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Monday, July 24, 2017

fall 2016 TV season- comedy

May 27, 2017: Most of the shows I will say: "I saw the pilot and then I never watched it again."

The Simpsons: I was also thinking about The Simpsons episode where they make fun of Ultimate Fighting Championship and mix martial arts.

Marge learns about the Ultimate Punching Kicking Choking Association and dislikes it.  She protests to get it banned.

Marge: If something is not to my taste, it means that no one else can enjoy it either.

I'm sure some of you guys are laughing at this part.

1. The Good Place: I didn't see any promos about this show when it came out and so I sat down and watched the pilot and the 2nd episode that aired right after it.  On

A woman struggles to define what it means to be "good".


1. It stars Kristen Bell, the star of Veronica Mars.

2. I like the concept of this "heaven".  How to get to heaven is like hug a friend or donate blood.

3. It's a beautiful place.  It's a funny, weird and quirky place.

4. Good ethnic diversity of Asian, black, East- Indian.

5. A good part is where the Buddhist monk Jianyu touches Michael's heart.

Michael: The strength is inside me.  It's been there all along.  Of course, I can overcome any obstacle.

Eleanor feels bad and remorseful so she cleans up the neighborhood.

Chidi: You seem capable of change and I will help you try.

6. Light and fun humor.  Nothing offensive.

7. I like the redemption storyline, kind of like Angel which is a dark drama about a vampire doing good deeds.

8. Good mystery and conflict when Eleanor gets a note "You don't belong here."

Cons: None.

My opinion: I like it and all, but it's a sitcom and I don't really like sitcoms.  You can watch the pilot if you want.

The show got a 2nd season.

2. Kevin Can Wait:

A newly retired police officer looks forward to spending more quality time with his wife and three kids only to discover he faces much tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets.


1. The joke where the daughter Kendra tells her plan:

Kendra: I'm dropping out of school to work at a diner until Chale hits it big with his app.
Donna (mom): That's not a plan.  That's literally every stripper's back story.

2. Funny ending with go-cart racing, paintballing and the Go- Pro.


1. My biggest problem is the fat guy with a hot wife.

Erinn Hayes who plays the wife is beautiful.  Unless you want to wank it in your mind that Kevin's character used to be skinny, and then gained a lot of weight.  Here, look at her:

Homer Simpson from The Simpsons was skinny as a teenager when he met Marge.

This guy F who is in his 40s (from Filmmakers Meetup) said: "A woman who stays with a fat guy would only do that if he's rich."

That's his opinion.

My opinion: I watched the pilot and then I never watched it again.  I'm sure some of you guys are like: "Why did you watch it in the first place?  You don't even like Kevin James."  I was desperate for TV and will watch pilots of TV shows that I know I will dislike. 

I don't like sitcoms.  It got a 2nd season.

Jul. 14, 2017:

3. Man with a Plan:

A dad finds out that parenting is harder than he thought after his wife goes back to work and he's left at home to take care of the kids.


1. Matt Leblanc, Joey from Friends is here.

2. The family is likeable with the parents and the kids like 13 yr old daughter, 10 yr old son, and 5 yr old daughter.

3. This is kind of shallow but I like how there isn't a fat guy with a hot wife.  Leblanc is average and Liza Snyder who plays the wife is average too. 

4. Matt Cook who plays Mo from the TV sitcom Clipped was in it.  I was watching Clipped last summer because there weren't a lot of TV shows to watch.

5. Good parenting tip:

Lowell (Matt Cook): I got my daughters addicted to lottery tickets and take them away when they don't do what I want them to do.

The kids are low on the tablets batteries and are addicted to it.

Adam (Matt Leblanc): I change the password everyday until you do your chores.  Now I have some candy to crush.

Oh yeah, the Candy Crush game.

Cons: None.

My opinion: It was alright and all, but I don't like sitcoms so I'm not going to watch it. It got a 2nd season.

Jul. 15, 2017:

4. Son of Zorn:

"Animation and live action collide when a cartoon Barbarian dad leaves his war-torn village to re-connect with his moody, non-animated teenage son in suburbia."


1. It was kind of quirky of live action- and animated together.  Also a cartoon- Barbarian dad does stand out as an idea and a TV show.

2. It was light, fun, and funny.  It wasn't offensive.  We have Zorn working as a telemarketer.

3. There was good ethnic diversity of the new husband is Tim Meadows.  An Asian girl Nancy (Ellen Wong) is in the pilot.

Cons: None.

My opinion: The show is average, but I didn't like it enough to watch it again.

This show got cancelled after 1 season.

My week:

Jul. 17, 2017 DVR complaints: These are some mild complaints: Yesterday I was going to watch the movie Taken that I had recorded on DVR.  It kept skipping every couple of min.  I then stopped 15 min. in.  If it comes on TV again, I will record it.

Starting Over TV show: Before that, I had recorded this show, and 2 episodes were skipping.  However, I was fine with that because it's just a reality show.

Jul. 21, 2017: I have been watching this show because it's kind of like Oprah with all the talking and counseling.  It's aimed at women.

It's like Dr. Phil with the talking, counseling and exercises like the person who wants to make changes are supposed to meet with someone who has gone through this.  However, Dr. Phil and his guests get me angry, but this TV show doesn't.

In some cases, the Starting Over TV show helps the women more than they can on their own.  Christine used to be a stripper and escort.  She has photos still on an escort site though she isn't one. 

The TV show producers set her up with a lawyer to get a cease and desist order to remove the photos.  I don't think Christine could have even afforded or thought of getting a lawyer.  If she wasn't on the show, she would have probably let the photos stay on the site.  

Jul. 17, 2017: 

Southgate Construction scam: The important things are:

1. I didn't get scammed out of $4000.

2. I also didn't miss out on other job opportunities.  I could have gotten hired somewhere else and I would have turned it down because I thought I was hired here.

3. I was still productive with reading the business section of the newspaper (and the news) on the 2 days I wasn't looking for a job.  Also as I was standing in line at the bank, and waiting while I was put on hold to report to the Anti-fraud Centre, I was reading the news.

4. I booked some days off with my General Holiday Pay (GHP) at work.

Jul. 21, 2017:

5. Also I'm not really angry.  They got some of my time, but they didn't get my money.

6. Don't take it personal.  I know they did this to a lot of people and I was one of them.  It's not like they were specifically targeting me like: "I know a way to get at Tracy.  I'm going to convince her that she got hired when she didn't."

7. I know some of you guys maybe were like: "I don't get this with Tracy.  She's always asking: 'Is this a scam?  Is this a scam?'  Then when there is job ad that is obviously a scam with a company giving you a check when you haven't done any work for them, she can't see that it is?"

This reminds me of my friend Angela asking about Justin Berry: "When you're that age (13) don't you kind of know what's right and wrong by then?  And I think he knew what he was doing was kind of wrong."

I was blind.  At least the 2 workers at the bank saw my blind spot.

8. Also saying things out loud can really point out how stupid you sound and look.

TV and real life comparisons:

It's like that time on Desperate Housewives.  Susan is struggling to pay for her son MJ's private school tuition.  She sees her ex-husband Mike bought his girlfriend Katherine a nice peal necklace.  Susan tries to steal it and Katherine catches her.

Susan: I was going to sell this necklace and use that money towards my son's school tuition and as I'm saying that out loud, I see how stupid I sound.

I bet the people at the bank thought I sounded stupid as I said: "The check was put into my account and I was to put that cash into this account."

In conclusion, this should be the last time I write about this scam.

Jul. 18, 2017 Office job interview: Yesterday I got an email to come in and I called them to set it up for today.  The 2nd bus was 8 min. late (I can see on the bus computer screen.)  Then I missed a stop and got off and took a bus that came soon to get back to where I'm supposed to get off at.  I asked the bus driver and he told me to walk this way to get to the address.

I then walked 10 min and was unsure because there were these residential streets.  I did Google map and plan my trip prior to it.


1. The hours are good.  I can work the shifts.

2. I told them my pay range.

3. The office seems nice.

4. If this office is like the other clinics I did interviews at, I think I can do the job.


1. It was kind of far with 2 busses to get there and walking for 10 min.  I can deal with it.

The main con was the interview.  I was there for like 1 min of talking about my experience.  The guy who interviewed me seemed to be in kind of a rush, probably to get to his patients.  I hope I made a good impression on him if it was so short.

My opinion: I would work there if I got hired.

Writing about TV and movies: I'm writing more TV and movie reviews from the notes I wrote on my scrap paper.  I can only watch one Starting Over episode a day before I get sick of it.

Jul. 19, 2017 Law of attraction: It seems it's only manifesting in small ways.

Last week, I was talking to my co-worker S and she told me about this book series called The Dark Tower.  The next day I saw a trailer for that movie.  S didn't say anything about it being a movie.

On Sun. I was working and an old employee who works here came.  She has a baby named Raya.  I don't think I've heard of that name before.  Then I was reading the newspaper about The Amazing Race Canada and Riya was a name of a contestant. 

The Dark Tower:

Kate Middleton being real: While greeting fans after the royal family arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday, Kate had the perfect response when a young woman told her she was “beautiful” and “perfect.” 

“We were telling her that she is beautiful and perfect, but she said it’s not true — it’s just the make-up,” Magda Mordaka, 21, told Express.

Newlyweds Share Father-Daughter Dance with Friends Whose Dad Has Terminal Cancer:

At a wedding reception, the only daughter-father dance you usually expect to see involves a bride and her dad.

But one couple, Nora and Michaela Cook-Yotts, decided to change up this rule for a particularly touching reason.

After Michaela and Nora took the floor with their respective dads, they welcomed onto the dancefloor Michaela’s bridesmaid Jessica Otto, Jessica’s sister Megan, and their dad Peter.

Jessica and Megan’s dad Peter was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001, central nervous system lymphoma in 2009, and a brain tumor in 2013 — he relapsed for a fourth time last spring. His condition is now considered terminal. Presumably he won’t be around to dance at his own daughters’ weddings which is why this gesture was so incredibly meaningful.

Peter was apparently clueless about the plan until the DJ called them up. “Not only have Jess and I been friends since the second grade, Pete is my dad’s best friend,” Michaela told Buzzfeed. “It only made sense that he was up there dancing with Jess and Megan.

“The first my dad heard of it was when the DJ called myself, Megan, and our dad to the dance floor,” Megan also explained. “He was shocked.”

Not only was this a gift for the dad and his daughters, it was a gift for their mom as well. “My mom is so grateful for what Nora and Michaela did for us,” Megan told Buzzfeed. Jessica added: “Our mom is the glue that holds us all together. Without her absolutely none of this would be possible for our family to get through.”

Jul. 20, 2017 Ryan Reynolds gives terminally ill five-year-old from Devon a FaceTime tour of 'Deadpool 2' set:

The British Board of Film Classification might have graded Deadpool as only being suitable for over 15s but this has not stopped the film from being a firm favourite of Daniel Downing.
The five-year-old, who was recently told he had just months to live after doctors discovered an inoperable brain tumour, is a loyal fan of both the American superhero film and its protagonist Ryan Reynolds.

For this reason, Daniel was overcome with joy after Reynolds decided to ring him up and show him around the Vancouver set of Deadpool 2 via video.

“How’s it going, little buddy?” the 40-year-old actor said over the phone as the young boy told him he has been “poorly”.

My opinion: Aww.... that's so nice.  There is a 2 min 30 sec video of their face time.

A woman donates her $30,000 wedding dinner to the homeless: I was reading the National Post in the Edmonton Journal.  This woman cancelled her wedding and can't get a refund, so she invited these homeless people to eat the food.

My opinion: Aww... how nice.  I love reading and telling about charity news.

Jul. 21, 2017 Argyle Sweater: This is a comic I cut out on Jul. 14, 2017.  I can't copy and paste it here.  Click on the link and the date and you will see 2 bears fighting each other.  It's about sibling rivalry.

Bear: Hey, Benny, why ya mauling yourself?  Huh, Ben?  Why ya keep mauling yourself?

Caption: Ben hated being the youngest of the cubs.

I don't find it funny because it's about bullying and beating up your sibling.

I find it funny because it's about bears acting like humans.


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