3. My favorite is when Randall (Sterling K. Brown) finds his long-lost father who abandoned him at a fire station 36 yrs ago.  They reunite.  

4. Alan Thicke makes an appearance as himself.

5. There was good acting with Kevin (Justin Hartley) getting angry and lashing out at the audience.  I re-watched that part and it should be on his acting reel.

6. There was a great plot twist with all the characters being connected.

Cons: None.

My opinion: I liked the pilot, but was unsure if I really would watch every episode.  I saw the 2nd episode and decided to record all of it.  It's not usually my kind of show.  I like to watch action- drama shows. 

I thought this show may be a bunch of phony sentimentality, but it's really heart-warming.  You should at least check out the pilot.

Mar. 15, 2018 Channel Zero: No- End House: I got the Showcase channel for free preview in Oct. 2017.  I was able to watch this 6 episode season.


1. It's scary with lots of drama, conflict and tension of a creepy house at the end of the street.  It's very creepy.  I feel tense watching it.

2. Good cinematography.

3. Good acting.

Cons: None really.  I don't really care about the characters who are 4 teens Margo, Jules, JD and Seth.  I don't have anything bad to say about them.


People being trapped in a town: The characters are trapped there.  It was like the other shows called Under the Dome, Wayward Pines, Between and Containment.

My opinion: It's scary so if you like to get scared, go watch it.

My week:

Mar. 20, 2018 Design the Life you Desire telesummit: I signed up for this video interview.  You should sign up for it too.  It's going to be inspirational:

Mar. 21, 2018 Lindsay Lohan commercial: I was at work and the staff room TV was on.  It was on The Talk about Lohan's commercial.  The question is: "Do you find it irresponsible that Lohan his making this light of a serious issue?"  

The audience says yes.

My question is this: You are:

A. This is offensive.

B. This is funny.

C. Both.

D. Neither.

I would say it was light, fun and funny.  She was making fun of herself about how she got DUIs.  She is doing this to be the spokesperson for the company and to make money.  She is not here to offend people.

It's not like Tosh. O TV show where they seem to want to be funny and offend people at the same time.

If you don't like her, don't look at her.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Today I was reading "The master of Vancouver's TV universe" by Ian Bailey in the Globe and Mail.  He profiles Greg Berlanti and it mentions this show.  I will check out the pilot:

A dark coming-of-age tale that follows Sabrina, as she wrestles to reconcile her dual nature as a half-witch, half-mortal while fighting evil forces.

James Patterson donates to charity:
NEW YORK — James Patterson is stepping up his game.
The bestselling author has increased his annual donations for classroom libraries from $1.75 million to $2 million. Scholastic Inc. told The Associated Press on Monday that Patterson is distributing 4,000 gifts of $500 each to teachers around the country, from Mechanic Falls, Maine, to Cheney, Kansas. The so-called “Patterson Pledge” was launched in 2015 and is run in co-ordination with Scholastic Book Clubs, which adds book club points to Patterson’s contribution. More than 80,000 teachers applied for donations.
“I can’t underscore enough how important books and reading are to a child’s development — better readers make better people, and ultimately better citizens,” Patterson said in a statement. “I’m so grateful for the teachers who are doing imperative work with students every day, in every school in the country. These grants are my way of acknowledging their extraordinary efforts.”
“Teachers often have to find their own funds and use their personal money to buy books and build fresh classroom libraries. This is why we at Scholastic Book Clubs are truly inspired by James Patterson’s commitment to offer real help to teachers in this work,” Judy Newman, president of Scholastic Book Clubs, said in a statement.
Over the past few years, Patterson has also given millions of dollars to bookstores and literacy programs and endowed thousands of college scholarships for teachers.

Mar. 23, 2018 "Air Bnb hosts can kick you out after you've checked in": I watched the TV show Adam Ruins Everything and he has mentioned about how hosts have discriminated guests from staying in their home, and also how a guest has damaged a house in thousands of dollars.  Air Bnb then only reimbursed by less than $100:

Last month, Logan Kugler checked into the home of a Los Angeles-based Airbnb host. The plan was to stay there for about one month, but Kugler found himself checking out just three days after checking in. That’s not because he wanted to, but because the host cancelled his reservation.

This story is not about any one party being right or wrong. Instead, let this serve as a reminder that we are living in an age of non-traditional services -- be that via ride-share, home-sharing, bike-sharing and so forth. That means, as it stands now, anyone has the right to kick you out of their car, house or apartment if they feel so inclined. That's essentially what happened with Kugler when he used Airbnb to rent a home in LA last month.

“I woke up to a message on my phone that said Airbnb had changed my reservation and that it ended in 36 hours and I was to leave," Kugler told TechCrunch. “This was a 31-day rental.”

The host asked Kugler to leave because she felt uncomfortable with the amount of requests he was making, such as to change the layout of the refrigerator and install different lights, she told TechCrunch. That's when she contacted Airbnb to let the company know she wasn't going to be able to let him stay there anymore.

The host gave Kugler 48 hours' notice to leave the premises. Kugler, however, said he wouldn't be able to pack up and leave that soon. So he asked for a couple of extra days, which the host declined.

Meanwhile, Kugler was in contact with Airbnb over the course of a couple of days to find a new place to stay with the same nightly rate, according to messages reviewed by TechCrunch. Before Kugler was able to find a new place to stay, the time ran out on his original reservation. Because he hadn't left yet, the host called the police to help her get him off her property. Part of her rationale for calling the police, she said, was because Airbnb wasn't helping her to get him to leave.

"I felt uncomfortable," she said. "I lived in the main house and I wasn't comfortable having this man on my property.
There are 900 comments:
20 hours ago
I've had short term guests (less than a month) ask me to install a ceiling fan, an outside shower for the pool, and buy a garage door opener that works of their phone. The problem with declining such absurd requests is you don't know if this strange person is going to behave vindictively and damage your house when you refuse their request - and that's why you end up evicting them.

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