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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Haunting in Conecticut/ Pacific Rim/ Starting Over TV show

Aug. 9, 2016 The Haunting in Connecticut: I saw this movie in Oct. 2015.

"After a family is forced to relocate for their son's health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home, and uncover a sinister history. "

Why?: I watched it for one of my favorite actors Kyle Gallner (Beaver on Veronica Mars).  I wrote about meeting a guy named Mark and telling him he looks like him.

I also like to watch scary movies sometimes.


1. Kyle Gallner.  He was good in the role and so were the other actors.

2. It was creepy.  It had a few jumps. 

Cons: None.  It was set in 1987, and I like movies set in the present.

Comparsions: This movie reminded me of The Amityville Horror about a family moving into a home that's haunted.

Would you watch it again?: There is a low chance I would.  It was average.

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut: I saw the first 10 min. of this movie in Sept. 2014.  I was offended by it and didn't like it so I stopped.  I was never really a fan of the show.  I watched some eps starting in 2010.  MuchMusic started playing it and I watched it with my brother.  The show is alright, but I didn't like this movie, or at least the beginning of it.

Aug. 10, 2016 Pacific Rim: I recorded this from Showcase and saw it in Feb. 2016.

"As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse."

Why?: I like action movies.


1.  The lead actor Charlie Hunnam is good looking in this movie.

2. The characters and actors are good in this film too.  Stacker (Idris Elba) and Mako (Rinko Kikuchi).

3. Good ethnic diversity.

4. The special effects and visual effects are good.

5. Good lines: "Fortune favors the brave."  I'll put that in my inspirational quotes.

6. I like the action scene where they fight with sticks.  I also like a fist fight scene later on.   There is a spectacular fight scene with the big robots and sea creatures at the end.

7. There is good drama, suspense.

8. Unpredictable around the end.  It shows you things you have never seen.

9. I like the song at the end:

Cons: None.

Comparisons: Godzilla, Transformers where big monsters and robots fight.  It's also like disaster movies like San Andreas where there is lots of destruction.

Would you watch it again?: I would like to watch it again.  This is a solid and average movie.

Aug. 12, 2016 Battleship: I saw this in Feb. 2016.  I recorded it on Showcase.

"A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals."


1. The line "Adversity is the state which a man most easily becomes aquatinted with himself."

2. There are a lot of big names in the movie.

3. Some good comedy like at the beginning where the lead Alex (Taylor Kitsch) gets a burrito in a closed convenience store.  There is some comedy here and there.

4. Lots of action like explosions, shootouts.

5. Good special effects.

6. Good drama, conflict, and tension because they're being attacked by aliens.  The world could be destroyed.

7. I did like Sam (Brooklyn Decker) who plays the girlfriend of Alex.  However, she is more than that.  She is a physical therapist, and not only a beauty.  She is nice and works to help this army veteran Mick (Gregory D. Gadson) who has his 2 legs amputated.  Dadson was good in his role.

8. Good ethnic diversity.


1. It was kind of too long.  That's my opinion, though I'm sure some would say it was a good amount of time.

2. I don't like how Alex is nervous of asking Sam's dad for permission to marry his daughter.  I remember a long time ago, I was reading some comments on the internet about the Alias pilot, and Danny was asking for Sydney's dad permission to marry his daughter.  Someone on the internet said that it was sexist.

Would you watch it again?: It was average at best, mediocre at worse.  There is a low chance I would watch the movie again.

May 13, 2017 The Cabin in the Woods: I watched this movie in Feb. 2017.

"Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin, where they get more than they bargained for, discovering the truth behind the cabin in the woods."

Why?: It was because it's from Buffy writer Drew Goddard and Buffy creator Joss Whedon.  I see Goddard also wrote for Alias too.  I read reviews that it was good.  I like scary movies.


1. It was scary.  There were a few jumps.  There is a part where Marty is standing outside, and someone is coming up behind him.

2. It was very creative with the plot twists.  You think it's about 5 friends who go into a remote cabin, and it turns the story upside down.  The whole time you're watching, you're like: "Why are those scientists and lab people watching?"

3. It has some funny moments like Tom Lenk (Andrew from Buffy) on.

Spoiler alert:

Marty: I'm on a reality TV show show.  My parents are going to think I'm such a burnout.

Cons: There is a lot of profanity and it's gruesome.  It can be too scary for some people.

Would you watch it again?: It was good at best and average at worst.  I would watch it again with someone.

Sorority Murder: This is a TV movie I watched in May 2017.

"Girl anxious to get away & start new at college. She's vulnerable. Grows suspicious of everyone & everything when each one of her newfound "friends" seemingly suspects her for the murder."

Why?: The story seems interesting.  I like mystery.


1. Scarlett Byrne (from The Vampire Diaries) was good in the lead.  I find that Nicole Munoz (young Lily from Once Upon a Time) was good in it.  I had to look them both up because they looked familiar.

2. It was unpredictable.  I didn't know who was the killer or why.

3. I did like how the mom played by Sarah- Jane Redmond was pretending to be drunk as a distraction.

4. The drama, conflict, and tension was average.

Cons: It was kind of boring.  I guess it is aimed more at young women in teens and 20s.  I feel like I am too old for it.

Comparisons: I wrote about this before on my blog:

A murder at a sorority: I remember watching the first 2 episodes of the TV show Scream Queens about a sorority.

"A semi-anthology series that centers on returning characters being terrorized by a serial killer in different locations, including a university and a hospital."

Then I remembered watching a TV movie starring Leighton Meester (before she got big on the TV show Gossip Girl).

The Deadly Pledge or The Haunting of Sorority Row (original title)

"Samantha Willows, a college freshman, looks to pledge a sorority. Unbeknownst to Sam, it is haunted by a former pledge taking revenge on those who wronged her."

That was average.

The beginning where something looks serene and calm, and then when you see the whole picture, its scary:

At the beginning of Sorority Murder, it was a beautiful forest....until you see someone is hung from a tree.

At the beginning of The Haunting in Connecticut, it is a pictures of people....until you see they are with dead bodies.

Would you watch it again: I would say it is average at best, and mediocre at worst.  I would not watch it again.

My week:

Jul. 10, 2017 Work: I didn't post my 3 emails/ blog posts last week.  That's why I'm posting it now.

Last week from Jul. 2-Jul. 8, I was really busy with work.  I worked 5 days at my restaurant because we had a big event.

Ande Anderson: I was also busy listening to Ande Anderson and her telesummit called the Success Conference: Be Do Succeed.  It's about entrepreneurship, money mindset.  The interviews are like 45min- 1hr long.  They are up for a limited time.

Good weather: I also wanted to be outside and read the newspaper.  It was warm.

Filmmakers meetup: I went to this one last week.

I did meet one new guy with his production company: 

Here is a 1min and 30 sec sketch comedy video.  It is kind of funny and not offensive.


the residence of a vicar.


Church of England.
  1. a person acting as priest of a parish in place of the rector, or as representative of a religious community to which tithes belong.
  2. the priest of a parish the tithes of which are impropriated and who receives only the smaller tithes or a salary.

Jul. 6, 2017 Woman claps back hard when sexually assaulted by man in bar:

Nothing beats the fury felt after a man touches your body without so much of a hint of permission.
Otherwise known as, well,  sexual assault, many of us simply move away for fear of the situation escalating or them getting aggressive.

But not one woman, Krystal Olsen, from Arizona who, when she was allegedly groped by a random guy, fought back.

“This guy grabbed my ass, I dragged him out in a choke hold, he slammed me into a wall,” the bartender wrote on Twitter.

"Nothing beats the fury felt after a man touches your body without so much of a hint of permission." What about women touching men? Women, since the age of 16, have grabbed me from behind or my crotch. Can I smack her in the face, or choke her out and drag her into a corner, making her feel unhappy (and in tears) until she apologise? Oh... men are to remain a 'gentleman' because... reasons.

Starting Over TV show: I found this TV show on channel One back in Oct. 2014.  It ran from 2003-2006.  This yr I got a free preview of the channel for Apr.  I watched like 2 weeks of it.  Then I recently got the channel again and am recording it and watching it.

On imdb:
Six women move into the "Starting Over" house to seek the help of two life coaches to achieve a goal while living under the same roof.

On Wikipedia:

The first season of Starting Over, in 2003-2004, was set in Chicago. The show used the voice-over narration of Sylvia Villagran. It featured life coaches Rhonda Britten and Rana Walker with a relocation to California and introduction of a consulting psychologist.

The second season saw the show moved to the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. Rana Walker was replaced by Iyanla Vanzant as the second life coach. Stan Katz joined the cast as the psychologist. During the second season, it was notable that in addition to the six women, for the first few months, there was also a baby in the mix. J

Josie, the holdover from the Chicago house, had given birth to a girl, Chloe, at season's end; and in that time in the Los Angeles house, she was included and doted on by the women, the life coaches and Dr. Katz. Josie was also unique, in that she was the only woman in the three-year history of Starting Over to have changed life coaches. Since Rana, her original primary life coach, had been replaced by Iyanla and she already had three clients, she gained Rhonda, who had been her support life coach in the first season, as her primary life coach.

The third season was filmed in the Reseda district of Los Angeles. For the first three weeks of the third season, which aired from 2005 until 2006, couples worked together with the life coaches. Although men have been guests of the women on the show, this was the first time that men appeared on the show specifically to work on their issues.

Starting Over was cancelled after three seasons, with the show airing its final rerun on September 8, 2006. Many of the stations airing Starting Over were offered a variety talk show hosted by former Will & Grace star Megan Mullally as a replacement by NBC Universal Television Distribution, which distributed both series

However, Mullally's show was a ratings flop and NBC Universal announced its immediate cancellation on January 4, 2007, with the final episode airing on January 9 after fourteen weeks on the air. NBCU quickly put together a package of Starting Over reruns, which were offered to stations to fill the gap left by the cancellation of The Megan Mullally Show, and launched them on January 26, 2007 to fill out the remainder of the season.[1] Since 2013, Canadian Network One started airing the series.

My opinion: I like it because it is kind of like Oprah and Dr. Phil helping these women with counseling.  There are issues like a woman with lots of phobias like elevators.  One woman rebuilding her life after breast cancer.

I liked it because in Oct. 2014, I was working at my restaurant job and was attending 2 college classes in the MacEwan Office Assistant program.  I was making changes in my life because in Jan. 2013 I had gotten the Office Job. 

The job lasted 5 months and 2013 was the Year of the Office Job.  In 2014, it was the Year of Education and Research.  I was looking for another career since I decided to stop trying to get into TV production.  I had went into TV production 2008-2012 and tried to get my script produced. 

I then decided to look for something else.

Jul. 11, 2017: I still am looking for a new career.  Remember this year from Jan. -Mar. 2017, I was looking for a meaningful career?  I posted one email/ blog post a week about a job that is really helpful like medicine and social work.   


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