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shopping/ Unicef and Halloween

Jun. 6, 2017 Shopping: When I pass out my resumes, I see lots of stores and restaurants opening and closing:

Sukhothai: Yesterday I saw this restaurant closed down permanently and will be replaced by Fat Burger.  I never went there.


Tom Kat Shoes: I see this store has closed down permanently. I never went there.

Jun. 13, 2017 The Source: I was at the one in City Centre mall.  They still sell discmans for $60.

Fat burger: I went to the on at City Centre and they sell breakfast.

The following stores in City Centre closed down:


The Art of Cake: has moved to the Brewery District.

Lorenzo's: has moved to the Commerce building.

Sushi Ya:  has moved to the Commerce building.

I was on 124 street:

The Dish and Runaway Spoon: The restaurant closed down.

Boston Pizza: It closed down.

Parcel and Prose: It sells stationary.

True Nature Health Clinic: it moved to St. Albert.

Bling: home décor.  It is nice and modern.

Jun. 15, 2017 West Ed mall:

Dyce the clothing store opened in Sept. 2016.

The Gold Gym closed at WEM and the Northtown Centre.


This is about the trip I went on Aug. 1, 2016.  It was to celebrate my birthday and this was the day I could have off:

1. Eddie Bauer
2. Simon's- home décor has fruit-like ottomans- kiwi, watermelon, pineapple.  $95.  Cool clothes, jewellery.  It was fun, stylish, upper class.  I love the store look and layout.  Lots of styles: gym, sleepover, casual, old, young, men and women's.

3. Brandy Melville- it closed down on Europa Boulevard.

Jun. 16, 2017:

4. B3- expensive gym clothes.  Mostly women and a small section for men.
5. Scotch and Soda- tried Barfly cologne.  Not good.
6. Aveda- tried a liquid hydrating treatment lotion.  It feels good.  She offered me tea.  There are candles lit.
7. Quilts Etc.- some velvet.  Soft.
8. Roots
9. The Microsoft Phone store by UGG closed down.
10. Bed Bath and Beyond-they have created these shelves all around the line up- like Winners.  There are coloring books for adults.

Student life- like there are pillows with Ctrl Alt Delete

Art that says: Make your own Adventure

11. Sportcheck- big skylight when you enter.  Huge store.   2 floors.  Nature vibe.  Selling tents and camping gear.  Kind of like Eddie Bauer.

The restaurant MAI will be opening soon.  It has now open.

12. Town Shoes- Also sold Tom shoes- buy one and donate a pair to some 3rd world country.
13. Aldo Accessories- swimsuits, hats, with jewellery, and bags
14. Surf Co.- smaller location.  It has hats.
15. Quick Silver- sells Sun Bum chap stick.  Those chap sticks are everywhere.
16. Pink- tried body mist.
17. Victoria's Secret- tried perfume.  It sells gym clothes too.
18. Rain Salon and Spa- nice flower display
19. Microsoft store- design your custom controller.  15 colors.  Keyboards with colorful lights moving it.
20. Children's Place

21. Guess- tried perfume.  Lots of sales people greeted me.
22. Build-a-Bear workshop: lots of bears from movies.
23. Le Chateau
24. Running Room- lots of gym clothes, water bottles.
25. The Source
26. Sage- smell things
27. Bebe- "No Selfie- Control" on a shirt.

Jun. 17, 2017:

28. Ludlow's Watch World: This is a new kiosk.
29. Home Health Products- "Life is too short for long hair"- hair straightener.
30. Aldo- good jewelry. 

All stores seem to have bright lights and loud music.  Stimulatin.

31. The Face Shop- I tried the perfume mist.  Mainly lotion.
32. Earl's- tried free lemonade.
33. Sherlock Holmes Pub- I ate the Tower of London Burger.  It was $15.  I had a gift card that I had won at the Sherlock Holmes sweepstakes in the Edmonton Journal.

34. Georgie's- "We are closed.  Thank you for your business."  It looks permanent.  No TV screen menus.

Bar Burrito- will open.

A Wok Box in another food court by Pandora.  It looks like there used to be a Chinese fast food place and now it's closed down.

I got a free coffee by redeeming my coffee card at McDonald's.  I usually find a coffee cup in the garbage and I put that sticker on my card.

35. Ben Moss- store closing.
36. The Fig Tree- stuffed animals, books, posters and unique gifts.  There is soap, jewellery, and adult coloring books.
37. Stokes- cookware, soap dispensaries.
38. Aldo- there is a bigger shoe store.
39. Reitman's.
40. DeSerres- kinetic bright- colored sand with a sign "Try me."  Adult coloring books and art books.  Plastic animals.

41. Bombay- classy.  Nice paintings.
42. Soft Moc- shoe rack.
43. Showcase- Hidden Gems- scented candles to smell.  A ring that is worth $10-$5000 inside it.  There are toys and cookware.
44. Imagine +- I have never been here before.  There are toys, stuffed animals, Star Wars.  There are some really big stuffed animals.  It opened a year ago.  There is classical music playing.

45. Claire's.
46. Bryan's- good formal wear.
47. Bentley- the store looks new.  Bright lights.
48. Things Engraved- wind chimes, studded key chains, and really nice snow globes.
49. Cleo.
50. Alia/ Tan Jay- good jewelry.

51. Payless Superstore- nice jewellery and bags.
52. Hallmark- Wizard of Oz, Iron Man Christmas ornaments.  Halloween, Star Wars,, Charlie Brown.  Agendas, calenders.

"Every new adventure is a road to discovery" on journal.

53. Fairweather- the store was kind of dark.
54. Mark's Work Wearhouse
55. Ion Power bracelet.com- magnetic jewellery.
56. International Clothier- tried perfume and didn't like it.  Sell notebooks, furball key chains- new trend.  It's a huge store with men, women and Christmas clothes.  It's really cheap or affordable.
57. Stitches- Shirts that say: "Give everyday a chance to become the most beautiful of your life."- Mark Twain.

Gym clothes.  Cheap perfume like $6 and I didn't like it.
58. Bootlegger
59. House of Hoops
60. Foot Locker- connected to House of Hoops.
61. La Senza Lingerie- I tried the fragrance mist.
62. Zumiez
63. Hot Topic- dark lighting.
64. David's Tea- tried Strawberry Colada and Electric Lemonade.

65. Helly Hansen-
66. Biago Luggage- Star Wars.
67. Club Monaco 
68. L- Occitane En Provence- renovated store.  Smaller.  I smelled some things.  I tried their ice tea.
69. Swatch
70. H&M

71. T&T
72. American Apparel
73. Old Navy- gym clothes, casual.
74. Editions- like art.  The prints are cheaper.
75. Loft
76. Escents- small store.  It sells lipbalm.
77. Bluenotes- opened where Aeropostale was.  A bag that looked like a Gameboy trailer.  Gym clothes.  Cologne.

78. Kernels
79. Palace Casino- is renovating.  Jubilations Dinner Theatre and everything around the Casino has closed down or moved.
80. LuluLemon- big store.
81. Royal Doulton- Christmas stuff.  It's a big store.  It seems more aimed at seniors.
82. Homestead Creations- Canadian stuffed animals, decorative figures.
83. Jubilations Dinner Theatre.  It moved to the wedding district (the stores that sell wedding gowns and evening dresses.)

84. British Import Shop- sells candy and chips.
85. Kixs- shoes, clothing store.  Black leather couches.  Men and women's store.
86. River City Games

There used to be a store that sold paintings and figurines in this area of the mall.  It is the 2nd floor by Sears.

87. Carlton Cards- more superheroes.  Calendars- more art to look at.

Ascension closed down in Nov. 2016.
American Apparel closed down.

Pokémon Go is everywhere.

Sherlock Holmes Pub:

I have tried the Firecracker burger- it's spicy.
Fish and chips- it's good.
Poutine- it's good.

Running Room, Bebe, and Brandy Melville closed down in West Ed.

Canada Boy Vinyl: I read this in Jan. 5, 2017 about this store closing down.  It opened in 2015.


Why am I writing about my shopping trip now?: It's because I have the urge to go shopping.  Instead I'm going to write about this trip to relive it.

Jun. 23, 2017: I went on a shopping trip at West Ed mall yesterday.

1. Urban Outfitters- home décor, books, clothes.
2. Rockport- used to sell bags.
3. Fossil
4. Ivivva-
5. Boathouse
6. Hot Topic- clothes, toys
7. Zumiez- clothes, skateboards
8. Bootlegger
9. Torrid- plus size.  I looked at the jewellery and tried on the perfume.
10. International Clothiers- affordable.  It has the same style of clothes as the more expensive stores. 
11. Stitches- it moved to big, nice, bright location.  There is professional clothes for a office job, and gym and fun clothes.  It's unisex and kids.

12. Coco Berry kiosk- it sells ice cream and chocolate pounds.
13. Ann Louise- where Ben Moss was.  I don't think I have heard of this company before.
14. The Fig Tree- chocolate brittle, body spray, hand cream, home décor, books, cds, dvds.
15. Stokes- fruit printed on plates, Buddha head, nice décor.
16. Aldo- big store.  Lots of space.
17. Reitman's
18. DeSerres- toys, puzzles, adult coloring books.
19. Bombay- fountains, Buddha
20. La Vien Rose outlet- lingerie, pajamas, swimsuits.

21. Soft Moc shoe rack- affordable, brand names, unisex and kids.
22. Showcase- toys, frying pans
23. Eddie Bauer's- new location
24. Imagine +- fun toys like Pokémon. 
25. Things Engraved- sentimental, frames
26. Addition Elle- jewellery
27. Bentley
28. Claire's.
28. Hallmark- inspirational, positive, bags, purses
29. Fairweather- affordable
30. Teavana- I tried some tea.
31. Rocky Mountain Soap Company- chapstick, soap
32. Anthropologie

There is a Second Cup that is now a kiosk.

There old Second Cup location has been replaced by Jus Fruit- not yet open.

My week:

Oct. 30, 2017 Unicef and Halloween: On Oct. 27, 2017, I found this article "Halloween, then and now" by Sandra Martin in the Globe and Mail.  I can't find the article on the internet.  The Unicef boxes ended by 2006.  Each year, the charity got $3 million.

Spokeswoman Stefanie Carmichael: However, it was a lot of time and effort to roll all the coins that were donated.  It was too labour- intensive.

Sandra Martin: Don't they have machines to do that?

My opinion: Unicef is a good charity.  It's about feeding children in third world countries.

"Quilters help mental- health patients- and themselves in the process": Today I found this article by Michelle Lepage in the Edmonton Journal:

Edmonton area quilters are drawing on their own experiences with mental health to provide comfort for others by donating handmade quilts to hospital psychiatric patients. In the process, they found making and donating the quilts helped them too.

Sheila Ethier of St. Albert started the Blankets of Love Foundation for Mental Health in 1996.
Ethier was suffering from a particularly bad bout of depression after her son was diagnosed with cancer.
“I was the sickest I have ever been, barely functioning,” said Ethier.

Either, who has stayed in hospital as an inpatient herself, was also always cold. One day she pulled out a quilt that her grandmother made for her.
“The minute I put it on I had this feeling of comfort and love. I had the memory of when she gave it to me, a memory of when I was happy and not so sick.”

The following day, she started the foundation in order to help other mental-health patients feel cared for, loved and accepted.
“It’s a tangible way of providing support,” said Ethier. “The feedback has been incredible.”


 "Pop- up store caters to those in need": Today I found this article by Michelle Lepage in the Edmonton Journal:

Edmontonians needing a helping hand to get ready for winter were treated to a personalized free shopping experience at Boyle Street Community Services on Saturday thanks to the work of nearly 100 volunteers.

University of Alberta students and community volunteers set up a temporary clothing store and helped customers pick out as much as they needed from a selection of donated clothes, jackets, shoes and toiletries.

This is the fourth year the University of Alberta student group Multiplying Equality has organized the Street Store event, which member Corey Tran described as a “clothing drive formatted as a dignified shopping experience where people can grab items they like.”


"Research project makes strides for literacy": Today I found this article by Janet French in the Edmonton Journal:

Children who were still wrestling with reading midway through their Grade 1 year, even with some extra help from their teachers, met in small groups three times a week where a member of Georgiou’s research team would use strategies tailored for the type of trouble they were experiencing with reading, based on best practices from current research.

Viola Desmond on Canada's Walk of Fame: On Oct. 27, 2017, I found this article by David Friend in the Globe and Mail:

Desmond, who died in 1965, emerged as a figure who challenged racial segregation in Nova Scotia during the 1940s after being jailed for sitting in the whites-only section of a movie theatre. She fought the charges in court, and after losing various proceedings, closed her business and left the province. Desmond is often credited as Canada's Rosa Parks, even though her trial pre-dated Parks' 1955 challenge of bus segregation in Montgomery, Ala.

In 2010, Desmond was given a posthumous pardon and an apology from the Nova Scotia government. More recently, she was featured in both a Heritage Minute and chosen to grace the new $10 bill. She is only the second honouree to be recognized specifically for her social justice work, after Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour was inducted in 2014.


Nov. 1, 2017 Kim Kardashian Halloween costume: I saw this where she dresses up like the singer Aaliyah in the "Try Again" video.  Some of the comments were negative because she was dressing up like a black singer.  Others were neutral.

My opinion: I would say it's not offensive.  Kardashian looks good and a lot like Aaliyah. 


Halloween lunch: Yesterday I went to the free Halloween lunch at work and ate a 1 beef burger and 1 chicken burger.  There were potato wedges too.  There was some candy that I grabbed to eat for later.

There was a pumpkin decorating contest that I voted.

After that I passed out my resumes to some restaurants.

The doorbell rang twice for trick-or-treaters.  Once for 3 kids and the 2nd time for 2 kids.

Nov. 2, 2017 Halloween TV: I also watched the latest episode of the TV show The Exorcist.  This is a really good and scary show.  It's unpredictable.

I also saw the This is Us ep "The 20s" and the latest The Simpsons Halloween special.

Subway: Buy a sandwich and another gets donated on Nov. 3, 2017: I was watching This is Us and I saw an ad for it.  

1. I put in on my Facebook status update.
2. I emailed it to all my friends.
3. I put it on my blog:

4. I put it in my weekly email/ blog post.

High Times: I found this article by Maura Judkis in the Edmonton Journal.  It was about how Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.  It says Snoop is usually high and drunk when filming.  It does mention how these 2 have a genuine friendship.  It was fun to read.


Nov. 3, 2017 Actiongeneration.ca: I was going through my notes and I found this.  I must have went to a job fair.

It's about volunteering and events to volunteer at.


Henry's Fine Things: This store is having a big moving sale.  Their home décor is 20-50% off.


Nov. 5, 2017 Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation: Britney Spears was there for the grand opening:


Highlight of the week: I would say it was the free Halloween lunch.  Also I did 2 job interviews this week.

SWAT: I saw the pilot.  The first 5 min. was a really good action sequence that I had to watch that part again.  The pilot was good, but I wouldn't watch it again.

Star Trek: Discovery: I saw the pilot through Telus on Demand.  I thought the production looked good, but it was really boring.  Here is a character who goes to investigate something and is in danger, yet I don't feel any excitement.  I never watched it again.


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