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Monday, July 17, 2017

Scream 4/ Southgate Construction scam

Jul. 12, 2017 Scream 4: In Jan. 2017 I watched this movie. 

"Ten years have passed, and Sidney Prescott, who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the Ghostface Killer."

Why?: I saw Scream 3 when it came out in 2000.  I watched it when I was 14 yrs old with my sister.  I like scary movies.


1. It was scary.  There was lots of drama, conflict, tension, suspense.  Interesting.

2.  My favorite part was probably when the killer calls about being in the closet.  That was suspenseful with a good surprise.

3.  There was a really good 3rd act when they reveal the killer. 


1. I was kind of "eh" with the reason why this character is the killer.

Would you watch it again?: There is a very low chance I would watch it again.  I just didn't like it.  It had the same kind of writing style in Scream 3, but my tastes have changed.  However, I would like to watch Scream and Scream 2.  I only saw some of Scream 2 on TV.

This is an average movie at best and mediocre movie at worst.


People living in a movie: There is the self-awareness of these characters feeling like they're in a scary movie.  In the movie Messages Deleted, it's like that too:

"A screenwriting teacher is forced to live out the plot of a screenplay idea he stole from a student, who now seeks revenge."

Messages Deleted: In Jan. 2017 I watched this movie. 

"A screenwriting teacher is forced to live out the plot of a screenplay idea he stole from a student, who now seeks revenge."

Why?: The storyline seemed pretty interesting because I'm interested in screenwriting and have tried to get into the industry since I was 14 yrs old.  I pitched my script for 5yrs in 2008-2012.


1. Good writing tips: "The foundation of great storytelling is found in characters.  Characters have to be believable." 

Pg. 40: Something has to happen to propel the story forward.

2. There is a crazy scene where Joel (Matthew Lillard) is talking to Claire (Chiara Zanni) the café.  I never predicted it.

3. The story is good with random strangers calling Joel before they are about to be killed.  The police think Joel is killing them.

4. I like the line where the cops are saying to Joel about him being a screenwriting teacher: "You charge people to teach them to do something that you failed at yourself."

That reminds me when I talked to screenwriting teacher Geo Takch at MacEwan in 2007.  He had his episode produced on the TV show Mentors.  The characters meet artist Emily Carr.

5. It was shot in Canada.  You can see the Canadian actors in the small parts.

6. There is a good line: how Joel is "powerless in private life and dominant in fantasy world."

7. There is a crazy plot twist as Joel tries to protect Millie.

8. After that there is even a crazier ending.  I was like: "What?"

Spoiler alert (you can skip to the next part if you don't want to be spoiled): So it seems like the whole movie, none of it really happened.  Joel wrote it as a script and he's sitting in jail.

Cons: None really.

Would you watch it again?: This is an average movie at best and mediocre movie at worst.  There is a low chance I would watch it again.

The Box: I watched this movie in Nov. 2016.

"A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don't know."

Why?: I read the short story "Button, Button" by Richard Matheson in Language Arts class in gr. 9.


1. James Marsden and Cameron Diaz were good in it.

2. The story idea was interesting.

3. There was drama, conflict, and tension with the moral of pressing the button.  There was also added reasons like financial pressure. 

4. There is some good dialogue like:

"You got blood on your hands." -literal and figurative

"Someone pushing your buttons."

5. It was creepy and tense like the movie The Haunting in Connecticut where it's set in the 1970s.


1. It was set in the 1970s, and I don't really like things set in the past.

2. My main problem is that there are is the difficult decision presented in front of the characters.  It was very contrived.  A decision where the parent either sacrifices him or herself or their child.

3. This is a movie based on a short story and you need to fill it up.

Would you watch it again?: This is an average movie at best and mediocre movie at worst.  There is a low chance I would watch it again.

Jul. 14, 2017 Poseidon: I watched this movie in Jul. 2016.

"On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner Poseidon capsizes after being swamped by a rogue wave. The survivors are left to fight for their lives as they attempt to escape the sinking ship."

Why?: I like action movies.  Also it was the summer time and not a lot of TV and movies to watch.


1. There are some big names.

Mia Maestro- was Sydney's sister on Alias.

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas playing a professional singer, so that's not too much of a stretch for her.

Andre Braugher- the captain.  He plays the chief on Brooklyn 99.

2. There is lots of drama, conflict and tension as the characters vs. nature (the rogue wave) and vs. circumstances.

There is chaos with fire, lights out.  There are dead people.  Lots of obstacles as the survivors struggle to get to the top of the ship.  There are bridges, freight elevators


1. I thought it was kind of boring.

2. After this, I don't think I want to go on a cruise.  However, I had written about that before in 2013:

Would you watch it again?: This is an average movie at best and mediocre movie at worst.  There is a low chance I would watch it again.


People stuck on a cruise ship and struggle to survive: Titanic.  Though I find this movie more interesting than Titanic.

A ship that is flipped upside down and people trying to get out: I told this to my brother P and he told me it was done on a Pokémon episode called "Pokémon Shipwreck."

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu are on a ship and is flipped upside down.  They get Charmander to burn a hole so they can get out.  Misty then calls a water Pokémon to go and call for help.

The Simpsons: I thought of the episode where George Bush moves across the street from the Simpsons.  Apu says the slushie machine was overproducing slushies.

Cut to Jimbo Jones swimming in the slushie as he gets a 6 pack.

2 scuba divers are fixing the slushie machine.

The Day the Earth Stood Still: I saw this movie on May 2016.

A remake of the 1951 classic science fiction film about an alien visitor and his giant robot counterpart who visit Earth.

Why?: I like sci-fi movies.


1. It's got big names like Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly and Jayden Smith.

2. They are likeable characters like an alien, a professor, the professor's stepson.

3. It's fast-paced with an adventure with Helen and Jacob (Connelly and Smith) whisked to National Security.

4. I see some familiar faces like JC Mackenzie (the bad boss on the TV show Dark Angel).

5. There is lots of drama, conflict, and tension of an asteroid coming to Earth.

People's lives are at stake.

6. There is good emotion like an Old Chinese man is speaking to the alien Klaatu (Reeves):

"Human life is difficult, but as my life is coming to an end, I consider myself lucky to have lived it."

I will put that into my inspirational quotes.

7. Spoiler alert:

Klaatu: The planet is dying.  Human race is killing it.
Helen: Come to save the Earth from us.
Klaatu: We are not going to save humans from Earth.

8. Spoiler alert:

Jacob freaks out when Klaatu is hit with a car and brings back to life.

Cons: It was not as interesting as other sci-fi movies.  This has more drama than action.

Would you watch it again?: This is an average movie at best and mediocre movie at worst.  There is a low chance I would watch it again.


An asteroid coming to earth:

The TV show Salvation:

An MIT grad student and a tech superstar bring a low-level Pentagon official a staggering discovery--that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth.

My week:

Jul. 11, 2017 Ripe Tomato: I was looking for a job and I found this restaurant.  I like the logo because of the tomatoes in it.

Baskin Robbins: It seems like this store closed in Alberta:

There are lots of places to get ice cream like Dairy Queen.

Café job interview: Last month I passed my resume to this café.  Today there was a job ad on the internet from them.  I got a call from them and went there for the interview.

The boss recognized me and I told him I was there before. 


1. It was close by.

2. The pay was average.

3. I can do the job of serving customers. 


1. I thought this was going to be a permanent job, but it turns out it was a temp job.

My opinion: I would work there.

Asian restaurant interview: I passed my resume in person to this Asian restaurant.  I got a call back later that day.  However, she said they were looking for a cook and not a server.

Street Performer's Festival: Prior to the interview, I went to this festival.  I saw jewellery, clothes, and two psychic booths.  One was for Psychic Ana and the other was Psychic World like with a guy named Sage and Kasandra.  I told Sage I have seen him before and got a reading from him way back in 2013.  

I have seen a psychic once or twice a yr from 2009-2013.  After that I haven't seen one.  They get my personality right, but not my future.

Donate toys: My mom donated this stuffed dog toy I had.  I had went to K-days with my friend Leslie way back in 2006.  I paid a guy $4 to guess my age.  If he doesn't guess right within 2 yrs, I win a stuffed animal.  He writes down his guess.

Guy: How old are you?
Tracy: 20.
Guy (shows his written guess): 17.

That dog was sitting beside this panda bear on the basement couch for 11 yrs.  I'm sure some kid would like to play with this stuffed dog.

Jul. 12, 2017 Summer 2017 TV shows: I'm watching Zoo.  They're on their 3rd season.

Salvation: This show is coming on tonight and I will check out the pilot.  It looks like there are 10 eps and is on Global.

An MIT grad student and a tech superstar bring a low-level Pentagon official a staggering discovery--that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth.

Somewhere Between: This comes on Mon. Jul. 24 and it comes on Global.  There are 10 eps.  I will check out the pilot:

Paula Patton plays a mother who tries to change the fate of her daughter's murder

Midnight, Texas: This comes on Mon. Jul. 24 and it comes on Global.  There are 10 eps.  I will check out the pilot.  It looks like a supernatural show.

Midnight is a safe haven for those who are different, but with the presence of outsiders, the residents band together and form a strong and unlikely family.

21 Thunder: This comes out on Mon. Jul. 31 on CBC.  There are 8 episodes.   One of my favorite Edmonton actors Kyle Mac (from Between) is in it, so I'm probably going to watch the show series.

In the cutthroat world of pro soccer, a club lives and dies by the stars on its under-21 team. They are the future and lifeblood of any franchise, but most will never make it. 21

THUNDER is the story of the Montreal Thunder U21 team, following the team's star players on and off the field. A story of love, crime, race, sex and athletic glory, at its core the series is about how a group of players and coaches unite as family in the whirlwind of life, one step away from the pros.

Right now I'm pretty excited about these TV shows.  I will have to mitigate my excitement by writing some TV show and movie reviews I had watched.

I wrote the above hours ago and am writing some movie reviews.  I feel really good writing about it.

Jul. 13, 2017 Salvation: I saw the pilot today.  John Doyle made fun of it in his Globe and Mail TV column.  I find this show to be mediocre.  think I will record all the episodes and maybe watch it at the end of August when there aren't that many shows on.
I will have completed my work and then watch a TV show.

Southgate Construction scam:

The people at my bank told me to report it to the police.  I showed the emails to a cop and he told me to call this number instead:

I reported this to  I called the number 1-888-495-8501:

Jun. 29, 2017: I got hired on Fri. Jun. 23, 2017.  The first thing I did was show the email and website to my dad to ask if it's a scam.  He said it looked legit so I gave my name, number and address to the email.  When I was emailing the boss Todd Miller he said he got my resume through Kijiji.  I did a phone interview with him before.

On the weekends, I don't look for a job.

On Mon. Jun. 26-Wed. Jun. 28, I didn't look for a job.  I put my binder and paper, and a pencil case with a few pencils in it.

On Mon. Jun. 26, I put up my 3 weekly emails/ blog posts.  I read the newspaper a business book.  I went through my news articles I cut out to see what I could post onto my blog.

On Tues. I read the newspaper and business book.  I also put up a few job articles I found.

On Wed. I went to work. I deposited $4760 check from Southgate Construction into my account.

On Thurs. I was told by Todd Miller at Southgate Construction to withdraw $4000 from my account.

I was to deposit it to a Scotiabank account.  Then at Scotiabank, CSR Chris and boss Colleen said it is a scam.  Why would a company give you money for work you haven't done yet?

Tracy: I can show you the website and the emails.  The money is to go to buy office furniture.
Colleen: Deposit the money back into your account and put a hold on that check to verify if it's counterfeit or not.

Southgate Constructions
380 Wellington St, London, Ontario N6A 5N9, Canada
Phone #: 226-314-0641

TV and movies:

Devil: In the movie, it mentions the job of forensic accountant.  My brother P tells me that it means an account looks into where all the money comes from.

Secrets and Lies: In the first season there is a character who finds lots of cash in the house. 

Tracy: He should put all that money into the bank account to get interest.  Also what if the house burns down?
P: Yeah, but accounts can be frozen.

Arrested Development: The 1st season.

George Michael Jr.: There is money in the Banana Stand. 

There was cash in it.

Teen Mom: Farrah got scammed by $3000 when she bought a car online.  This was like in the 1st season in 2009 or 2010.  I can't quite remember it.

Catch Me if You Can: I saw some of this movie on TV.  There is a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio's character says: "This is not a real check.  The paper is too heavy."


1. No legitimate company would pay you for work you haven't done yet.

2. I remember when I was rereading a Seventeen magazine last yr before I was to donate it.  It was about scholarships: Anything about money can have a scam on it.

Office job interview: I did this interview last week, but didn't write about it.


1. It was close by.

2. The hours are Mon. -Fri. and full-time.

3. The pay is good.

4. I can do the job and the duties.

Cons: None really. 

My opinion: I would work there if I got hired.  If I don't get hired, that's fine too.

Jul. 14, 2017: I see that I still have 10 days before a new TV show debuts.  I will keep busy by writing my TV and movie reviews.  Whenever I watch a pilot or movie, I write down notes on scrap paper so I can type it up on my blog. 

I see that I have watched a lot of TV and movies since 2016 to present.

When I'm writing about it, I feel energized.


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