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Monday, July 13, 2015

Latin Festival/ West Edmonton Mall

Mar. 11: I haven’t been shopping much.  The last time I really went shopping was in Jan. 2015.  I’m going to write about some shopping trips I did a long time ago.  By writing about it, I’m reliving it. 
Latin Festival: On Aug. 16, 2014, I went to the Latin Festival in Churchill Square.  There was loud Latin music playing.  There was Mexican and Caribbean food.  I looked at the clothes, jewelry and bags.  The style was Latin and African.
I checked out Tix on Square.  They sell art and books by local artists.  You can go there during the times when there aren’t summer festivals.  They also sell bus passes too.
City Centre Mall: I stopped by there and Souvlaki Express was replaced by Jimmy the Greek.
West Edmonton Mall: On Aug. 18, 2014 I went shopping there because I had a job interview later.  I’m also going to write if the store is in the WEM coupon book that you can buy for $9.99.  I will write CB by the store.
  1. Alexis- they sell expensive club wear.  The store has now closed down.
  2. Little Burgundy- On the window display, there is this big shoe that is made of cardboard.  Expensive shoes, jewelry, backpacks, unisex.
  3. J. Crew- nice jewelry.  Preppy and expensive clothes.  There is a good display of woods and a coffee table book.
  4. Banana Republic- Really nice jewelry, and preppy.  I tried on the perfume and cologne.
  5. LOFT- this is a new store that opened in 2014.  It was a nice, expensive, preppy.
  6. Bench- expensive, unisex.  CB.
7. 7 for all Mankind
8. Anthropologie- I don’t really like the clothes, but I like the stationary, dishware, home décor, and perfumes.
9. Jack Jones- expensive men’s clothes.  It was the first time I was there.  Loud music.
10. Comic King- lots of comics and some action figures.
11. Jubilations Dinner Theatre- I saw the menus and you can choose between 4 entrees.  The shows are Pirates of the Caribbean, Footloose.  CB.
12. Palace Casino- there was MMA on TV.  There was Aces Grill.  The restaurant looks good and the menu is on a screen.  There is sandwiches and salad for $11.  It’s a very big casino.  There are lots of washrooms spread around.  You can see into Galaxy Land.
13. Colour Me Mine- you can paint ceramics like dishware, home décor, cups.  One item costs $32.  It includes paint and glaze.
14. Gold Gym’s-  they have a little juice bar called Juice it Up.  It also has Nutrition that sells wraps, sandwiches, salads and energy drinks.  CB.
15. Golden Tan- there is $25 for a 20 min. massage.  There is a sign for a quit- smoking program.
16. Nirvana Hot Yoga- sold yoga clothes.  One class is $18.
17. Dragon Tale- it’s indoor, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf.  It’s $11 to get in.  Nice atmosphere.
18. Garden Bakery- Chinese bread, but lots of Western cakes and cake slices.
19. Comex Hobby- puzzles, games, stuffed animals, toys, wallets.
20. Millennium- Goth books, jewelry, clothes.  You can pick a small bag of stones (like quartz) for $6.99.  There is a strong incense smell.  CB.
21. Games Workshop- buy a box of a action figure and paint it.
22. Tutti Frutti- there’s a soy yogurt.  There are lots of people there.  They charge by the weight of it.  Others like Pink Berry charge by the cup size.  CB.
I bumped into my old boss Stella from the Soup place.  She was going to a yoga class.  She saw me from behind and thought it was me.  She’s trying out a 1 month pass for yoga.
Aug. 28, 2014: This was another trip at WEM.  It was before I had to go to a meeting at work.
  1. Guess- I went to the clothing store.  There is a Guess Accessories store in the mall.  The clothing store had bags and jewelry too. 
  2. Aritzia- At that time they sold autumn clothes, sporty, preppy.
  3. Call it Spring- backpacks, shoes, jewelry.
  4. Below the Belt- the store is expensive, but there are lots of charities.  They sold Tom’s shoes.  You know, buy one pair of Tom’s shoes and they will give another to charity.  There was also another charity about for every item sold, 10 trees will be planted.  I’m looking at my notes, but my notes doesn’t say what charity. 
They also sold United necklaces.  It’s for charity and it fights hunger. 
Weaver Distribution: From the website:
“Weaver Distribution is a sister duo providing products for Ladies & Littles to retailers across Canada. We are a multi line operation- distributing several brands across our Nation.
In business since 2007 we have established an extensive database of amazing boutiques and chain stores alike.
Our goal has always and will always be “Fashion with a Purpose” doing what we love while being able to give back.
If you are a Retailer please visit our wholesale page for line sheets & order forms.
  1. Dynamite- I like the atmosphere.  It’s medium price.
  2. Disney- there is a small Star Wars section.
May 15 Kandi Burress: Does anyone know Kandi?  On Wikipedia:

Kandi Leniece Burruss-Tucker (born May 17, 1976)[1] is an American singer-songwriter, television personality, occasional actress and record producer. She is a former member of the group Xscape. Burruss currently stars as one of six members in the Bravo reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta since its second season premiere on July 30, 2009. Burruss married Todd Tucker in the summer of 2014.

She had that song in 2001 called "Don't Think I'm Not."  I love the song, here's the video.  You can totally dance to it.  I did buy a used copy of her cd on Amazon.  If you like R&B and pop, you'll like this.  She wrote for Nsync, TLC, and Boyz to Men, won a Grammy, so this proves she's talented.

May 22 Justin Bieber and James Corden: This is very funny.  It's where James Corden is driving around Justin Beiber. Beiber stops and takes a photo with 2 guys.  Corden puts on a couple of Beiber's songs.  They sing and car dance to it.

I was impressed that Beiber was able to solve a Rubick's cube within 2 min.

Here's the video:

I wrote about solving the Rubick's cube really fast here:

Jul. 10 124 street: I was there for a job interview a couple of weeks ago.  I stopped by Tiramisu café.  They sell some gelato and they have live music on Fri. nights at 7pm.

I went to Plum Home + Design.  They have some stationary, baby items, and home décor.

Downtown: In May I was in downtown looking for a job.  I was on 104 street.

I went to Workhall.  It's a men and women's clothing store.  There was a lot of open space in the store.  It's expensive.

I went to Highgrade Denim which is right by there.  It's also expensive.

Artworks Festival: I went there on Jul. 25, 2015.  There were clothes, jewelry, art, paintings, fast food, Henna tattoos, and the psychic VcToria.

Street Performer's Festival: I went there on Jul. 6, 2015. They sold clothes, jewelry from Africa, China, and the Middle East.

Psychic World Corp was there.  Sage was there again.  I talked to him and told him that we met back in 2013.

Ethos Bridal: This store at West Edmonton Mall is closing on Aug. 31, 2015.  I saw an ad in the Edmonton Journal.

Burger Priest: I was going around passing my resumes.  I finally checked out this new restaurant.  It's fast food.  Besides burgers, it sells milkshakes, floats, and desserts.  The interior is kind of classy and not like fast food restaurants interior like McDonald's.

Jul. 13 Restaurants views: On Apr. 16, 2015, I found this on Yahoo.  Take a look at these
pictures.  The restaurants have really good views:  

Sabrina Carpenter's Fan Made Her Day: I don't know who she is, but I found this.  A fan had written a note to her about how she loves her show.  If you click on the link you can read it:

Aww! Girl Meets World actress Sabrina Carpenter had her day made by one of her fans, and you'll never guess how!

Sabrina was out to eat when she received a note from a fan seated nearby!

Sabrina revealed that the message "Made my whole day :)" That's so sweet!


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