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Sunday, October 19, 2014

mom- son reunion/ Rob Ford dancing

Sept. 21 Mom-son reunion: I found this on Yahoo “N.L. mom reunited with Alberta son she thought was dead.”  This is a really good and happy article that I want to share with you: 

 A Newfoundland woman has been reunited with the son she put up for adoption, 46 years after she was told he had died.

"It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life," said Marion Coombs, who gave birth to a boy when she was 19 and living in Alberta.

Unable to provide the life for him that she wanted, she agreed to adoption — her pain compounded by the fact that soon after making her decision, hospital staff told her he had not survived.

"I used to think, 'if only I could have held him. If only I could have had a picture of him,' " Coombs told CBC News.

Allan had a happy childhood, but had always felt something was missing.

"[I had been] wondering who I was, and not understanding and feeling like I was lost. I dreamt that someone was going to come and find me, that it was a mistake," he said in an interview.

Now 46 and engaged, Allan, who lives in St. Albert, had been eager to know his roots. His fiancée, Heidi-Ann Wild, encouraged him to do something about it.

"Heidi-Ann put me on to the adoption agency. We filled out some paper work and at that point decided we'll take it as it comes," he said.

Letter arrived out the blue

He found out about Coombs, who had moved to the small community of Heart's Desire, in eastern Newfoundland, a few years ago.

When Allan's letter arrived at her home — it had only been sent to her name, with no address other than the name of the town — Coombs was shocked.

Her grief lingered for almost five decades — until Alberta opened up its adoption records, and she received a letter from Andrew Allan, who had gone searching for his mother.

"I thought, 'Oh my God, somebody is playing such a cruel joke on me.' It was just mind-boggling. This can't be," she said.

Relieved to learn it was no prank, Coombs made contact with Allan. They were reunited in person on the Labour Day weekend, when her son came to her home.

"For the first time in my life, I got to hold my son on my knee," she said. "It was like a burden was lifted off me, and I could not let him go."

Another reunion planned

They speak each Thursday by phone, and plan another reunion later this fall, this time in Alberta.

Coombs said she marvels at the fact that she and her son had lived for years in the same province, and not that far away from each other.

"To think when I was in Alberta, he was maybe 10 kilometres away from me," she said. "We must have crossed paths hundreds of times."

Allan said the reunion was the moment of a lifetime.

"I felt like I was complete again, you know. I finally felt right," he said.

Coombs said she thinks back to her initial sorrow, of not having had the chance to hold her infant son and then being told that he had died.

"Sometimes I get angry [about] what happened," she said.

"But, I got to put all that in the past now and live for the future and live for my sons and grandchildren," she said. "Don't even look back. It's too painful. At least I got him now."

Here is a comment:

Rougue: In Manitoba, my now wife had our first son in 1968. She was 17 years old at the time. We were not living together but had planned on moving together after his birth. While at the hospital, Manitoba Child and Family Services came and took our son away. They told us all kinds of lies. My now wife went into a depression and has never recovered from it till this day. We had 2 more daughters after this but still she missed our son. We finally met our son 10 years ago and started to get to know each other. One day he disappeared and we have not heard from him since. He told me he was going to Europe to further his studies.

Bottom line to this story, my wife turned to alcohol and we are now separated. She still can't get over that her son was taken away from her and she has a deep emptiness inside her that can't be filled. Our family has been devastated by this and we are struggling each day because of the Child and Family Services policy back in 1968. Yes we tried therapy, but only worked for so long till my wife starts getting those flash backs.
CFS has put her in hell and I don't wish that on anyone. How many other women are going through hell because of CFS.

My opinion: It kind of reminds me of this one Maury episode with a maternity test.  This 50 yr old woman gave her son up for adoption.  They found a 30 yr old guy and they did a maternity test on the show and it proves she is the mother.  So that was really good. 

Cee- lo Green: I read this in Metro and found it on the internet:

On Aug. 31 over a series of since-deleted tweets, Green implied that a woman has to remember being raped in order for rape to actually occur. "If someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent," he wrote, referencing the felony charges he faces over furnishing ecstasy to a woman during a 2012 dinner in Los Angeles. To those charges, Green pleaded no contest.

Since then, his television series The Good Life was canceled by TBS, though the network insists it was pulled due to poor ratings.

On Sept. 2, Green attempted to apologize for the tweets: "I truly and deeply apologize for the comments attributed to me on Twitter," he wrote. "Those comments were idiotic, untrue and not what I believe."

My opinion: I thought Cee-lo Green was stupid with those tweets.  However, he did apologize so that’s good.

Joan Rivers: She has passed away and I’m kind of sad.  I’m not really surprised because she’s really old and she was in the hospital earlier.  It wasn’t very sudden.

Sept. 22 Rob Ford dancing: On Aug. 29, 2014, there is Rob Ford dancing at his last council session.  It’s kind of funny to see him dancing.  He has been recently diagnosed with cancer so I hope he gets well soon.  Here are some comments about the dancing:
A yahoo user: Clearly staged, to appeal to the young, the hip, the unemployed and others who unfortunately make up a significant part of the electorate. He needs to fade into the sunset, but I am not confident this will occur. Hell Ontario, well about 20% of eligible voters only voted a Wynne majority, so I am not real confident that Toronto voters will oust this buffoon. Speaking of Wynne, how in hell's name did she get a majority. Ahh right the bozo said yep cutting 100,000 public servants, yep no money for Phase 2 of LRT in Ottawa, and no doubt so many other screw ups. Wake up Ontarians, we owe close to 300 billion and this is money that must be paid. Close to 11 billion on interest alone (our combined tax dollars), and with interest rates at historic lows. Wake up and smell the coffee, and stop sniffing the Koolaid

JohnM: People lighten up, that was a great motivational singer who did what is expected of him, he got everyone in a good positive mood. As a former businessman we used to attend numerous seminars to help us put problems in a positive light, so we could learn from them and move on.

Rob Ford musicals: Here is a Globe and Mail review of two Rob Ford musicals. 


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