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Luka Magnotta/ Former Middle School Classmates In Court As Judge And Defendant!

Jun. 29 Luka Magnotta: Remember this guy?  He killed and dismembered Justin Lin.  Now he's on an online dating website for inmates.

I find this uncomfortable and disturbing.  However if people come to visit him in prison, Magnotta will never be released. 

Jul. 2 Power  off predators foundation: I found this on Kijiji when I was looking for a job.  It's about "Education Against Internet Predators:

"Human Ken dies": I found this on MSN.  It's sad, but it's interesting to look at his face.

'The Brazilian ‘Human Ken’ has died following complications after being diagnosed with leukaemia just five months ago.

Celso Santebañes, a 20-year-old Brazilian model who spent £30,000 on surgery in order to appear like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, died at Federal University of Uberlândia Clinical Hospital, in Brazil, on Thursday after contracting pneumonia.

Female UFC fighter beats apology out of man: I got this on Yahoo:

A man made a huge mistake over the weekend when he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman outside of a California nightclub. 

The incident then led to a physical altercation with the woman’s friends, both of whom are professional mixed martial arts fighters in the UFC and certainly not the ladies you want to be messing with.

According to the tabloid The Mirror, the incident went down like this:

Leslie Smith, a bantamweight fighter and Heather Clark, who fights in the UFC straw weight division, were standing outside of a nightclub with some friends when a man grabbed Clark’s behind.

Smith objected and confronted the man, who then allegedly spat in her face saying “F*** you. I can do whatever I want.”

Smith responded by telling the man that he, in fact, could not do whatever he wanted. The man then allegedly threw a punch in Smith’s direction — which of course, she dodged, forcing him up against a wall.

She then managed to take him onto the floor where she rained elbows down on the man.

“He turned over and I just dropped elbows on him from mount against the building until he started saying, “I’m sorry,”‘ Smith told Marc Raimondi of MMA Fighting.

"Then I stopped as soon as he said sorry, because that was really the only thing I went over there for.”

Yahoo comment:

BC-Ca: Good for her, LOL! It must have been a big surprise for the guy when the "defenseless lady" pounced on him and beat the crap out of him. I am still laughing. He threw a punch at her not knowing she could easily take him down. This means that if it had been a lady who did not know how to respond, she would have been badly hurt. I wish she had seriously beaten the crap out of him. Yes, I am a guy. I cannot stand dudes who get violent with women and disrespect them so blatantly.

Two- word obituary: I found this on Yahoo today:

A North Dakota man's self-penned, two-word obituary has been published in his local newspaper.

Douglas Legler's death notice in the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead read simply: "Doug died."

The masterpiece of brevity featured a photo of the 85-year-old jokester having the last laugh.

Jul. 3 Outrageous kindergarten question: I found this on Yahoo:

The mother of an incoming kindergartner in Connecticut has persuaded officials to revise their school forms after speaking outabout a question that she says got too personal. The inquiry: “Type of birth: Vaginal__ Cesarean__.”

Cara Paiuk was at an introductory event for her son’s upcoming kindergarten class at Aiken Elementary School in West Hartford when she and her husband were handed a packet of forms to fill out. As her husband began to answer questions, Paiuk says she noticed one particularly alarming request for information. The question, in a section about “birth history,” asked whether her son was delivered vaginally or via C-section. “I ripped it out of his hands and said, ‘You can’t answer that, it’s none of their business,’” Paiuk tells Yahoo Parenting. “This is kindergarten, and they want to know about my vagina! I don’t understand — there’s no correlation between the two for me.”

My opinion: At first I was like: "I'm sure a lot of mothers talk about this at the playground when their kids are playing so it's not really personal to them."  This case, if you read more, the school needs to know if the kids have birth trauma.  However, birth trauma can happen either way of delivery.

There are 350 comments right now.  I skimmed the first 6 and most of them said it was ridiculous and none of the school's business.

Jul. 4 "Former Middle School Classmates Share An Emotional Reunion In Court As Judge And Defendant!": I found this on Youtube front page.  There is this white woman judge and a black guy defendant.  It's 1 min. long.  First the judge asked him if he went to this middle school.   He said yes and totally remembers her.  He says "Oh my goodness!"  He seems happy at first, but then sad and starts crying. 

Judge was saying how "He was the nicest kid in middle school."  She wished him good luck and to live a lawful life.  I hope those words stuck with him.  I watched this a few times.

Jul. 5 Husband charged in murder: I found this on MSN news.  It was intense:

The husband of missing Calgary actress Shannon Burgess (née Madill) was charged with second degree murder after the young woman’s body was found at the couple’s Ramsay residence on Friday — seven months after she vanished.

Police say the arrest of Shannon’s husband Joshua Burgess, 29, comes after a missing persons case that began in December “rapidly” transitioned to a homicide investigation within the past week because of new information gathered.

Woman orders pizza online to get help: This was on my May 6, 2015:

ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - Employees at a Pizza Hut in Florida were praised on Wednesday for helping rescue a customer who wrote a message in her online pizza order that she was being held hostage and needed someone to call 911, authorities said.
The note led to the arrest of Ethan Nickerson, 26, who used a large knife to hold his girlfriend and their three children hostage, said Highlands County sheriff's spokeswoman Nell Hays.

Yahoo comment:

Love1: I'm sure the police arrived on the scene in 30 minutes or less. Okay, okay, really bad and awful joke but seriously, MAJOR KUDOS to the staff! Quick thinking and erring on the side of caution saved this woman and her children's lives. Again, awesome awesome job to the staff of this establishment and a hearty YOU ROCK to the law enforcement officers who responded. Hope this survivor of domestic violence and her children find safe shelter and services to help them leave this dangerous situation.

Chloe Khan: I found this on Yahoo news:

"At just 23 Chloe Khan's life is like something out of a Hollywood movie - from abject poverty to a life most can only dream of. Branded queen of the chavs four years ago after being ripped to shreds on X Factor by Simon Cowell, Chloe has had the last laugh now earning more than most professional pop stars. Videographer / Director: Braden Barty Producer: Jack McKay Editor: Ian Phillips    From X Factor Reject To LA Princess | Barcroft TV - Yahoo Screen"

My opinion: It was inspirational.  She was on the X-Factor and was eliminated.  Then she became a webcam girl and made like 6 figures.  She got a 58 yr old boyfriend John Gray, the owner of the strip club chain Spearmint Rhino.She visited her old neighborhood and it was kind of ghetto.  The vibe I was getting was dreary.  She did hug an old man who lived on the street, it's like they knew each other.  I was inspired about how she changed her life to how she lives in a mansion, nice cars, shopping sprees.  She seems happy.

Maximize relationships Live: I've been listening to a lot of telesummits this year.  This is a free video interview series.  Each day Sarah Oulette will interview a coach on how to improve your relationships.  Check it out because I will:

Custodian who lost home in fire gets a new house:

"Everyone in Boiling Springs, South Carolina, knows Brenda Hurst. After all, she has been the head custodian at Boiling Springs High School for 20 years."

They built a house for her and her brother.  How sweet.

Jeopardy: I found this on May 26:  "What is Kinky boots?" 'Jeopardy' Contestant's Funny And Completely Wrong Answer | TV In No Time - Yahoo Screen

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